Omg omg 125th epi…. wow … i hope my ff didnt loose its charm…i m getting  the same response which i got right from 1st epi… all thanks to u guyz… bcz f which i could drive this story this much…

Lets go to 125th epi…. yipeeee… as its 125th.. a small special celebration s there…


Arnav mihir patch up.. surah proposing shagun .. shagun decides to pull surajs legs..

Shagun: kushi.. swara… have u all got ready… we should be there atleast by this time

Ishu: sweetir i am ready…

Shagun : how u got the same dress of mine?? … i didnt show u…

Ishu: except u … all want to see us in same dress only.. tats y…

Shagu: oh… suraj showed u right?

Ishu winks at shagun

Shagun gave annoyed look to ishu… ishu smiles…

Both were wearing light blue trendy lehanga….

Arshi room

Kushi gets ready in voilet lehanga…

Arnav hugs her from behind

He starts singing: kya koob lagthi ho…

Kushi blushes

Kkg: arnavji… we havent engaged nah

Asr breaks the hug: yeah… so??

Kkg: lets get engaged..

Asr: wat the…

Kkg: today… wow.. tat will grt nah??

Asr: kushi.. u r just impossible….

Kkg makes pout face: i dont know.. we should get engaged… today along with anjali dhi and nk pihu…

Asr: kuhsi.. i said no

Kkg: i said yes…

Asr: i wont do this.. and tats final

Kkg: if u didnt … i wont talk to u.. never ever…

Asr grabs her: shut up… just shut….. i have said u tat… dont say this dialog… ever…

They stare at each other…

Kkg: so…. u r ready

Asr: ofcourse not…

Kkg pushes him and went down… asr smiles at her…

Ishu: kushi.. y r u upset…

Kushi: nothing dhi…

Shagun: but u look so dull…

Asr: madam wants to get engaged …

Kushi widen her eyes.. as she didny expect this from arnav…

Rama: oh no… wat i m hearing behna… have u fought with my buddy… dont do this.. he loves u a lot .. if u get engaged…. he will die… oh nooo.. wat will i do now… to whom i should sypport…

(In a dramatic tone)

Asr: relax raman.. to get engaged with me only…

Shagun laughs…

Raman checks kushi’s forehead..

Kkg: i m fine… wat hap

Raman: if u r fine… how can u take this wrong decision again… i mean… to marry arnav again… this needs much braveness….

Asr runs behind raman….

Ishu shagun laughs at them

Ishu: raman… vaise… kushi s right…. and we too even didnt get engaged..

Raman: r u mad…. now we r gng for nk pihus engagement…

Shagun: so wat.. i m also calling suraj.. even we didnt get engaged…

Asr: raman beta… wat hap…. just fulfill my dhis wish… u dont have any other option…

He laughs…

Shagun went aside…

Asr: dhi.. s tat everything alright btwn u and shagun dhi

Ishu: hope so.. she s talking with me.. but still she s annoyed tat i have chosen u over her…

Asr: its all bcz f me.. i m sorry dhi..

Ishu: dont be.. everything will be alright…

Asr: i will talk to dhi

Ishu: no need… i know my sweetie… she wil be alright…

Shagun from behind: no ishu… i wont be alright… if u r thinking tat.. after this much insult i will be alright… tats wrong.

Ishu:sweetie… i mean

Shagun: no need for any explanation.. i m here bcz f swara only… aftr some days… i wont interfere in ur life…

Ishu : pls sweetie.. dont tell like tis..

Raman: ok ok…. u two have lost the game…

Ishgun look at raman in confusion…

Raman signs at swara

Swara: y two dhi s crying

Raman: they stare at each other… without blinking… and both have lost the game … as they have blinked at last moment..

Swara: haha.. super…

Ishgun: wow swara u r looking so pretty…

Swara: but this sanky have not yet praised me..

Ishu: sanskar… wats this

Sanky: dhi… do u really think tat.

Shagun: wat means..

Sabky: from mrng … i m praising her in diferent language… but she s  not still satisfied…

Swara: no dhi.. he s just praising my dress… like my dress s so pretty

Sanky: dhi.. if i tell her tat..u r looking so pretty … she s changing her dress .. saying… my dress should match my cutenes
Swara makes pout face..

Ishgun laugh at them…

Payal came there wearing pink lehanga…swara in orange lehanga…

They all move to the venue…

Pihu gets ready in red bridal wear… looking stunning… in the same room anjali gets ready..in same red bridal wear

Pihu: dhi..u r looking awesome…

Anji: u too… but a small doubt.. u look so young to get married..

Pihu: yeah.. i also wish to wait for sometime.. but my mom wants to get me married tats y…

By tat time pihu gets call from nk…

Anji : go and talk ….

Anji to herself: i also thought f a love  marriage.. but this shaleen…. i will never leave him…

Nk: hello

Pihu: hello…

Nk: i got ready for some engagemnet..

Pihu: oh really.. whose engagemnt…

Nk: some frnd’s enaggemt…

Pihu: if u have time.. can u come to my engagmnt…

Nk: if u give some extra complimentary prize .. i will think abt it

Pihu: like??

