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Epi 11
Next day….in conference call with arnav mihir raman and kushi..
Contractor: hey guyz.. whatever u did yesterday was superb… my wife was happy as she wants to renovate the house … but she doesn’t had time.. but u brought that time.. so she is not angry… in this pleasure i am throughing one party.. this will be your welcome party also.. and i have appointed one manager for you.. you will get to know in party.. party is in evening.. reach here by 5
Before anyone could resist.. the contractor cuts the call…
Mihir calls payal and enquires about her health.. he asks her to take rest today…

Evening 5 o clock….
Arnav: his favourite black coat with green tie and white shirt
Mihir: light blue full hand shirt
Raman: red shirt with white coat..
Kushi: heavy worked chudi… pink full length anarkali with green dupatta… looking so pretty
Payal: kushi this is your fav dress.. you wont wear this for any normal occasion.. whats special today.. going to meet any dashing guy?
Kushi: oh pls dhi.. i wont wear nice dress to impress anyone.. that you know… and today i am going to one party.. my first party.. i m so excited jiji
Payal: wow kushi.. awesome.. party… don’t be scared.. talk with all with confidence…
Payal gave many tips to kushi and they both laugh and hug…kushi leaves

Party: extremely pleasent party.. its arranged near swimming pool.. with awesome lightings ..
Arnav mihir kushi raman reaches the place..while mihir and raman had a nice talk.. arnav lost in kushi.. he is really lost by kushi’s beauty.. he looks at her eyes .. her smile… while kushi is shocked to see such a beautiful party…
Arnav comes to his senses when mihir calls him..
They all went inside… kuber(contractor) welcomes all…
Kuber: attention everyone.. this party is for diller rockz.. they are back.. lets celebrate this… and i am extremely happy to introduce new manager of diller rockz…
A girl is coming… with beautiful long hair.. wearing red colour worked designer saree…
Man in party: wow she is beautiful…
Raman hears that and sees…
And that is ishu… all are hell shocked…
Light music plays… all were seen enjoying.. when both raman and arnav looked in anger
Arnav: dhi no… i m doing this for you.. you should not…
Ishu: i m doing this for u… bittu.. i wont hear you this time… i came to know about that fight… i don’t want this to happen again… so leave this matter here..
Kushi: hi.. ishitha ji… you are looking beautiful
Ishu: and u looking pretty
Arnav: you know her dhi..
Kushi: yeah we met in….
Ishu interrupts… and says.. in temple…
Kushi looked confused..
Arnav: oh… ok.. dh ii will be back
Kushi: dhi?
Arnav: yes dhi… do u have any problem in that?
Kushi nods no.. arnav leaves .. kushi and ishu had caty talks.. but kushi looked confused…
Ishu: actually i came to college that day without his knowledge…
Kushi: you two are extremely different.. you are such a cute sweet type.. but that mons… kushi stops.. ishu laughs
Ishu: i know .. he is short temper.. but he s more sweeter than me.. no one knows that.. by the way how you know him?
Kushi: i am part of diller rockz…
Ishu : oh thats you.. nice…

A man with dashing look came near ishu kushi..: hi i am rahul… can i join you two beautiful girls?
Kushi gets annoyed : pls excuse me.. i have to go..
Kushi leaves…. while raman sees that man and gets angry
Ishu was about to leave..but she sees raman in angry.. she then asks the man to join
Rahul: i must say you are so beautiful.. and the man in your life must be very lucky
Ishu: no no.. i m single ..( seeing raman)
Raman gets jealous…while ishu enjoys…
Rahul: oh thats great.. so i can have chance
Raman interrupts
Raman: hey rahul.. no one will ask chance to die..
Ishu: oh really.. who is telling this… a dead person..?
Raman: yeah my mind was not working well at that time.. so only i m dead.. but now i want to live… and will suggest rahul also
Ishu: mind will not work to those who has mind…
Raman: yeah.. i don’t have mind thats y two yrs back i lo … raman stops ( he was about to say love)
Ishu: now why are you wasting your time here… let me talk to my new boy friend.. come on rahul.. tell something new about you
Raman: see rahul.. when i was about to die.. no one there to stop me… but urs is not like that.. i am warning you.. abi sunle na.. nahi tho kisi ke sunne ka laayak nahi rahega…
Ishu: raman will you leave us for sometime.. we need privacy..

