good mrng guyz…. century… my 100th epi… this was possible only bcz f ur support… thank u sooo much … last two epis i couldnt reply u guyz.. and samara.. thnk u sooo much for sch a lovely comment.. and samara iqra and alisha.. bcz f ur request i made one long long truth and dare epi…. that will add more fun to my 100th epi… hope u all enjoy this…


Pihu gets upset..she calls raman… its not reachable.. she called him in internet…

In the very fist ring raman takes the call

Pihu: rocky.. wat a miracle

Raman: i shoyld say that… what a miracle… pihu ko ab time milgaya.. raman se baath karne ke liye.. right??

Pihu: its not like that rocky..

Raman: just shut up.. i jave called u many times.. but u didnt pick my calls..

Pihu: accha soory… i m n london.. have came to collect my certuficates…

Raman: ok now tell me . Y r u uspset…

Pihu: y upset??.. i m fine and cooll..

Raman: yeah yeah.. i know that drama queeen.. but tje fact is.. whenever u r upset.. u always call me only.. now tell me.. or else.. i will come to london

Pihu: omg … ok ok.. actually na… nk .. u remeber. ??

Raman: yeah yeah.. also im seeing that pihu s hanging out with that nk nowadays..
Pihh: nothibg like that yaar

Raman: ok ok…. i will wait till u confess…

Pihu: i m hanging up…

Raman: ok meri maa.. just tell me .. u r talking abt nk nah??

Pihu: vo actually.. he came here…

Raman: what londo?

Pihu: yeah…

Raman: he s serious abt u.. pihu

Pihu: how can u say that

Raman: when i get to know that u hanging out with him.. i collected all his detalis.. he s a peefect person for u pihu… moreover.. he had never crossd indai… even though he got job in US..

Pibh: is that so??

Raman: and to my informan… he came for u onky

Pibu: but it seems.. he came for my frnds… he s just hanging around them…

Raman: ohhooo
. Thatsy u called me… to make him jealous…

Pihu: nothibg like that… i just wanted to talk with u…

Raman: dont lie.. do u love him??

Pihu becomes silent

After a while
: ni raman.. he s just a frnd….and u know nah.. i love some one else…

Raman: but ….

Pihu: no nk s frnd

Raman: but pihu darling… u r developing feelings towards nk… i know u… just give a chance.. already u loved someone.. and he married anither girl nah.. so till when u will stay like this… nk s a perfect person… he did mba.. he has very cute family…

Pibu: acha caha.. now dont try to convince me…

Raman: ok baba.. but pls.. try atleast once …

Pihu: ok…. now u enjoy .. bye

They hang up..

Pihu turns and looks at nk… who s talking with rita… cold wind blows… she slightly smiles seeing him… but as soon as gets angry when rita pinches nk and they start playong…

Next day:

Arnav stares at kushi

Kkg: what hap arnavji.

Arnav noda nothing…

Kkg smiles: good morning…

She asks him to come close to her while she s sleeping onbed..arnav bends towards her..

She grabs his collar and gave a peck to his cheeks and suddenly runs away…arnav smiles…

Kkg turns: aftet this trip.. i may not get this chance….

She went..

Arnav: no kushi.. i have decided.. whatever may happen.. i wont leave u… never ever… and today i will tell u this in the most unique way…


Payal gets up and starts doing hework…

Mibir smiles seeing her childish acts…she purposefully shows mivir that she s angry… but mihir didnt respond…

She taks bottle and pours the water over him..

Payal: i wont talk to i never ever…

Mihir pulls her and pins to wall…

Mihir: ok dont talk with … but i will talk with my ms universe… u cant stop tat…

Payal: oh pls.. now dont buteer me…

While she was speakibg… she felt somethibg closes her mouth…that was mihir.. he kissed her…

Payal pyshes him: what r u dng??

Migir: whats ur prob.. i m kissing my universe…dont interfre..

He agai came and starts kissing…

Payal pushes him and runs…

Mihir catches her and says sorry ina cute way holding his ears

Payal: i wont forgive u….

