Hi guyz,
Iam creating a new fan fiction for all arshi and ishra fans…
hope u all like this

characters as of now
Arnav Sing Raizada
Raman Balla
Mihir Arora
Ishitha sing raizada (arnav’s sister)
Kushi Kumari Gupta

as of now these are the characters of my story..

scsne 1:

A man blackmailing some businessman to leave the contract and the businessman didnt reply. The very next moment the man receives a call that the contract is not going to happen… he left shocked and saw the businessman.. he is the most dashing Arnav sing raizada . he says this will be my contract or there will be no contract..

puts his coolers and leaves in his black audi car

Arnav Sing Raizada , owner of ASR fashion house

scene 2:
A girl is going to give interview in RR company
The CEO of the company is conducting the interview
he asks: why you want this job
girl:my family is poor i have two sisters .. blah blah.. this opportunity is very important for me sir
CEO (turns around) here is Rman Balla CEO of RR company : u are fired
Girl: sir.. but when did u hire me
Raman: by seeing ur capabilities i hired u before 5 secs.. but if u would have told me tat u want this job as u are talented .. I …means I.. The Raman Balla would be impressed.. but there is no space for any centiments here.. u may go
girl leaves by tears
Raman leaves in his white audi car
scene 3: a Girl running round and round saying that she should reach there in time at any cost
at once she took her scooty and leave..

on the main road where the black audi is about to hit white audi (yeah its arnav and raman)
the girls scooty stuck between them.. and here the Girl is cute sweet and charming Kushi Kumari Gupta

both the car damaged heavily and kushi fell with her scooty.. arnav and raman came face to face.. once they seee each other .. they recalls some fight between them

and hold their fist

at once raman gave 50000 rs to kushi by saying keep this to repair both scooty and so called car

and when raman was about to leave arnav smiles and steps forward and calls Mr.Raman Balla and turns towards kushi and gave 5 lacks saying buy a new scooty.. and give this 50000 which raman the ceo gave .. as a tips to hotel barrer from ASR side…

while both look at each other with anger..
kushi steps forward and says.. hey devi maiiyan these people have gone mad… and she gave tat 50000 to Raman saying pls use this for checking your eyes .. so that u can drive on right path

and she came towards arnav and gave that amount to him saying… use this either to buy a new car
as break was not working where it has to
or to study how to drive as u didnt put break on speedbreaker

then she leaves leaving both look at her angrily

mihir comes to arnav and says we have to comple this contract .. as we have no other option.. try to understand.. one last time u have to do this..
ishitha holds arnav and says one last time u have to bear this .in raman office also the saame contract papers reach

Credit to: arshi

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  1. Thank u so much for making this story yaar…..both are my favourite serials…. plzzzz continue like this dr…… all the best dr

  2. $hÌfÅ(ShÅKíRà)

    super story my fav IPKND serial.tanks remeber the arshi.waiting for next updte.

  3. Wow…it’s too amazing…Please introduce ishita soon…and update next part soon…

  4. Awesome yar good to see arnav and khushi back

  5. thnq so much yaar

  6. Gud 1 arshi

  7. Interesting but pls keep a Jodi for mihir also and pls update next part fast

    1. Yeah nick.. I kept that also.. Follow my ff.. And keep commenting

  8. Wow.. really interesting…

  9. Superb ff …..yar very nice …….keep it up
    Both my fvrt couples Nd shows….!!!!!!

  10. thank you guyz.. next update will be on monday

  11. Omg I am too excited nice effort keep developing this story ishrarshi rockzz!!!!

  12. Amazing arshi, it’s really interesting episode, reminded real arshi…keep it up buddyyy. …plzzzz continue and post the next episode soon. ..love you loads and very tight hug

  13. thank you guyz.. i hope my fan fiction will give some different flavour than daily soaps

  14. Awesome arshi…. story and beginning was superb…..

  15. Wow arshi so nice

  16. New soch.. Actually… And awesome 1st part.. Continue with it.. Its realy nice..

  17. Hiii…arshi it’s really vry vry interesting.And it’s my fav story..kushi &arnav both r my favt serial actors & u r also my favt….plz continue dr…love u &thnx a lot dr….

    1. Thnx yaar priya…

  18. Amina Shajahan

    Wow! Sooooerb imagination!
    Carry on your gud work buddy!

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