Treat you better (Epi 3)

Hii everyone. ….. I m sorry for not updating all those days I was busy exams ….. Now I don’t want to waste time I would like to start the story ..

The precap-: Ranveer who noticed notification in his phone which said he has a messages from Chirag was seeing it was. ….

The epi -:

Ranveer opens the message which Chirag sends him he sees

Ranveer I heard that Ishani is serious condition . I sure she will die .c.

Ranveer then sends home a message saying that

Mind ur words Chirag and I know my Ishani won’t die so stop talking like …

After 1 hour -:

Ranveer goes to ICU to see Ishani who is still in coma …Ranveer starts crying saying tht Ishani please don’t leave me and go please wake up and talk to me , I m going insane , I don’t feel like to do anything without u because ur my life Ishani and holds her hand ..

Where her hand shakes a little and he screams doctor doctor!!!

Doctor -: Wht happened Mr.RV
Ranveer -: Doctor I saw Ishani shaked her hand
Doctor -: Ranveer go out of the room ..

Ranveer goes out without of the room without a word

**** After few seconds ****

Doctor comes out of the room and Ranveer rushes to the doctor

Doctor -: Mr.RV she is coming out of coma it’s really good news
Ranveer -: he similes a little … and ask the doctor can go and see her
Doctor -: yes u can go and see her but don’t disturb as she can come to conscious any time
Ranveer -: sure doctor I will call u if anything is important

Ranveer goes inside the room and sits next to Ishani who is trying to open her eyes but murmuring she says Ranveer Ranveer !!!! Ranveer hears tht and says yes Ishani I m here

Ishani now opens her eyes slowly and sees around and see Ranveer who is sitting next to her and tries to sit up but

Ranveer -: don’t stress ur self Ishani it’s ok u stay like tht ……

Precap-: Ishani tries to sit up and tries to talk to Ranveer ….. the doctor comes to the room …. Ishani would be discharged soon …..

Please do comment and sorry if I have made mistakes the next epi will be soon posted …. Please forgive me also ?? ❤❤

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    That’s a refreshing continuation sis…..don’t b sorry pls….xms r also important…. Glad that u have updated it…..i thought u have stopped writing…… Anyways it’s a great news that Ishaani came out of coma & our Ranveer’s joy knew no bounds after hearing the great news……eagerly waiting for the next……be safe & stay healthy?????

    1. Duva

      Thank u so much bhai it’s such a good motivtion yes will post it soon I will be safe and healthy u also ???

  2. Very nice dear baby it was really good ?

    1. Duva

      Thank u didi do I look like a baby ❤❤❤

  3. Great epi duva… Loved the way ranveer cares for ishani nd its really great that ishani is out of comma now, waiting them to confess their luv for eachother and i m so happy that u updated it… Pls cont it dear, i m really missing ishveer ff’s here. Eagerly waiting for next, take care

    1. Duva

      Thank u dr and plzzz keep supporting they will confess their love soon

  4. Nice .waiting for next.

    1. Duva

      Thank u

  5. Niz epi Dr. Happy to resume this story. Keep writing and take care

    1. Duva

      Thank u Akka

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