Good mrng guyz… saraah (ark) all the very best for ur maths exam… do well…

Here s ur next epi…


Party.. all couple dance… shagun ishu bonding ends up in ishu crying… arnav mihir patch up…

Man: supwrb guyz.. u all have done a very grt job…but there s only one winner…

Raman was feeling restless.. so as with shagun…

Shagun: raman.. if u really want to go to ishu.. then go nah..

Raman: tats wat i m saying… if u want to go …. go.. i m not going..

Shagun: then do watever u want.. i m not going…

Shagun moves to her room… suraj also follows her…

Raman then moves to see ishu…

Shagun notices raman and smiles…

Man: winner is…. swara kushi..

They both jump in excitement…

Sanky smiles seeing swara happy…

Mihir: but our maggie s best.. hai na bhai..

Asr: ofcourss.. even we have added vegies…

All laugh…

Man: yeah.. infact all dishes r best.. but the thing is.. swara and kushi.. have done a unique dish.. even i have never seen such a dish…

Asr: ok then.. lets taste it

Kushj: whats the need to taste.. the judgement s final

Swara: yeah… common guyz cheer up for swashi dish…

Man: yeah.. new dish swashi… unique combination.. of karela in burger..

Swara to kushi: did we use karela…?

Kushi: may be… didnt remember.. leave it nah.. let him say watever he wants…

They did high five…

Sanky only made tat man to make swara winner….

Ishra room

Raman was shocked to see ishu….

Ishu was seen smiling and listenig to music.. raman moves towards her and checks her temperature…

Ishu : relax raman.. i m fine..

Raman : u were crying nah

Ishu: yeah.. acting… hows my acting.?

Raman: acting???

Ishu: yeah.. i know.. this fight wont stay for long.. didnt u see.. how i and shagun starts talking like before.. but she s adamant.. wont admit t quickly… tats y i started my acting and came…

Raman: i have kept apt name for u only

Ishu: wat

Raman: drama queen


raman: i was worried.. u know??

Ishu throws her arms around ramans neck: dont worry mr.husband… ur wife s perfectly alright…

Raman smiles: can u confirm this..?

Ishu: how??

Raman pulls her more closer…. ishu smiles and gave a soft peck to ramman…

Shagun enters the room and gets surprised seeing all the arrangements…

Suraj from behind : hows my surprise

Shgun: not bad mr.khanna

Suraj switches on the radio… shaguns fav song gets played…

Janam janam meri saath chalna hai thu

Kasam thumi kasam …milna hai thu….

Suraj forwads his hand to take hee hands.. shagun  gives her hands…

They share a cute dance..

Suraj: may i have this partner… for life time…

Shagun was surprised at this statement… she blushed a lil..

Shagun: wat means.. i didnt underatand..

Suraj: u girlz r very much smart.. and u r telling tat.. i couldnt understand thia simple matter…

Shagun smiles

Suraj: ok fine.. let me make it more simple…

He bends down like sharuk

Suraj: i want a perfect partner… who can dance with me like this..

Who massages my head when i m tired

Who gives her shoulder for me to sleep

Who fights with me for no reason

Who love me unconditionally…

Will u be my partner forver shagun…


Small tears start flowing from her eyes… finally she heard those magical words from that man whom she loved the most…

She closes her smile with her hands.. and suddenly bends near suraj to take him to a long hug…

All guest start leaving…

Anjali: chote.. now.. i need to go..

Asr: no dhi… u have to stay here for at least couple of days..

Anji: pls yaar.. how can i stay here… i dont know anyone..

Asr: u know me.. tats enough…

Anji: accha baba.. let me go now.. i ll come tmr also… aftrall my bhai is here nah…

Asr face turns red … anji notices tat…

Anjali keeps hands over his shoulder..

Anji: i know whatever happened is not easy neither to forget nor to forgive… but i should tell one thing… life s very short… dont make it complicated..

Without any gap arnav hugs her … having lil tears..
Anjali consoles him…

Asr: but i cant leave the fact tat bcz f ur bhai… my family have suffered a lot

Anji: i know… but think from him side also…

Asr breaks the hug: sorry dhi…. dont talk abt tat matter… and one more thing.. no reason can justify the fact tat he played such a game to separate us…

Anji: ok leave all those… relax… no one in this world s bad.. the situation  only makes one person to do bad…

Asr : but..

Anji: no but vut… now let me leave.. or else.. i will start my lecture again..

He smiles.. anjali also smiles and waves bye…

Mihir consoles asr

Thereby party comes to an end


Swara: wow swara.. u did a grt job…

Sanky: by the way.. wats tat grt job madam

Swara: sanky.. i have united mihir and arnav bhai..

