Episode 12
ASr makes kushi sit inside the car…
Arnav starts the car…
Kushi starts the music system… chikney chameli song plays… she starts dancing and shouting
Arnav: kushi stop it.. he turns off the music…
Kushi: you don’t even know to enjoy the life…
Arnav: is these foolish things are to enjoy life.. its better not to enjoy..
Kushi:even u don’t know whats enjoyment..
Arnav: what?
Kushi: stop the car .. pls for one minute..
She forcibly stops the car..and went outside.. arnav also goes outside..
Kushi talks in louder voice to the sky
Kushi: hey dm… i m so happy that i have a life like this…. i thought we would be destroyed once he left us…
Arnav: who?

At once rain starts.. kushi starts playing with rain.. arnav stares at her
Koi ladki hai jabvo hasthi hai.. song plays
Malai varra poguthey song plays
Kushi then runs from there.. arnav also follows her… and grabs her to the car..
Kushi: leave meeeeeeeee….. i want to run from this world…. i want to see a new world.. i have many wishes..
Arnav: shut up and get inside

He scolds her and make her sit inside calmly…she then puts her finger on lips…
Arnav drives fast.. kushi gets scared and says.. she is scared of fast driving.. at once arnav lowers the speed
Arnav: where to go now?
Kushi directs him left right..
After one hour arnav came to the same place where he starts..he got angry
Arnav: you stupid… where is your home?
Kushi: oh.. so you asked about home… you should have told me before.. so that i will say
Arnav: now tell me
Kushi: you are shouting.. i wont tell you.. i am leaving .. bye… i will go by myself…(with a cute sad face)
Kushi left the car and walks but she didn’t move.. she was walking in the same place..arnav laughs and asks her to get inside..
Kushi: help me sombebody… she shouts…
People thereby came and asks kushi…
Kushi: this lord governor is kidnapping me…
Arnav:what the….
Kushi: don’t be scared.. he wont say anything after that.. he knows only what the.. after that he only looks in anger
A man: why are you taking this girl? Who are you
Kushi: he wants wants… me to go to home… though i am not interested..i want to roam around the world
A man: come with me.. i will show you the world

Arnav holds that man and threatens him..
All the others ask arnav to leave her
Arnav: i am arnav sing raizada… still you will oppose me?
A man: ASR .. oh no.. no sir.. you can go
A girl: he is from one of the most richest family.. don’t mess with him
Arnav:come kushi
Kushi: promise me.. that you wont scold me… and i will tell you my wishes… you should listen
Arnav: ok…
Kushi gets inside
Arnav:now tell me where is your home?
Kushi: first i will tell you my wishes…1. to see sharuk… by that time.. i will surely fall unconscious same like he did in om shanthi om by seeing depika..
2. Singapore.. my fav place.. i will see Singapore.. atleast once in my lifetime
3.to punch pummy aunty who scold me when i was 10 year old
Arnav: what? Kushi … stop this
Kushi: 4. To find someone who care for me who love me.. who can sacrifice anything for me.. with whom i will spend one whole day.. that too before marriage.. how romantic it will be…
Arnav stares at her with cute expression .. then asks kushi to tell her home
Kushi: there…. my home…. where……yeah.. there is one tea stall near my home .. take me… now i m feeling sleepy.. gud nite…
Arnav: kushi… damn….

Mihir: come dhi.. we shall go home…
Ishu: where is bittu..
Mihir: he left the party .. he had some work..
Mihir and ishu came to car.. mihir starts the car.. but he couldn’t….
Ishu mihir came outside… mihir calls someone for help.. by that time raman came.. and ask mihir to join him
Mihir: actually i should take dhi to home..
Raman: ok.. ask her to come along.. my car is quite big..
Ishu: no mihir.. i am not coming…
Mihir convinces ishu..
They all get into car..
Ishu sits in backside.. mihir arnav on frontside
Mihir: dhi.. you talked to some man in party.. who is he
Ishu: haaay.. what should i tell… he was.. rahul… such a nice guy.. he knows very well to impress girls… his talks.. his looks.. i should have got his number atleast..
Raman: thank god.. he got saved..
Mihir laughs… and gets silent once ishu sees him…he then changes the topic
Mihir: raman.. yesterday you could have came with us ?.. u came to the place very late.. why?
Raman: yeah… one black cat came to my home.. i wasted time in getting that cat out of my home…
Ishu then realises that she wore black anarkali suit .. he is talking about her…
Ishu: how dare you?
Mihir: dare about what dhi?
Ishu: errrr…. he is driving very slowly … ask him to drive fast
Mihir: why to speed up.. do u have any other plan..
Ishu: i have appointment ..to meet doctor..
Mihir: why doctor?
Raman: she would have came to know about her mental state.. superb.. you should be sportive and should accept that…i m proud of u
Ishu gets sngry…
Ishu: mihir.. actually.. you remember the meeting in college
Mihir: yes
Ishu: that day.. i got scared by seeing one large bear like image … and then went inside one room.. there i was hit by one paint bucket.. my head is still paining.. thatsy
Raman: i am sure.. you would have seen mirror…
Mihir: pls don’t start…
They all reach home… raman bids bye to mihir .. isu troubled with her saree pallu being stuck in the door.. raman goes and helps ishu..YHM plays..

Ishu mihir shocked to see arnav lifting kushi …
Arnav: don’t ask anything dhi… mihir this is her bag.. try contacting someone…
Mihir sees kushi and payal’s pic… he got happy.. but the screen is locked… he couldn’t open
Arnav makes kushi sleep in bed… then mihir comes and asks for password..
Kushi: no one shoulddisturb me pls.. my next wish is….
Arnav: damn… what should we do now?
Mihir: she is payal’s sister.. so i will call her…
Payal: oh no… kushi… is she fine?
Mihir:yeah.. can you come and pick her up… she is drunk.. cant come alone
Payal: oh no… sir pls can youtake care of her.. i will just come there..message me the address

Payal goes and sees kushi holding arnav’s collar.. asking him to listen her wishlist…
Payal: kushi… stop it… come with me… lets go.. leave his collar
Payal and kushi leave.. but payal was struggling… mihir steps forward for help… he then took arnav’s car … drops both of them to home…when mihir enquires about her weird behaviour in office.. payal hesitates to tell…
In home payal fools her maa and bua and hide kushi from them.. she did funny acts to divert their attention and takes kushi to room.. mihir sees that and smiles


Credit to: arshi

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    1. haha.. thank you abha.. and guyz.. i have posted my epi by 8 o clock itselt in morning.. but now only i found its not been uploaded.. sorry guyz.. i will post it again..

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  28. thank you amina… and yeah he do read my ff… and he likes to read all your comments especially…

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