Treat you better (Epi 2)


The epi starts with,

******2 hours later******

The doctor comes out of the OT…Ranveer rushes to her and asks,

Ranveer: Doctor how is Ishaani now?

Doctor: We have tried our best Mr.RV but then say she went to comma…

RV who was listening to her until now was shocked he asked,

Ranveer: Doctor shall I go and see her now please?

Doctor:Not now Mr.RV but then go after an hour…

Ranveer(who was having tears flowing through his cheeks):hmm. …

Where the doctor left from there…where now Amba started to feel for Ishaani…she started to think how she was acting rude with her…

******Shainela’s brother’s house******

Shainela’s brother was now thinking how he shot Ishaani and not Ranveer…he stated to think how his plan failed totally…

That was the moment chirag came there…he said Shainela’s brother to come and join him in drinking liquor…where he was offered a seat and them he started to explain everything that had happened…where Chirag was shocked but then happy to know that Ishaani was been shot…he knew that it was waste of him sending RV the pics where he was very happy…he then deleted the pics what was in his phone…he was very happy knowing Ranveer is gonna loose Ishaani and he would be a failure in his life,loose all his wealth and loose everything…he had an cunning smile on his face…

Precap: Ranveer who noticed notifications in his phone which said he has messages from Chirag was seeing what it was…

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  1. so nice & I really epriciete your writing scale…& pls continue this story..seriously now I can’t wait for your next update so as soon as possible u posted your next pls dear & once more superb story & carry on……

    1. Duva

      Thank u muskan and plz do commenting

  2. Very nice dear it was awesome and sorry nowadays I am not able to chat on what’s app as I am busy very much but I got time to read ur ff it is amazing just keep it up tc of yourself waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Duva

      Thank u didi …’s ok and ya u too Tc ur self

      1. Welcome my dear ?

  3. Maya-Shelly

    Superb epi duva. Eagerly waiting for next dr. Update soon. Take care

    1. Duva

      Thank u akka

  4. Nandana

    Nice episode di I really liked it and the part amba feels for ISHANI and ranveer asking doctor how is she and all …. . eagerly waiting for the next as I am eagerly waiting to know what gonna happen……

    1. Duva

      Thank u so much dr

  5. Very nice. Eagerly waiting for next one

    1. Duva

      Thank u

  6. Welcome back di ur ff is amazing ?

    1. Duva

      Thank u

  7. Di plz update it daily n I’m in love wd this ff and sequence

    1. Duva

      Thank u

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