Good morning guyz… lets peep into next epi…


Prcap: anjali made suraj realise his love….. ashok gets to know abt the secret….ishra cute bonding.. arshis naughty romance…


Nk: wat hap mom… why have u called us… its just two day completed…

Buaji: within this two days.. i got to know well abt pihu.. this girl s not suitable for us.. and my decisiom is final..

Nk: mom pls… dont say this…

Pihu: ur mom s not saying this alone…. even o feel the same..

Nk: wat means…

Pohu: ur mom s too much.. i cant tolerate her..

Nk: pihu yaar.. dont tell like tat… she s very good from heart…

Pihu: listen nk… u have to choose btwn mom and me…

Buaji: oh drama queen…

Nk: mom mom.. pls… i will talk to her..

They both start fighting.. nk was driven mad in btwn both… he sits in ground…he shouts sttoooopppp…

Pihu: y should i stop…

Buaji: so u r asking me to stop…

Nk: oh pls… let me talk… listen pihu.. if u ask to leave my mom for u… i wont… bcz i know how she struggled a lot for me…. moreover she s my mom….

While buaji’s eyes were filled with tears… ?
nk turns to her andlisten mom.. if u wont agree pihu.. tats ok.. its ur wish.. but u cant compel me to marry anyone else… if there s no pihu.. tat means.. there s no place for any girl in my life…

He went to his room…

Both buaji and pihu laughs and did high five…

After a while nk came..

Nk: have u guyz decided??

Pihu: listen nk.. ur mom s too much.. i couldnt handle her . . .

Nk interefers: in which matter she s too much..

Pihy: in showering love….

Nk: so wat.. its her nature..

Then he realise wat pihu said… he looks at her.. she winks at him?

Buaji pulls his ears: arrey yaar
.. i like her very much.. now its ur duty to bring her to our home sooooo n….

Nk was very much happy.. he couldnt believe… he jumps in happiness.. he move towarfs pihu to lift her.. pohu signs tat buaji s watching… he couldnt control his happiness. So he turns and lifts his mom and dances… all became happy….



Arnav: so kushi… u have challenged me nah… now u cant escape….

Kkg: y should u escape… even i want u to win tat challenge…

Asr: oh hoo… u were becoming cool day by day..

Kkg: wat to do… i have became wife of mr.arnav singh raizada… nah.. tats y…

He came towards her…

He stares at her lovingly..

Kkg: challenge was to hug me without any excuse… not to stare at me…?

Asr: accha….

He lifts her at once..

Kkg: arnavji.. arnav jii.. pls pls…. let me down..

Asr: arnav will do things wchi r not expected…

He takes her and keeps her in sofa…

Kkg: arnavjiiiiii

Asr: wat hap… till now u were challenging me??

She smiles and keeps her head in his shoulder

Asr hugs her gently….

Surgun reach home..

Ishu: how s ur dad.. and y u two came this much fast.. u should have stayed there nah

Suraj: there r many people…also we forgot to take clothes….

Shagun: also mumiji only asked us  to go.. as she wants to do all rituals perfectly.. she will fix one good date to welcome me..

Ishu: wat means.. u will go there…

Shagun: yeah.. i m not tat much lucky as u … tat ur sasural and maika is same home..

She laughs

Raman: arrey ph chudail… aagayi nah apni aukath mein..(oh hello devil… u have came to ur place nah to show colours)

Shagu : muje chudail kaha thu…
Thu hi hai chudail dayan monster.. sab…( u have called me devil… ?? U r a monster devil dayan .. and all)

Raman: if u want to go sasural.. u go… y r u asking us to go.. its my home only… also my dad s not in indai.. so how could we two kids manage alone in home..

Shagum: oh.. within some days.. u gjyz will have your own kids.. and u telling tat u guyz r kids…

Suraj: ok ok.. relax… i m so tired.. i will go to my room..

Shagu : i m also coming… and raman.. dont talk to me u monster..

Raman: oh nooo.. how could i live shagu .. pls… dont do this…how could i live

They all stare at him

Raman: how could i live without irritating u..

Shagun starts beating raman.

Ishu also joins them.. suraj smiles and leaves to his room. Soon tragedy scene shifted to group hug….

Shagun: where s arnav

Raman: tat idiot .. when he came.. he starts romancing… he have.t came for lunch too..

Ishu: wat??? He didnt have lunch??

Shagun: oh hooo… but seriously.. they look so cute together…


Kushi wake up: omg.. its evening.. what will all think of me… and i m sooo hungry.. bcz of this arnavji.. i didnt have lunch…

While talking arnav pulls her

Asr: so for u.. food is more imp than me??

Kkg: ofcourse… as of now… my battery level is zero.. and it needs immediate charging…

He pulls her closer and gave a long kiss to her lips…

Asr: now i think its fully charged…?

