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Epi 112:


Kushi packs her things…

Arnav came from behind and holds kushi…

Kkg turns..

Asr: so… is tat mohit snehal?? Ur first crush??

Kkg: vo…

Asr: but unfortunately i have caught your lie..

Kkg: no arnavji.. mohit snehal is not a lie… he was my first crush.. he was our senior.. wow… do u know how he looks like .. dashing handsome hot…

Asr looks at her in jealous

Kkg : somethin is burning arnavji…

Asr: yeah.. ur brain..

Kkg: haha… i said nah… he s hot.. tats y burning…

Asr: lets leave quickly.. all r waiting..

Kkg: yeah yeah … whenever i talk abt mohit… i used to forget all things….

Asr leaves her in anger and starts packing his things…kushi smiles at him…


Suraj feels pain in his legs… as he struggles a lot to make shagun sot on his lap.. while they both r tied up in a rope..

Shagu : i m soo sorry suraj… i didnt notice tat …

Suraj: tat.. u r too heavy right??

Shagun: oh hello.. i m fit … no one can say tat i m heavy…

Suraj: who bears ur weight only can say how heavy u r…

Shagun: oh really.. then… in tat competition.. u lifted me easily unless like other couples..

Suraj: yeah.. bcz.. i m more stronger tat i could bear yr extra calories…

Shagun: is tat so.. now u will see wat those extra calories..

By saying tat.. shagun beats with stick over his legs…

Suraj screams.. in pain…

At once he holds her both hands… shagun starts shouting..

Bachao bachao

Suraj: shagun yaar pls… there s no difference in normal shagun also in baang effect wali shagun…

Shagun gets silent: wat means..

Suraj: in holi day also.. u troubled a lot like tis…i thought it was due to tat bhaang… but no.. its ur manufacturing defect..

Shagun stares at him angrily..

Suraj: ok ok relax….

He recieves a call… aftrr talking.. his face turn pale… he releases shagub and sits in bed..

Shagun: wat happened.. strong man..

Surah: its lawyers call… he told tat.. if we change our marriage date to six months earlier.. we shall get divorce quickly…

Shagun couldnt control… tears start rolling from her eyes…

Suraj: r u ok??

Shagun: no.. i m not ok…

Suraj smiles a little.. as he wants to hear tat only…

Shagu n continues: infact i m super duper happy… i m gng to get freed from u…

Suraj smile vanished…

Shagun: y to live in a life which has no love…

Suraj: but….

Shagun: no suraj… dont feel bad.. i m feeling awesome tat.. i got my frmd suraj back.. u became tat good man again… tats enough for me..

Lets go.. all r waiting for us..

Suraj in mind: no.. i cant give divorce to u.. i like being next to u shagun… dont know y.. i like ur company…. and aftr knowing tat u love me.. i wont go…forever… but u have to confess ur feelings…

They all airpot

In airport…

A girl came and gave flowers to arnav

Kkg: who r they…

Asr: i dont know… i think.. they liked me.. tats y gave flowers..

Kkg: hahaha.. wat a joke.. who can like this lord governor..

Girl came again: hi mr.handsome….

Kkg: hi chudel( devil)

Girl: wat does tat mean…

Kkg : first u go and put some dress.. i will tell the meaning..

Girl: wat dress…?? R u mad??

Kkg: oh so srry… i think u r from very poor house… i m really sorry…

Ishgun laugh at her…

Asr: what the…

Girl: whatever..  mr.arnav singh raizda.. these flowers r from our manager.. we had a great time with u all..

Kkg: what… i spend time with arnavji…???

Ishu laughs out loudly… raman stares at her lovingly…

Ishu: kushi.. she s from our hotel… they r thanking us ..

Kkg feels shamed… asr smiles a little .

Asr: something is burning now… i think tat girl s hot tats y..

Kkg holds his collar: look mr.arnav singh riazada.. i m not like that girl.. who feels jealous.. if i see u with any other girl.. i wont think even for once to kill u…got it

Payal: wah wah.. kya pyar hai..

Mihir: thank god ki.. payal u r not like ur sis…

Payal: dont underestimate me micky..  she s atleast giving warning.. i cant expect even tat from me…I m too dangerous..

All laugh.. asr smiles seeing kkg’s possessiveness..


Day 1

Its morning…

Pihus mom name is ria…

RIA came and pour bucket full of water over nks face..

Nk shouts: oh no.. tsunami tsunami….

He stands up and looks at ria

Ria: my would be damad ji.. see sun is laughing at us .. and u r sleepig like tis…

Nk: aunty… y i m feeling some horror movie effect??