She hugs him saying : i wont forgive u.. never ever mhir smiles…

Mihir: i should not have shouted at u.. sorry… i was very angry.. and upset .. in one side i believed thay it might be raman… and yhe two yrs we spent without him… i cany even imagine that again.. i thoughy that time may come again…

Payal: i know… u were thinking that only.. but i was hurt when u shoutd in front of others…

Mihir: nezt tine… i will take u to room and will shout.. will it be ok??

Payal smiles and says.. i know my micky wont scold me… and when we r alone.. i know how to calm ur anger . she winks at him….mihir: naughty payal…


Raman : i just hope arnav and kushi lead a happt life…

Ishu : ofcourse raman… i have never seen arnav caring some other girl.. this much.. than me..

Raman: ohh.. so… meri jansiki rani s jealous..

Ishu: n.oo..ttt like that… but my bittu is my bittu onky

Raman: we cant judge these girls..one side.. u want arnav to care for kushi more than u.. other side u r feeling jealous…

Ishu: oh pls.. haan… i m not like that…

Raman: really???..

Ishu: yeaahhh.. i mean… yeah.. i felt somethibg weird when he went agains me onky to keep kushi away from that guilt… but u know nah.. nothing is more than arnavs happiness for mw..

Raman laughs at her.. ishu makes pout face… he hugs her: u r such a wonderful sister wife daughter… everything…

Ishu: no raman. Not a good daughter… i know.. dad still misses mom… and when he came to know abt kushi.. i m damn sure that dad wont accept kushi…

Raman breaks the hug : what… but we can console him nah

Ishu: i m surw that.. simething big gonna happen ….

Raman cups jer face: chill ishu.. now everthibg s fine.. and we all are back .. nothing can seperate us…. ok

She nods ….

Everyone gathers…

Shagun: hi ashokk….

She hugs him.suraj gets annoyed…shagin and ishu starts talking witj ashok… suraj tries to talk with shagun but she didnt pay attentio …
Then he became angry … tje way ashok flirts with shagun… this was noticed by raman….

Raman: hhmm.. ashok.. right??.. what ru dng… long time to see u

Askoh: owner of construction company… riddles contructors..

Suraj: oh that one… ok ok.. one f ur manager… begged in front of me for one contract… whats his name…..

Ashok: i dont think so…

Suraj: leave it u r getting annoyed….

Raman laughs at suraj.. as he understood that he s gettong jealous…

Shagub: suraj
. Why r u talking like this….

Suraj: i wss just asking.. and y r u intetfrng…

Ashok: shagun.. let it be nah…

Suraj: yeah.. let it be….

Shagun looks at suraj in anger…

Robbje: guyz.. we will leave today…

Raman: y… lets spend more time yaar…

Robbue: having hectic days… will be here .. for one whole day.. by evng wil have to leave…

Payal: so… lets play something full day.. all toghether….
Ihir: payal sweetheart.. we are not here to play.. we r hwre for our honeymoon.. u remeber???

Robbie laughs

Ishu: there s one wholw week… so lets play tlday… in upstairs…. terrace… our fav.. truth and dare… ashoke u also join us…

All settled in terrace…

Shagun: i m missing sanky… and swara.. if they were here.. it will be more fun nah…

Suraj went and takes his laptop and starts video calling..

Shgaun didnt notuce..

Suddenly…she hears sanky swara voice…


Shagub turns and smules… she goes
Wow.. swasan… i missed u sooooo much…

Swara: thats y jiju calle dus…

Shagub looks at suraj and smiles…

Ishu: thats grt… niw u also gonna join us…

Swara: i wont play with thjs sanky

Shavun: oh nooo… nit agai… now whats the problem…

Sanky: dhi.. she wants to tell something in mrng.. by that tume i was in call… now she s not telling that thing… also she s angry..

Ishgun laugh: sanky also.. u shoyld have paid atttention to ur wife first

Sanky: dhiii.. u tooooo

Arnav raman: sanky beta.. this girls are like this only… we all r with u

Sanky: oh.. ho.. whi is that.. arnav and raman.. first get permission from ur wives that u gona support me .. then talk with me ok??

All laugh at arman….

Then all settled to play…

Bottle stops at mihir

Mihir: dare…

Raman: daring thing.. what to give… ???..

Shafun: yaar.. leave it. . Our love birds have patched up now only… dont trouble them

Ramab : game s a game… we should respect t….