Kkg: arnavji.. appp bhi nah…

She gets ready to go down… she turns and smiles ar arnav remembering their moments…arnav gave a flying kiss to her…

All reach down.

Raman: behna… have u came for luch or to have tea??

Kusi: no bhaiiya.. we had lunch nah.. u dont know… we two came and had lunch..

Raman: where??

Kusji: here only.. dinning table..

Raman: oh.. i think.. u two guyz became invisible..

Kushi: wat… wat means..

Raman: i was here only whole day.. watching ipl in my mobile… but havent noticed u guyz.. tats y i thought u guyz would have taken some magic wine.. and got invisible…

Kushi gave a fake smile as she was caught….

Raman again starts to pull her legs.. but ishu stops him..

Arnav came and saw kushi drinking tea…

Asr:u were hungry na.. ear something..

Kkg blinks..

Raman laughs…

Asr: wat…

Raman: nothibg nothing…

They all had a vey fun talk with tea.

Arnav: still mihir dint return

Payal: yeah… i m waiting for him only.. he messaged me tat he s having another work.. will be late today..

Arnav: ok ok…

A parcel came…

Ishu takes tat parcel

Raman: ishu.. go to ur room and open tar parcel…

Ishu nods and went…

Rama  came from behind…

Ishu: wats this ramna..

Raman: for u

Iahu: i wont wear this types of dress.. dont u know…

Raman: i know.. but for me.. u will do anythig ah

Ishu: no… i wont wear.. and tats final..

Raman takes the dress: yeah ishu.. u cant wear… bcz it looks litle small.. and u became fat… i forgot to order double xl…

Ishu : stop ur tatics… i wont wear..

She went

Raman : how she got to know all my tatics….

Aftr raman went.. ishu came and took the dress..

Ishu: ok.. mr.ravan kumar… get ready for todays surprise from ishitha raizada…
Oops… ishitha raman bhalla.

Payal made a blacforest cake

Payal to herself: for the first time i had made something from my hand… and ths s 10th xake i m preparing right from morning… and it looks somewat perfect..
Mr mihir arora . This one is for u micky darling…

She writes tat in the cake and smiles… she kept tat in fridge…

Kushi in her room.. smiles seeing herself in mirror..

She got ready in plain red transparent saree… having a long sted… looking stunning… she decorates the room with all her and arnavs pics… and in centre .. a big collage having.. i love u lord governor…

She hears some noise from down… then she took one long overcoat… afn covers herself.. and moves down to see….


Pihu: wow.. our engagemnt.. next month..

Buaji: dont be happy too much.. til tat u two guyz should not meet….

Ria: but u can talk in phone..

Nk: this s not fair…

Garima: everythimg s fair in love and war nk beta..

Pihu: wow aunty u r toooo awesome…

After 2 days….
Pihu cals raman

Raman: hi

Pibu: wat hap yaar.. ur voice s soo dull.. is tere any problem..

Raman: no yaar.. u tell

Pibu: vo..  my mom and nks mom decided to keep our engagemnt in next month…

Raman: thats grt… congradulations..

Pihu raman had a talk….pihu feels aomething wrong.. but didnt eant to disturb him.. as she knows.. if he want to tell he will definitely tell her…

Ishu: someone open the door…

No one was there… she went to open…

Ishu was hell shocked…

Ishu: swara u… how u came… u havent informm… its not safe to travel in the very start month of pregnancy…

Sanskar: dhi dhi.. relax… first let us come inside nah… and we came by doctrs consultant only…

They came inside..

Swara with puppy face: wat dhi.. i thoight u will be feeling good to see me.. but..

Ishu hugs her: i m very happppy  tat u came here….

She kissed her forehead…

Swara: where s shagun dhi arnav bhai mihir bhai payal kushi ..

Ishu: bus bus… wait… u first go and freshen up.. and meet all…she goes..

Ishu: wat we will tell to swara

Raman: we will first call shagun here… aftr tat we will decide…

Ishu calls shagun…

Raman: wat hap isbu

Ishu with teary eyes: she s not picking my calls….

Raman: may be she s busy

Ishu: dont convince me and u too…. we know the truth..

Ishu cries.. raman consoles her…sanky was watching all these…


Swara: i want to see shagun dhi.. now… she shouts..

Ishu : swara pls… pls.. calm down….

Swara: y r u all not telling wats the matter… dont u think tat i m also this part f family…

She cries…

Shagun from behind: wat to tell when there s no such things…

She hugs her….

Guyz .. hope u like this track toooooo.. if u feel anything is boring… tell me.. i will try to give some more interesting scemes… but whiever reads my ff
. Should give a comment… afterall its my right …. hai na??? Haha.. anyways.. dont forget to give a comment …
Thank u soo much guyz for ur support

Credit to: arshi

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