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Arnav: now miss . kushi kumara gupta will get to know what an evil can do…
Arnav comes near kushi having direct eye contact..
Kushi with fear taking fast breath..
Kushi: april fool.. haha….. i know.. you are such a gentleman.. you will never do anything wrong..
Arnav: i will
Kushi: see… i didn’t mean that.. now leave that topic.. we shall find way to go out.. after that .. you can show me what an evil can do…
Arnav comes close to kushi.. while kushi shuts her eyes with fear…
Arnav looks at her . when he was about to touch her cheeks… he came to his senses…and steps backward
Arnav: why are you closing your eyes… i should close my eyes than seeing you
Kushi: haha.. see you are staying with me just for five minutes… you have changed… you are cracking jokes also… kushi can change everything.. even aap
Arnav: just shut up… and stay away from me.. that will be safe for you
Kushi: sure sure.. who will think to stay close to you….
Arnav: what?
Kushi: nothing …. i will be quite.. but find the way quickly..
Arnav finds the window.. which is closed… he climbs over a stool thereby and tries to get out..
Kushi continuously instructing him to do that this and so on…
At once Arnav came down and sees kushi with anger..
Arnav:if you are so smart.. why should i waste time.. you can do that instead of instructing me… right?
Kushi: no no.. i was just …..
Arnav: if you stop this mahabarath for sometime.. that would be great help for me….
Kushi : this akdoo will remain akdoo forever ( says to herself)
Arnav: did u say anythink..?
Kushi: no nothing..
Arnav: thats good..
Arnav then tries to open that window atlast he broke..
Arnav asks kushi to go first .. but kushi resist…then arnav goes and pulls kushi.. they both fell on ground…had an eyelock….

Raman Mihir Contractor searches for them..
Mihir: both should be here only.. they might be stucked inside somewhere…
Raman starts searchin for them below carpet… below shelf.. and he did all possible funny ways…
Contractor: raman.. this is the time for any stupid joke.. pls co operate…
Raman: this is his trick to trouble us.. why should i find him.. he is number one….
By then he found them outside through window…
All came outside they are shocked to see both fell on ground
Raman: see we are all searching for them.. they are here romancing.. if you want to.. why don’t you tell us.. we are wasting our time here
Arnav: stop your dirty speech..
Contractor: thank god you guyx have come atlast… where were you?
Kushi: we got locked up inside store room.. then flour fell on me.. my eyes got hurt.. then you know wat happened?… i shouted… but there is no use.. atlast we broke window… and..
Arnav: stop it kushi.. cant you talk in single line…
Kushi: i didn’t say everything which is happened inside… it was just a trailer..
Contractor: what my window???? Oh nooooo.. now divorce is confirmed… then what are the things you broke inside..
Arnav : nothing else.. and i will pay for u… also from this sathya ssvithri’s side
Kushi: no need i will pay by myself…
Raman: if you want to fight you better go somewhere else,.. i don’t have much time to see this drama.. you and your sister… wont change.. always doing dramas wherever go
Arnav holds Raman ..
Arnav: you don’t have any status to even say my dhi’s name.. got it?
Raman: even i don’t wish to say her name..
They starts fighting.. Mihir tries to console them.. contractor holds his head… and fell on sofa …
Contractor: stop it guyz.. pls.. for my sake.. i had called you in morning.. so that we can plan and start our work by today evening…but its already evening…
Kushi: what evening? Thats y i m feeling so hungry …
Arnav: what the…
Contractor: stop it pls.. not again.. i thought u guyz would have became matured.. but i was wrong.. if first day will be like this.. what will happen for the next eight months…i should do something.. otherwise this album will get affected…
Mihir: mr.kuber.. pls.. relax… see i can handle these two people.. they will listen to me…
Contractor: yeah i saw that how you handled everything.. mihir.. sorry.. .. u can solve this by giving me suggestion…
Mihir: about what?
Contractor: i will tell you ..now see they have started again…
Mihir: oh no raman arnav.. pls.. for me .. stop this…
Contractor: i need time to plan .. you guyz now leave…
They all came outside
Kushi: oh no i am so hungry…
Arnav: what type of girl you are?.. whatever happens inside.. that was because of you.. and you…
Kushi: me?.. did i ask u too guyz to fight over a small issue..
Arnav: if u didn’t come to say thanx .. we would not have been locked up
Kushi: you can think by this side na?.. if u didn’t come to help me.. i would never follow you to say thnx…
Mihir: arnav yaar.. lets go… come…kushi u also.. pls leave.. bye
Kushi: you are such a nice guy.. but how you became a friend of this .. man.. and wats the problem between both..?
Arnav: mind ur own business.. don’t interfere in others matters..
Raman: come on.. i will tell you a story which will be so interesting……and i will drop you home also
Arnav: mihir.. ask this man to stop .. otherwise..
Mihir: raman yaar pls… don’t do this… listen.. i know u wont do against me right?
Raman: oh pls mihir.. now u dont start ur drama.. kushi come i will drop you..
Kushi: no rocky.. i will go by myself…
Arnva gets angry with kushi calling raman rocky
Raman insists kushi and took along
All leave the place…
Kushi: jii.. leave me here.. i will have some food.. and will go by myself…. thanx
Raman: sure.. also i have some imp work.. otherwise i will join you and drop you ..
Kushi: thank you thnk u.. i will go by myself