Shagun: accha tk… mihir.. u hace shouted at her in front f us.. so say sorry to her in frnt f us

Payal: no..i cant see that

Raman: what u cant see behna…

Payal: micky asking sorry to any one… i cant see that.. even to me…

All: haaaaauuuuu… kya mohabbath hai… kya pyaar hai
Mihir: but. Game s a game.. payal u wil slap me in front these people…

Ashok: wow.. what a man… for a game … u r dng this.. proyd of u mihir.

Shagun: oh mera baby doll… he s dng thus bcz . He knew very well that payal wont slap him .. hain nah mihir.

Mihir: no dhi.. i m serious…

Shagun:ok dear… listen.. whiever losses the game… should eat this mirchi… and should be given a funny name … he or she will be clled by that funny name only… now tell me payal.. u will slap mihir and save him from this .. aj… or else… u will let him eat this ah.

Mihir: dhi. This s not fair…payal no… no…

Payal comes towards mihir…: i m sorry micky.. i cant let u eat this…

Mihir was shocked…

All laugh at mihir… he makes pout face.. he forwards his cheek and closea his eyes…

Payal:: and thank u raman bhaiiya….bcz f u i can complete this task….

All were cinfuses….

Payal gave a small peck to mihirs cheeks and closes her face wth her hands…

All: wooooowww.. superb yaar…

Raman: oh.. for this u thanked me..??

Payal nods..

Shagun: oh that day… raman also overcame this task.. right??..

Acha.. next…

Bottke spins nnd stops near kasturi…

Swara: who is this.. she s looking sooo cute…

Robbie: she s kasturi.. my wife..

Sanky: what???

Raman: oh soo sorry I forgot to intro Robbie to u…

Swara looks at both… : raman bhai 1 raman bhai 2… oh no…. I think sanky.. I have drunk something wrong.. muje two two raman bhai dhikai dhe raha hai…

Sanky: muje bhi…

Raman laughs: no he s robbie sabarwal… my cousin bro… we had family probs. So haven’t talked yet.. we met here only…

Swara: thank god.. I haven’t drunk anything.. all laugh…

Shagun: bottle stops near kasturi na

All shouts yeeeeeeeeeeee… kasturi closes her ears…

Ribbie: its my turn…

Raamn: let her xhoose first… truth or dare…

Ribbie: no no.. she cant choose… s robbie.. i will give task.. she should complete it…

Ishu: oh no… she will choose

Kasturi: let he tell the task… sir what shoudl i do???…

All shouts again … kadturi blushea…

Robbie: sochlo kasruri.. its robbie… robbie sabarwal….can ask u whatever…

Kasturi: i know… but even i kniw that.. u wont ask anything which i cant guve..

Robbie: u always do this to stop me frm askibg.. but today i wont… u should..

Kastui: i should….

All were listeming…

Robbie: u should call me by name and say i love u..

Raman: wha yaa.. i thought u gonna give a tough task…

Robbie: just wait and watch how tough is this for kasturi..

Kastur: sir. This s cheating how can u say this…

Ishu: whats the big deal.. say nah kasturi…

Kastyri: i cant…vo… noo.. i acnt… i will eat this mirchi…

Robbie: oh hello.. punishment also i will give u .. punishment s … i will kiss u here..in front f all if u didnt do this job…

All calps for robbie..

Kasturi makes pout face

Kasturi: accga ok…. i will do..
.everyone encourages kasturi…

Kasturi closes her eyes.. : sir….

Robbie..: my name s robbiesabarwal

Kasturi: ok ok.. ro.. . Roo…. sir pls nah..

Robbie: come on kasturi.. its two yrs … u havent ever called me by name… even though lost memory u didnt forgwt that u call ne by sir . U have to do this thats it ..

Kasturi: accha baba…. robie sir … i…….

Pin drop silence…kstri feels shy…

She closes her eyes.. robbie stares at her lovingly…

Ktru: i love…. you sir…

All caps… robbie winks at her and gave flying kiss ….
Kasturi feels shy and closes her face with her duppta….

Again bottle spins…

It stops nears suraj

Raman wispers to shagun

Raman: today its jealous day…

Shagun: what rubbish…

Raman: suraj s getting jealiys f ashik…

Shagun: kuch bhu bolthey ho thum…. y should he get jealous..