Ria: bcz.. its ur mom’s decision….i will prove anyhow tat my daughter s best ….

Nk: but aunty..

Ria: go and get ready.. i will give some tasks for u today…

Bua house

Bua in phone: wat.. bucket full of water… how dare she.. wait what i m gng to do with her daughter… u keep phone.. and yeah … keep an eye on my son tooo.

(She was talking with one man.. who lives nearby rias home… giving details)

Bua takes tw buckets of water and goes towards pihu’s room and pours over bed…

Still pihu didnt wake up..

Bua: wat girl is she…

Pihu frim behind: whom r u talking bua ji…

She turns and gets shocked…

Then who is this

Pihu:tats pillow

Bua: u have wet ful bed.. now clean this..

Pihu: wat… i didnt do anything…

Bua: now u will argue with me?? Is this ur upbrigings… let me talk to ur mom

Pibu: bua ji.. if u ask me to clean tat.. i will surely do tat… but u can blame me for wetting the bed by water…

Bua turns and goes in anger…

Pihu: oh no.. how can i do this… even i dont know by which one clothes r being washed….

She calls nk


pihu: wat hap nk.. r u alrighy??

Nk: ur mom s in full form to take revenge…

Pihu: oh my god…

Nk: she s asking me to do excersics…i have never done even ups downs.. she gave one big stone like instrument amd asking me to take tat up and down.. is tis any excerse… wil it helo us to lead a good life

Pihu laughs:relax yaar
.. its gud for health.. now tell me.. how to wash bed..

Nk:wat… is tis ur task

Pihu: yeah?

Nk: hahaha.. pihu washing bed… todays hot news..

Pihu: shut up u dumbo..

Nk: ? accha.. listem… pour water on bed.. and put it over wall outside to dry it..

Pihu: buaji has already poured water… wow my work is simple…

Nk smiles…

Ashoks office

Aman: sir… kushi payal were sisters.. they came from lucknow …. 20 yrs back…

Ashok: wat… ?? I knew tat raj uncle also left lucknow amd closes his business in lucknow 20 years back.. is tere any connection..??

Aman: raj sir left lucknow.. becz of tat accident… by which his wife and mihir’s parents died…

Ashok: oh yeah… i have read abt him… but wat can be tat connection…

Aman: tat i dont know sir… i have asked abt kushi’s mom in lucknow… there only one old lady remebers them… but they dont know anything abt kushi.. they were talking abt garima.. and her children payal and  shanaya…

Ashok: shanay? Oh noooo.. i couldnt get anything….relax ashok.. think .. think.. wat it could be… by which arnav and ishu keep secret with mihir.and kushi…. it must be abt mihir… and kushi… but there s no kushi… there was another character shanaya… who is she now…

Aman: sir… i have one idea… i think.. something is connected with tat accodent … we shall investigate abt tat…

Ashok: ok then… collect magzines or business newspapers from tat year.. and analyse.. abt tat accident..

Aman leave…

Ashok in mind: is there anything big?? Or else i m wasting my time???

In flight:

Raman: ishu pls.. pls yaar.. someone may see us.. ishu yaar.. pls .. habab…heee..

Ishu who was sotting beside him looks at hom in anger… he goes on caressing his heart..
Ishu: raman.. is this funny??

Raman: ishu yaar.. wait.. some lady is talking with me.. i will settle scores and will come back soon baby…

Ishu: raman pls…

Ramna: oh ho… so u r feeling jealous.. but i m sorry.. i cant spend time with u.. bcz my ishu s waiting..

Ishu: raman pls.. stop this drama… its irritating me… y dont u understand… firstly i m getting hurt by sitting ur side.. now ur drama..

Stop it ishu… raman shouts …

Raman: yeah… i m at guilt.. but i have accepted tat… bcz i cant lie to u.. cant u see tat… i m trying to convince u.. but u…. neither scolding me… noe talking sweetly… it hurts me a lot..  y dont u undertsnad tat.. i cant see u like tis.. if u want me to go far from u.. i will go.. but i need confirmation tat u will be happy aftr tat..

He holds her face: but i know tat u cant be happy without me…

Ishu: i couldnt leave tat fact tat… u had a doubt on me with suraj

She starts crying …. both hits their head with each other and starts crying…

Suraj hears those and feels bad…

Screen freezes with ishra crying…

Shagun feels pain

Suraj having lil tears..

Teri behcheni ka

Teri tanhai ka

Ahsaas hai mujko sun……..

Dard baatlegen hum hum..

Tere dil ka mere dil se… rishta purana hai…. in aakon ki har aasun … mujko churana hai….