All the workers with payal in canteen having tea..
They were watching some movie where murder seen is going on..
At once payal screams … and ask that hero not to do that..
Aman: payal relax its just a film..
Payal screams louder and louder.. she closes her ears.. and ran away from there..
Arnav mihir enters office.. at once payal came running .. she was extremely tensed and she didn’t notice arnav and mihir.. she hits arnav and fell over mihir… mihir holds her and asked what happenend..at once payal became unconscious ..
Mihir: payal payal.. what happened .. come on get up..
Arnav: call her relatives.. and send her…
Mihir got hurt seeing payal in that state…
Arnav: mihir.. what happened… are you ok?
Mihir: ya.. ya.. i will call her relatives
Mihir calls in landline.. kushi picks up and rushes to office,,
Kushi reaches asr office…
Till that ASR leaves office…
Arnav calls mihir outside.. but mihir doesn’t want to leave payal… one of the worker informs mihie that payal’s sister came.. mihir leaves payal… and went to arnav..
Kushi didn’t see arnav and mihir…. kushi rushes to payal.. and feed her water..payal opened her eyes but still not in normal atate… kushi takes her outside.. they both reach a temple…
Kushi: jiji what happened?
Payal: kushi… what i did.. why its happening with me… whenever i see any scene i remember that incident and it will be difficult for others to handle me.. except you…i want to forget that incident.. but i couldn’t… why kushi..
Kushi: jiji.. you are such a brave girl that i have ever seen… if i were in ur situation.. i would give up.. but you are fighting with fate.. and you didn’t let amma and bua to know about this…. they are thinking that you forgot that incident… and you are leading a normal happy life… but i know how its difficult for you…
Payal: my difficulty is nothing before their care for me…
They hug each other and cries..

Both ishu and raman starts their nok jok.. continiously
Rahul interrupts…
Rahul: shhhhshhhhshhhhshhh.. my head is rotating… pls go there and continue your lovely fight… no no i will go from here
Rahul leaves… ishu and raman turns their faces in opposite direction…

Credit to: arshi

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  1. Why payal ko kya hua

    1. just she will get scared seeing murder scene… the reason you will get to know in the following episodes keep following

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    When r u going to reveal dat , arshi????
    Well no worries u r going at great pace….reveal as u have decided…doing grt….

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    n even payal has bad past pls reveal it..

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    1. oh.. wow.. thats so nice neha… and thnx guyz…

  6. Woww!! It’s really great!!! Too interestingg!!!

  7. after one or two episodes.. there will be ishra’s past…it will be cont somewat long… there will be fun… guyz wait and read my ff…. i hope u guyz will like flashback episodes also… keep supportinh me guyz

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  11. Thanx roma…

  12. Amina Shajahan

    Hey Arshi! Too good yaar!
    Your ff is really good… And it is movibg quite fast unlike other serials….
    Actually u know I dont like serials or written stories… I just started with ur ff for fun and have become ur big fan….
    Awesome! Fabulous !Beautiful !Marvellous !Interesting! superb!

  13. thank you amina….

  14. Arshi why today you didn’t update next episode till now..plzz make it fast yaar .. I am eagerly waiting

  15. i had already posted the epi… at around 9 o clock.. but still its not uploaded..will check it again kratika

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  18. thank you kushi.. but for the next few episodes there wont be any arshi scenes… sorry.. there will be past of ishitha arnav… but after that there will be full of arshi moments…. keep following kushi

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