Raman: ok fine i will show u.. but u shoyld so as per my instructions..

Raman: tell me suraj.. truth or dare…

Sure: dare…

Raman : ok them.. ashik s a wrestler champion.. so u gonna compete him in hand wrestling.. whiever wins will get a chance to dance with shagun…

Shagun: woooowww… i m happpy..

Ashok: oh sweety.. get ready to dance with me..

Suraj: firat compete with me….

They strt the game…

Shagun: come on ashok…

Suraj gets angry and gave his full strength to defeat ashok.. and atlast he did it.. shagun who watches surajs angry.. gets hapoy that he s getting jealius for her…

Raman: oh madam.. stop blushing…

Shagun: shut up raman…

Suraj: kya hua shagun… u were so excited to dance with ashok nah…

Shagun: hmm.. but what to do..

While talkinh.. suraj pulls shagun towards her.. and holds her waist… she was super shocked.. raman plays song…

Dheere dheere se mere zindagi mein aana….plays..

Unnakul naane urugum iravil plays..

He starts dancing with her.. shagun with shocked expresion continued dancing… at last suraj leaves her.. he feels wierd..

Suraj in mind: what hap to me… oh no.. what she will thibk of me….

All clap for them…

Bottle again spins…stops near…arnav…

Anav smiles and signs raman…

Arnav: dare…

Raman: confess anything yaar..

Raman winks at him…

Arnav stands and moves towrds the center of the terrace…

Asr: I gonna confess my feelings today….

Kushi looks at him…

Asr: Kushi…

He signs her… she came towars him….

Asr: till now… I just predicted things…. But I m not gong to do that…. You know what?… without u my life will be empty just like this terrace…. I don’t want to live like that…

Kushi couldn’t belive also she s confused… as asr told this before also.. he already confessed his love… but this s something new she s seeing…

Asr: I knw u must be wondering… u r a spl person to me… next to my mom.. I used to keep my sis pic… my dhi is everything to me… and now on… u and my dhis (ishgun) are my world… I cant make u cry.. I wont ask u to go…

Kushi was on cloud nine.. where as shagun mihir and payal were confused…

Kushi: Arnav ji… did u mean?

Asr: yes… pls Kushi don’t leave my life… don’t snatch my happiness… don’t go away from me… never ever… will u do this to me…

He bends and opens his arms just like sharuk…

Kushi with lil tears made him stand and hugs him tightly…

Kushi: I knew it arnavji….

Asr: I love u kushi… love u sooo much… sorry for hurting u …

Kkg: no arnav ji.. now on no sorry has place btwn us…

Asr kissed her in forehead…

Kkg: arnavji all r watching us

Asr: let them watch…

Raman: oh hello.. we r not interested to see such a boring romantic film… show something new and hot…

Kkg: bhaiyya… aap bhi nah….

Asr cups kushi’s face and locked her mouth with his mouth….

Raman whistles…

Kushi was super shocked…

All clap them ….

Ishu hugs raman…

Shagun payal: what happened btwn them…

Ishu seeing mihir: nothing.. a small fight…

Payal: oh… kkk

Ishu to raman: raman.. what if mihir comes to know this

Raman: leave it nah yaar.. now just enjoy the moment…

Again all were settled … bottle stops near Robbie

Robbie: dare

Arnav: hmm well… come here I will tell the task in ur ears…

Arnav to Robbie: u should do something … by which kasturi comes and hug u…

Raman: wow arnav.. awesome yaar..

Robbie: its really simpke task yaar

Raman: first prove that

Robbie stands : kasturi.. u always asks me nah.. y I haven’t kept ur pic… I had kept all my girl frnds pic… bcz I knew that they r just like a nightmare… but u… I want to last forever with me.. I don’t want u to become a memory.. that’s y I didn’t take any of ur pics….

Kasturi having tears in eyes comes and hugs Robbie: really sir… I very lucky to have u as a husband…

All clap…

Raman: Robbie yaar.. teach something to me also…

Sanky: no no.. robie.. teach to me first…

All laugh..

Botlle stops near sanky…

Shagun: ok sanky beta.. u should know the thing.. that swara wants to tell u from mrng …. Ok?