Sanky: really.. i didnt notice..

Swara: u were busy with noodles..

Sanky:wow this s a grt news.. thnku swara

Swara: vo two were my brothers.. whom u r thanking.. u duffer..

Sanky smes and hugs her..

Swara: now.. plan d… to unite shagun and ishu dhj..

Sabky:meri maa… give some time .. so tat ur previous plan leave some effect on them..

Swara: u r right.. i wont plan anything…

Sanky takes a long breath

Swara: night s leave…. lets plan mrng..

Sanky widen his eyea: what….

Swara gave a innocent smile and sleeps… sanky: wat to do with this girl…


Kushi: arnavjo.. who was tat…

Asr: who??

Kushi: vo… u were hugging…

Asr smiles: vo… she s …

Kushi: ur frnd??

Asr: noy just a frnd… she s more than tat..

Kushi stares at him with lil tension…

Asr: she s …

Kkg: more than tat means??

Asr: from which school u r.. dont u understand the meaning..??

Kkg makes pout face: i dont know.. tell me directly… who s tat.. and y were u huggging her..

Asr: i think someone is jealous…

Kkg stres at him angrily
Asr: accha.. let me tel clearly.. she s the most beautiful girl.. we have met in my last ye of clg….. she have shared a cute bonding… i used to call herr…

Kushi starts beating him with pillows…

Kkg: u cheater…

Asr: kushi  relax.. relax

Kkg: y should i relax…

Asr holds her both hands : let me complete my sentence nah…

Kkg: wat.. u used to cal her as jaan.. sweetheart.or something else??

Asr: no.. i used to call her dhi..

Kkg: so wat…

Aftr a sec she realsed: really ?

Asr smiles at her: wat a possessive wife u r

Kkg: i m sorry..

Asr: i was enjoying ur jealousy…

Kushi hugs her: i cant see u with anyone arnavji tats y..

Asr smiles

Shagun: so u dont want to divorce me right

Suraj:ofcourse.. and u too dont want n?

Shagun: who said?? .. u have proposed me… i didnt say anything yet…

Suraj: wats the hug??

Shagun: i was really impressed by the way u proposed tats it…

Suraj smiles

Shagun: stop smiling… i want some time to think … till tat u can try to convince me…

Suraj: ofcourse i will.. i dont want to loose u at any cost..

Shagun was touched by his talk

Suraj in mind: u have already proposed me… but in not in senses.. now i will make u propose to me in full senses ..

Sahgun in mind: u have hurted me a lot nah.. with tat divorce papers… now i wont accept ur proposal so easily…

Nk pihu engagemnt
Anjali shaleeb engagemnt

Preparations was going on ….


Enagagement masthi

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  1. Wow arshi cute Ishra scenes

    1. Arshi

      Thank u nivedha

  2. Today i m the first on to comment
    The episode was very nice loved it
    Ishu smiling and enjoying music in room hahaha
    Love them so much
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    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar kajal?

  3. Awesome arshi!!!! Ishu acting haan??? Too good… Khushi’s jealousy very nice…. Suraj’s proposal mind blowing… Arnav-Anjali bond cute…. Swashi’s dish lol… Finally Arnav-Mihir united fantastic… Ishra romance lovely… Swara’s cuteness overloaded, that’s really sweeeeeetttttttt….. & poor Sanky…. 😛
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    God bless you…
    Take care…
    Always b happy & keep smiling…
    May u achieve peak of success….
    Love you my dear…

    1. Arshi

      Thank u paru.. tat u liked each and every sceme… thnx for mentioning all… thnx a lot

  4. Hi Arshi today only I came across ur ff it’s awesome I have already finished reading most of the episode. It is fantastic.. Keep going waiting for next episode den are you a tamilian I saw u have mentioned tamil songs here and there superb selection of songs according to situation

    1. Arshi

      Wow yaar.. today u came across my ff.. and have took time to read from beginning. Its a grt compliment yaar… and yeah i m tamilian… thnx a lot geeth

  5. Nivika

    love it arshi…..i m becoming ur big fan day by day???don’t how much big fan i will bcom..hehhe

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  6. Zaira

    oh!what a episode arshi di just loved it??.ishra and arshi scenes were so cute ??and swara?? her naughtiness was funniest part feel pity for sanky??.loved anjali arnav bonding and mirnav???
    And arshi di even I am from tamilnadu but not tamilian.
    love you soo much arshi di??

    1. Arshi

      Oh really.. from which place u r???

      I m from trinelveli… but as of now i m in munbai…

  7. Veronica

    Asusual damekedar epi……Arshi were just mindblowing….I really appreciate ur writing skills…….Just a awesome writer…..creative writer……Awesome story line

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