Rahul (confused): are you lovers?
At once raman ishita looks at each other
(Mitwa song plays
Satru munbu paartha megam maari poga plays)
Then after a while..
Ishu: no ways.. look you only said that i am beautiful…. look at him.. how would i .. chi never
Raman: normally devils look beautiful.. if we didn’t wake up.. it would destroy our life without any warning
Rahul: oh pls guyz.. let me talke breath…..
Raman: take breath… but if you fall in her trap you will no more to breath..
Ishu: he….
Both ishu and raman starts their no jok.. continiously
Rahul interrupts…
Rahul: shhhhshhhhshhhhshhh.. my head is rotating… pls go there and continue your lovely fight… no no i will go from here
Rahul leaves… ishu and raman turns their faces in opposite direction…

Kushi is seen standing alone…
Rahul: if i miss lara dutta .. i will try aiyshwarya rai…
Rahul: i have seen you somewhere..
Kushi: ji.. me?
Rahul: in some parties..
Kushi: not possible.. this is my first party.. i m from lucknow…
Rahul: what if i have not seen you.. i saw you today.. i will take this day special by making friendship with you… my name is rahul.. naam tho suna hoga? .. he then laughs..
Kushi: wow.. i m a big fan of sharuk ji.. you also?
Rahul: yeah..
They both start imitating sharuk… arnav sees this and got irritated…
Rahul insists kushi to drink.. without her knowledge she drunk alcohol…( this is one of payal’s tips.. as not to avoid anything.. that will be consider as big insult in high society)
They both had a dance.. in which kushi was not comfortable.. seeing this arnav asks to stop everyone to dance in party.. indirectly he showed jealous towards rahul
Then arnav searches for kushi.. she was not there..
Kushi starts creating drama…
Rahul: hey stop… if u are not used to drink . why u had it
Kushi: arrey.. rahul…. naam kya rak liya.. apne aap ko sharuk samajtha hai…u r looking like an lkg child.. u r comparing yourself with my sharuk ji..
She shouts.. rahul grabs her near swimming pool….
Rahul: kushi.. tell me your address i will drop you.. pls don’t shout…
Kushi(in blabbering voice): address? Yes.. there was a big tree near my house.. take me…
Rahul: oh no.. i am stucked .. shit.. ok sit here.. i will take my car…
Rahul leaves with car..
Kushi: arrey oh rahul.. take me to my home… how will i go?
Arnav sees kushi dancing outside
Arnav: what the hell are u doing?
Kushi: hell nahin dance.. naach.. mein naagin naagin naagin … she begun singing and dancing
Arnav: oh no she is drunk…. are you out of your mind… who gave you alcohol
Kushi: sharuk ji.. hey sharuk come and take me to my home..
Arnav: stop it kushi… with whom you came
Kushi: with with.. i … yeah.. devi maiyan
Arnav: where is she? Inside party?
Kushi laughs.. and says.. she is in everywhere.. you cant see her.. she sees up
Arnav: oh no.. is she dead? How? Where? When?
Kushi: she cant die cant live cant drink.. arrey oh sharuk…. take me to my home.. this SN monster is irritating me
Arnav: what the…… who is SN monster
Kushi: you
Kushi starts crying… who will take me to my home..
Arnav: hey kushi stop crying .. i will take you to ur home..
She is not stable.. she holds his hand and kept her head on his shoulder…
Arnav cares her.. and make her sit inside the car..
Arnav calls mihir in phone and ask him to take dhi to home…


Guyz take break for two days.. i will be back with my next episode on Monday… hope you like this epi… feeling sorry that i couldn’t post my epi on weekends… but you guyz keep following and supporting my ff

Credit to: arshi

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  14. Thnx guyz…. and nive… just i had postef one promo which revealed shagun’s character… i really like her acting her way of speaking … especially her dialogue…”oh pls”… she has positive role in my ff…. thanx anaya.. to fill up the gap of sat and sunday i have posted one promo… hope u will enjoy it…

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