She winks at him

Sanky: dhi.. u know nah.. she wont tell

Shagun: thast the task..

Sanky: ok well..

Swara: I wont tell sanky

Sanky: I wil gues…

Swara: oh pls.. mr.sanskar raizada.. don’t play tricks…shagun dhi u know?.. he always do this… like he pretends to guess.. and will purposefully guess very cheap things.. which will compel me to tell the thing directly..

All alugh at them.. sanskar makes poyt face

Sanky: ok then.. let it be.. anyhow I will get to know that by 2 days…

Swara: how.. it will take 9 months to know…

All: what???

Ishgun: swara really..??? are u??

Swara: yeah.. I m expecting…

Ishhgun: wow…. Superb….

Sanky: but what r u expecting.?

All again laugh…

Raman: how innocent is our sanky… and see he became senior to all of us…

Arnav: this s very bad sanky… how can u do this

Sanky: wat did I do?

Mihir: yeah… I have just married. And u made me chahca….

Sanky: what???

He looks at swara.. she smiles and runs away…

All congradulate them and again starts ther game…

It stops near ishu…

Raman: truth or dare

Ishu: truth

Robbie: well ishitha.. tell me.. when u saw me.. for even 1 % u have no doubt on raman….

Ishu: vo actually.. when I saw u I was 100 % sure that it was not my raman… but when I saw that album… I had trust in raman.. also fear of 1%

Raman in his funny way: oh noo.. how can I live now.. my wife didn’t trust me… how can u ishu how can u… sab kuch barbaad ho gaya… its me raman .. ur raman ishu….

Arnav: oh bus kar… y r u teasing my dhi… I was 100% sure that it might be u…

Raman: kaminey…
He beats Arnav…

All the other joined him and played…

Ishu felt bad…. Though raman was teasing.. she felt bad at those words.. she went inside her room silently… shagun notices that and follows her.

and guyz…. this is my special epi… so al my silent readers… like ark samara iqra alisha paru…. all u have to give comments today… i m expecting more and mor comments today… even a single word in comment mean a lot to me… and i will reply all u guyz… each and every comment is very precious for me… so guyz.. u should tell what are all the things u liked in my ff.. till now

Credit to: arshi


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    • arshi

      there r many ayesha shoiab… can u give any other info???.. my fb name is arshi abigya… having a profil pic of hero and heroine…. nayanthara and jeyam ravi.. (tamil actors)…..

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    • arshi

      wowowowowowow.. kavya… thats sooo sweeeet … i m feeling cloud nine while reading ur comment….. thnx a lot for such apppreciation

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    • arshi

      omg.. thnx a lot paru… i m very much happy that u did likes my ff this much…. thanx a lot buddy

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    • arshi

      omg anaya… u dont know how much i m happy right now…. thnx alot yaar… u guyz just made me feel so spl today.. i have no words to thnk u all

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    • arshi

      oh nooooo yaar.. hoe=w can i just didnt reply u.,.. i did repliedd u ,.. as i have replied all .. many of my replies got deleted….thats y…. pls pls pls pls.. dont feel sad… i really missed ur comment…. thnx a lot for such a cute comment

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    Today is the greatest day for u dear coz reaching this milestone for a normal writer is not at all possible….u r the world’s best writer and I never ever wnt u to leave this ff

    Jab tak hum zinda hai tab tak hum ye ff padna chahte hei arshi …..
    And finally I just want to say something……….
    Want to know ??
    But I cant say even in ur 100th episode very sorry
    Coz everyone had expressed their views in different ways and common point is all praised u which I don’t wanna repeat so u copy and paste those in my comment……
    LOVE U LOADS YAAR ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    • ude

      Breath tacking

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      We love u too snehal…………..
      My friend this is for u……………………..

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      Yeah! Yeah!! Snehal… I love u.. Ude, Jo, akshaya, all became also my friend only for Arshi,
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      This ff gives me many friends.. All the readers r my friend..
      But u, udu, Akshaya and Jo r very special.
      Thank u soooo much snehal, Use, Jo and Akshaya
      And many many thanks to u Arshi di..
      U r my best sister ever..