Nk: u girlz always need full explanation

Pihu smiles..: if u come here now.. i will give watever u ask…

Nk from behind:reall???

Pihu widen her eyes : nk.. u here… stupid…. watif someone sees u…

She grabs him to corner…

Nk: thum ladkiyan bhi kamal ho yaar.. now u were telling me to come…

Pihu: shut up.. u r not sharuk khan… now go frm here..

Nk: give me my compliment… so tat i can go…

Pihu: nk pls… go nah

Nk: u give nah

Pihu: u became admanant..

Nk: now u r adamant…

Pihu: accha ok…

She came.towards him and gave a small peck to his  cheeks..

Nk smiles..

Anji: i havent seen anything..

Pihu bites her lips.. nk smiles and runs frm there…


Bua: its really gud tat raj raizada s out f city… or else.. i should meet him…and truth abt kushi will surely come out..

Garima: yeah jiji.. this s really gods grace…

Payal: maaaa

Kuhsi: maaaa..

They al had a long hug.. payal heads to tell garima abt kushi mihir..

Mihir: payal… dont tell anything to ur mom… they will feel bad.. let the things be…

Payal: thank u sooo much mihir.. i thought u will never accept my sis.. or my family…

Mihir: its just bcz f u… i m trying to become mahan…. i want a happy life with u payal… so being angry over kushi or ur family wont give my parents.. but being good to kushi and ur family will give a hapoy life with u.. tats y i chose this…

Payal hugs him..

Arnav frm behind smiles at mihir..

Mihir signs: thanx bhai.. for such advuce…

Arnav signs: its ok …

Ishu shagun kushi compels to get engaged…

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  1. Superb arshi…very very nice..just love it hope ishgun patch up soon and congrats for your 125th epi and i wish you will reach 200 epi…keep it up…

    1. Arshi

      Thank u soo much anjali

  2. It was too short when it got finished i didnt realised
    We have become little greedy want more and more .
    All girls want too get engaged
    Finally they remember that they are not engaged , direct shaadhi OMG ITS TOO INTERESTING
    Ishgun scenes were nice
    No ishra scenes ??????
    I got it in morning next will be after 24 hours
    I dont know how i got addict of ur ff but its really nice
    Generally if i get start getting addict of anything whatever it may be like mobile reading novels i just leave that there only so that it dont become addiction but ur ff has become a addiction for me
    I need it daily.

    1. Arshi

      Haha yeah.. will try to post like today.. thnx yaar kajal for all ur cuty naughty sweety words.. i m really speechless.. i dont know how to thank u… thnk u sook much

  3. Omg what i have written in my comment it feels like i was writing it in my diary
    Sharing me in my dairy

  4. Nivika

    heyyy arshi its double celebration ur 125th epi and another guess what,…….???
    you have completed 7 months of this ff……….so so so sooooo soooooooooooooooooo happpy for you…….congratulation arshi……love you…
    n today’s epi was like…??????????????????????
    and ha finally all pairs realized that they are not engaged directly married so funny…mihir payal convo made me very emotional …nk and pihu were like…(can’t tell appropriate word??)
    can we also see ishra, arshi ,surgun engagement ???????

    1. Arshi

      Omg yeah.. i totally forgot tat.. thnx a lot yaar snehal… i m so impressed yaar .. thnx for such surprising cute words ..

      1. Nivika

        always welcome arshi 🙂 🙂

  5. Wow! Di…
    It was a full interesting episode…
    I enjoyed the every moment of this episode.
    Sooooooooooo nice…
    Arshi was AWESOME
    ???????☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺
    Precap also looks so interesting.
    Waiting for the next episode 🙂 🙂

    1. Arshi

      Thbx yaar kushi…

  6. Geeth

    superb arshi and den kajal u have told all the thing i thought to tell… wat is dis yar …. not fair
    ha ha ha same pinch…………….

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar geeth….

  7. Congratulation on ur 125th episode
    Keep on entertaining us like this

    Today i have gone mad
    Ita my holiday and i m alone lying at home and seriously its too boring

  8. First of all many many hearty congratulations to you for completing 125th episode…. Expecting lot more & more & more episodes of ur episode…. Too good yrr… Today’s episode was mind blowing…. Super se b bahut bahut bahut upper… Lovely… Arnav-Mihir’s love , following advice was awesome… PK scene was lovely-sweet-cute… Swara’s tantrums amazing-lol…. Oweee!!!!! Poor Sanky, always getting troubled by swara’s tantrum… Arshi scene was wow!!!!! Ishgun wearing same dress as usual was lovely-ummhhhaaaaa!!!!!!
    Eagerly waiting for Ishgun’s patch up….
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    God bless you…
    Take care…
    Always b happy & keep smiling….
    Achieve all the success in life & may all ur dreams b fullfilled….
    Love you….
    Always keep entertaining us… 😉 😛

    1. Arshi

      Thank u soooooo much pary for such lovely words… i had a big smile while reading all ur comments here… i m feeling grt … thnx a lot

      1. Anytime my dear…. U r most most welcome… I m happy that wit my comment I m able to give a little happiness… U everyday give wonderful episode & give lots of happiness to us, so I m happy that my small comment give u atleast little happiness…
        🙂 😉

  9. Congrats for ur 125th episode…. I can’t believe that u reach 125th episode… 7 months competed… so.Interesting your episode from day 1…. u impress everyone through ur ff… keep it up….