Suraj realises his love for shagun… and decides to propse…

A big storm s on the way with some twists…

Thnk u all guyz for ur cont support and awesome comments… expecting more and more response from u guyz….

Credit to: arshi

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  1. awesome awesome awesome awesome arshi……….super duper

    1. thnk u thnk u thnk u thnk u snehal

  2. Wow dhi as usual awesome. U rocked. Dhi I am out of words to praise u. U r really great. The episode was so cool with nhok jhok. Please unite ishra soon. Wow a bucket full of water poured on nk. It was very fantastic. Waiting for it next episode

    1. thnx a lot akshaya yaar

  3. Woww…what a possessive epi!!! I think in yhm also if they unite surgun it looks much better than raman and coming to ishra wanted to see them united. Where there is ashok storm will automatically come to that place hehe…anywayzz superb epi..keep rocking

    1. Actually yaar. I have introduced ashok in earlier epi itself… i guess in my 100th epi.. like who is he. Why he hates them and all.. and yaar thnx a lot for ur cute lovely words DA

  4. Super duper hit….amazing mindblowing funtastic

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  5. Nice di……Arshi jealousy scene were too good.Love it to the core.Surgun precap interesting.Hope ishu forgive Raman soon

    1. Thnk u soooo much varsha yaar

  6. Nice di……Arshi jealousy scene were too good.Love it to the core.Surgun precap interesting.Hope ishu forgive Raman soon.

    1. Thank u dear

  7. Arshi arshi arshi…………………………….. U r jst
    Mind blowing,
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    I love you yrr for this fantabulous treat.
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    God bless you dear.
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    1. Yeah… i m freling gud tat u have faith in me.. but strust me.. watever gonna happen… ubwill get super super epis everyday.. with full of treat….thnx yaar paru…

      1. Thank you soooo much dear…. & U r welcome… 🙂

    1. Thnx yaar sowmy

  8. Wen will these ppl take their marriage to next level

    1. Hahaha.. soon yaar… in tat list .. miryal and ishra have passed …. bacchi hai tho its our arshi and surgun…. have patience yaar..

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbbb as Usual…….

  10. Lovely episode?arshi part was best??another storm hmmm?will eagerly wait for that?as we know whatever it is it would be with full enjoyment and tafree?keep writing dear with same efforts??

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  11. Diii
    A big Strom!!!!!!!!!
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    Will that stom come to Arshi’s life too??
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    All couples r very special because it’s ur ff… U made me fall in love with the couples of ur ff without Arshi…
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    All the couples r mind blowing in ur story…. 🙂 🙂
    Today’s episode was soo nice..
    Specially my Arshi moments were soooo funny…
    But I am worried about the precap..
    Hope everything will be fine…?

    1. Keep patience dear… i know nah??? Whatevwr the storm may be.. the love btwn them will always increase.. and i m dam sure it wil bring tears in ur eyes.. thinking how much love they have for each other….

      If not.. sorry… but i will try to convey their each amd every feelings through my words…

  12. It was nice
    But please bring ishra together

    1. Ofcourse yaar kajal… even i cantbkeep them apart for long… as they r the true lovers of my story.. as its a pure love from chilhood…

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    1. Omg omg omg…. thnkbu soooo much for this lovely comment… i loved the way u have expressed ur feelings… as of now i have no plan to end it….. and aftr reading ur cute comment.. there s no question to end it… thnk ubsoo much ark

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  15. I have just read my own comment and I am really very sorry about the spelling mistakes as there are a lot

    1. Seriously…. i m reading ur comment for 3 to 4 times… i m sooooo happy ark…. i will surely try to do one more truth and dare…. just for ur lovely comment.. but for tat u jave to wait a lil… as of now.. some serious yrack gonna happen.. aftr tat i will do ur wish… and thank u sooo much for making my day.. with ur lovely words… i m speechless… as thinking tat.. someone is spending their precious time only to read my story.. again and again.. also writing this much long comment… i really liked ur comment… dont say sorry … if u repeat ur words.. tat shows ur interest towards my work… so i m very delightful … thnx a lot

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    1. Omg thanx a lot yaar… i m very lucky to have such frnds.. like u guyz… before writi g this ff.. i dont have any interest in writing or even reading stories.. i m ver much bad in tat… but when i came up with this idea.. i posted 1st epi.. i didnt expect such response . When i started reading those comments.. i got addicted to it.. so to get such praising words i should give more intersting story…

      U r fanficholic.. and i m commentholic… thnx a lot guyz… i m very much impressed delightful bcz f u all

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