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      Love u a lot snehal.. S only becoz of arshi akka we all became friends.. We all r of different characters.. Different age grps.. Different places.. Different occupations.. But still we get connected bcoz of a string.. That string is our most beloved reena akka.. Thnx a lot akka.. I am so happy ☺ to have friends like u..????

    • Yup snehal……because of arshi many hearts met nd become friends?thankx snehal for considering me as a friend we all even didn’t see eachother but make a strong bond itx all because of ur ff arshi❤️
      But if we r friends so why to say thanks afterall friendship mai no sorry no thanku?am I ri8?

      • snehal

        yeah..amani……from now no sorryy n no thnx.?………frndz forever…..???????????????????????????

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    Hi dear had to go aboard and Internet was bad but went it worked I would always read but sorry was little busy to comment but now I am back so will leave comment.
    There are still no words for you writing every time you leave me speech loss I especially liked the truth and dare game also I liked it when suraj was getting jealous too much fun that was
    I just had a lot of work to catch up on but always I would make sure j would read your posts as that is always my favourite way to start my day thank you for your amazing writing
    I love it when you give really long post because j never want to stop reading them thank you so so so much for you amazing post you honestly have a lot of talent

    Sorry for commenting late

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    I was wondering if it would be possible if you could posts 2 updates per day sorry if you got offended I do not mean to hurt your feeling and if I did I am really sorry

  60. Ark

    You do not know how HAPPY I am for you that you completed a 100 EPSIODES SO HAPPY I think today is a great day for you and all you fans because I know I am your fan I think even if silent readers comment there will always be a lot more because she if someone reads you writing and post them they will fall in love with it and have to start they day by continuously checking if you have updated because I know that happened to me
    And once a again congratulations
    You are amazing no matter what anyone says and never give up writing because you have too too too much fans that love your writing because it is fabulous,wonderful and amazing

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    It’s party time……………
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    Will keep the party in this hotel………

  62. Maaneet

    Oh woww!!!! I have missed due ff for a week. Went home for vacation. But today completed everything at one go. What to do!! Couldn’t stop with one or two episodes.

    Still wonder how do u get these many thoughts.The way u explain every single emotion is jus awesome. U r blessed in this . The way u completed 100 episodes with the same interest and passion definitely proves something.

    One sincere request !! Please write something on maan and geet. Really very very eager to feel them in your words. I jus love them the way I love ur ff and the combination of these two will drive me crazy am sure.

    Arshi u r just amazing and amazing. Keep continuing and will wait for ur 200th episode. Keep going and going and going……..

  63. Khushi

    Wow;! ARSHI!!!! Now I am seeing 144 comments here!!! Wow.. I just wondering how much happy u r now…
    And I am totally Agree with snehal.
    This ff gave me some friends who r very special
    All r my friend but Snehal, ude, Jo and Akshaya.. R very special..
    And U!!!!!!!
    U r my best sister..????
    Thank u sooooooooooo much..

  64. akshaya

    dhi see all ur fans have made ur wish to come true. u wishes right u should get 100 comments by ur 100th episode. we all fans made ur wish true. u r really great dhi. i am very happy for u. just keep on rocking. please update the next update soon as we all r eagerly waiting. dhi once again very very congragulation

  65. 1st of all congrats arshi for ur 100th epi hope u keep on going like this with many more wonderful epi..coming to today’s epi it’s just amazing like rest of epi..

  66. ude

    Not only for you all I too got many good kind hearted friends…………
    Specially kushi, Snehal, Jo, Akshaya..
    And many more…………. But if arshi dhi stop this ff how can we talk to her and how can I talk to u my friends? Will she start her new ff soon after ending this one?

    • Varsha

      Arshi dhi will never actually should never end this ff.. I think this ff is the one that gets the highest no.of comments.. So arshi dhi will never let go of our friendship.. So don’t worry.. We will remain like this forever with our sweetest arshi dhi.. Love u all.???

    • Khushi

      Yeah! Ude, I also think so.. But don’t worry she has told before that she will start a new ff. So, we all can talk everyday..?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
      Love all of u r… So sweet if u..

  67. U know what arshi my papers r very near nd when I sit for study I thought not to use mobile but then says that if I will use for 5 mins so it will not a big deal nd again start reading ur ff ur comments nd give comments???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.