Treat you better (Epi 4)

Ishani removes her mask and says Ranveer

Ranveer -: Ishani don’t talk now and stress ur self as now only u have been recovered from coma
Ishani -:but Ranveer is want to talk to and can u help to sit please

Where as Ranveer says but Ishani u have gone through an operation and it would be hard for u to sit

But Ranveer please make me sit

While he is trying to make her sit Ishani sees Ranveer with so much love and after making her sit comfortably he sees Ishani tht she is seeing him where as he didn’t break eye lock and sat …..

After few hours

The nurse comes to check Ishani as she enters the room and she says excuse madam their there eye lock breaks and then Ranveer says tht I will go out of the room where Ishani holds Ranveer’s hand and sees her and asks her through his eyes
Ranveer -: y r u holding me leave me …..
Ishani -: no please stay beside me

After few minutes

The nurse leaves the room where as they both where staying alone …
Ishani says Ranveer please don’t leave me and go any where ….
Where as Ranveer says sure sunny deol

Now it morning

Ranveer is sleeping beside her and Ishani is still sleeping. …..the sun falls to Ranveer’s face and he wakes up to see Ishani who is still sleeping ….

Ranveer goes to cafeteria to get something for them to eat mean while Ishani who was sleeping wakes up slowly sees Ranveer missing and she gets scared tht something has happened. ..
k. where Ranveer enters the room with coffee and breakfast “they never ate last night ” ….where Ishani tries to sit up where as Ranveer says Ishani wait let me come and help u……
O Ishani and checks her and says that she is completely fine now by tomorrow u can discharge her

Amba and everyone comes to the hospital and comes to meet Ishani where as the doctor leaves and they both come

Amba -:Ishani how r u ???how do u feel now ???
Ishani -:better kaki
Ranveer -:haha maama she is better now she will be discharged soon

During the noon

Amba -:Ranveer u go home and come in the night
Ranveer -:no maama it’s ok I will have to be here if anything is an 4 I can be able to manage as I know wht medicines to be given
Amba -: sure know beta
Ranveer -:yes maama

Isahani who feels so bored asks Ranveer to take her as she is feeling so bored staying here
Ranveer agrees and takes her out slowly by holding his hand

**hospital garden **

Ranveer and Ishani who was sitting together where as suddenly Ishani holds Ranveer’s hand and says please Ranveer don’t leave me and go as I would
Even give my life for u ……my last breath will be ….,where as Ranveer closes her mouth and says Ishani please don’t talk like this if ur not there is can’t even live ……..and where as they both share a cute eye lock for “20 mins ” and their eye lock breaks…..

PRECAP -: Doctor says tht Ishani can be discharged….Ishani to come back home …..

Sorry guys if I had made u all feel bored and please do comment……….. and guys I forgot to say u all tht Ishani has been shot in her stomach ……

Ba-bye guys until then tc love u all and all and please comment and motivated me ???❤❤❤

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    Yaaayyy….Ishaani will be discharged by tomorrow….. Sis pls make Ranveer call his mom s “maa” …Ranveer calling maama is a little weird….. Maa word suits him…..anyways it’s a remarkable episode…. The way they enjoyed themselves is the garden was awesome… Waiting for the nxt….b safe & sound

    1. Duva

      Thank u bhai ya I’ll surely correct them

  2. No, u didnt made us feel bore at all. It was a wonderful epi, loved ishveer romance alot, pls cont it we will always support u. Are u both are updating this ff, i mean duva nd harisha?..waiting for next Bye take care

    1. Duva

      Thank u dr no I m only updating now a days harisha has exams and she is busy so I don’t want to disturb her the last 2 days i m only writing the epi

  3. Very nice. But i want ishu to tell what happened in chirags home and abt her father’s murder doubt

    1. Duva

      Ok sure

  4. Very nice dear so sry for late comment

    1. Duva

      Thank u didi it’s ok

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