    Very soon u gonna reach 150th episode… I am waiting for that surprise…. from u..
    . Keep it up dr…

    1. Nivika

      helloo jo……after long time i m reading ur cmnt…how r you…hope u remember me

    2. Arshi

      thx yaar jo… happy to read ur comment aftr this much gap

  10. Veronica

    Awesome…..Amazing precap…..Irresistible to comment……..Brilliant work…Is that all I could write?…. 🙁 :-(……..Happy 125th update di.Luv u and ur ff a loot

    1. Arshi

      thank u sooo much yaarrr

  11. Wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww 125th episode……….. And 7 months…………. OmgOmg dhi u ar the best of best………….I’m really sorry that I couldn’t comment on ur 122, 123, 124th episodes…….but I read those episode without forgetting even one episode…….. And I’m sooooo happy that I got chance to comment u today on ur 125thth episode….
    Please keep this charm every time in ur ff……….love u dhi………..please don’t forget about me if I couldn’t comment u on ur next episodes……….

    1. Arshi

      Thnk u thank u thank u thank u ude…. how can i forget u…. u r such a cute sisy… thnx a lot for such awesome words

  12. Amanigatta

    Wow?super duper dhamakaidar episode❤️love all the scenes?all scenes were fantabulous?a very very congratulation on 125 episode?and the completation of 7 months awsm I don’t think anyother ff writer would have reach on this number of episode?and if they reach then they would not be having comments appreciations????but u r amazing that u write each and every scenes with full enjoyment that everyone love to read?u write with full efforts I didn’t remember a single episode which was boring I really love it ywr❤️❤️❤️

    1. Arshi

      Thank u soolooo much amani for such lovely words… i m soooo gappy for this much compliment .. feeling cloud nine

  13. di so so so much awesome u r just fabulous

    1. Arshi

      Wow yaar… feeling cloud nine to read ur coment aftr a long gap..

  14. Hey arshi!!!!! Many many congratulations for this beautiful journey of 125 episodes…..but saying that Congo doesn’t make me relieve so this one is specially for u ?
    Want to know????
    Then look below?
    Thella thellavare palleturilona allukunna velugantha
    Pilla lega dhuda notikantukunna aavu pala nurugantha
    Challa buvva lona nanchukuntu thina avakaya karam antha
    Pelli idukochi thulliyaduthunna aadapilla korikantha

    Baby i love you..i love you.. i love you so much..
    Baby I love you.. i loves you…. loves you so much..

    This was the gift from my side coz u don’t know other Telugu Song and I don’t know other Hindi or Tamil …lol

    But still just wanted to praise u in my own language for this beautiful episode…

    1. Arshi

      Omg omg omg… my fav song.. thank thank u thank u thank u sooooo much dear… what an amazing comment… i m feeling like flying in the air

  15. Shalu

    Awesome as usual. Waiting for their engagement….!

    1. Arshi

      Thank u yaar shalu

  16. Its super superb…..No words to explain yaar….Really felt happy after reading…,My exams too got over..,Today onwards I am free bird ..☺☺,..I will comment daily???

    1. Arshi

      Thank u sooo much kv dear

  17. Wow today’s ff was so funny honestly I could not stop laughing
    I am so proud and happy that you completed 125 episode that are just too good and beyond words and you also completed 7 months of this ff so proud of you ???
    I can’t wait for the next episod
    I don’t know how you can think that you spectacular and amazing ff can lose its charm
    I don’t remember a single episode of your being boring
    My exams are all of this week so I may not be able to comment and tell you how amazing they are but I will be reading them as I can’t live without reading your ff
    I never thought that I could be so passionate about something so much but you and your writing has changed that
    Once a again I am so proud of you and very happy for you congratulates again
    Sorry I could not write more even though i really wanted to as I have to revise

    1. Arshi

      Wow ark.. such a cute comment… inm feeling cloud nine… thnx a lot buddy…. sooooo happy tat.. even in exam time u r reading my ff without faill.. for atleast this… i will try hard to give best in every epis…. thnx a lot ark

  18. Akshaya.123

    Dhi great episode . Loved it a lot. No words to explain. Awesome

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot akshaya dear

  19. Today Loved swasan the most…..swara’s cuteness n others too i love ur ff i m reading ur ff from the 1st episode i m really a fan of ur ff 🙂 🙂

    1. Arshi

      Wow thnx yaar naina…keep on encouraging me with ue surprising comments… from this .. i could sense tat there will be some silent readers tooo.. thnx a lot yaar

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