Treat you better (Epi 1)


Hi guys!!!Duva here….how r u all??? anyways this is a ff combined by two people… and wish ull like it and i wouldnt bore ull….

And also ya this is a continuation of the epi 132…but then this will have a different parts wich will contain different parts of scenes…
And here u go…

The epi starts with,

Ishaani rushes home with tears in her eyes…Where at home Ranveer as saying Amba,

Ranveeer: Maa wait 5 mins.Ishaani would be here very soon.

Amba didnt like what she heard from Ranveer but the brought up a made up smile in her face and said,

Amba:haan beta.

Ishaani then reaches home with tears brimming upon her eyes, where she was wiping them and with a smile upon her she was thinking the how Ranveer was truthful and cared for her all times…she was thinking the way how she didnt believe him…then she climbed the stairs where she saw falguni who questioned her,

Falguni: Ishaani where were you???Do you know how Ranveer was searching u?

Ishaani:but maa…

Falguni:now stop wasting time and take this she said giving the pooja plate(sorry idk what it is called!!!)

Ishaani:haan maa she took the plate and started to go downstairs…

She then reaches the place where the karwa chauth was happening…where a smile came when she saw Ranveer and that was the moment Ranveer saw her and gave a smile to her…Soon after she reached him she saw Shaneila’s brother who aimed at him and pulled the trigger Ishaani defended Ranveer where she was being shot…Ranveer then screams ISHAANI!!! where everyone just then turned to see what was happening…

Ranveer who was shocked till now sat down and kept her head on his lap where Ishaani who was subconcious spoke very slowly saying,

Ishaani (who couldn’t breath properly till now):R..a..n..v..e..e..r don’t leave me saying this she slowly went under unconcious…

Ranveer who was listening to her:Ishaani see I wont leave u…please Ishaani wake up dont leave me alone and go saying this he started to cry…

Precap: Chirag who heard that Ishaani was in serious condition was very happy and he deleted the pics because he had nothing to do with it when she’s gonna die…Ishaani to go to coma…

I think this part will be seen but soon after it will be different…should I continue???Rotten eggs and Chappals are warmly welcomed…

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    Aww fantastic episode sissy…. Pls do continue it……marvelous update?????

    1. Duva

      Thank u bhai

  2. Omg it was awesome since long i am waiting for anyone to write a ff from where chirag want to leak photos but dear dont mind i think it would be nice if chirag would have leaked photos and ranveer would see that and start hating ishaani and after that he dont behave properly with her and one day he would throw a party where jhoomar (i think in english it is called chandellier)would going to fall over him and ishaani save ranveer then he would realise his mistake and then ishaani’s memory would lost…..oh i think i have posted a very long comment and i dont know whatever i had written u would like or not sorry if u dont like it but then also no problem btw sòooooooooooooo goooooood awesome epi loved it dear..waiting for next.ohhhhhh i think its enough

    1. Duva

      Thank u shagun…but the problem is this if I make the storyline like the way u told and if I make the jhoomar fall on Ishaani the problems are these,

      1:memory loss as u said
      2:death can be caused any moment
      3:her face will be destroyed
      4: =he may not like her seeing this
      5:he may not identify her so on…

      actually it combined writers so we both did this well planned…

      1. Yaa right no problem ur story is awesome just keep going u and harisha are making this ff am i right now do u you identify me we have met before or u can say we have chat….i am.priya but that was not my real name my real ne is shagun oh again i have written a lot

      2. Duva

        hey Shagun didi I can remember u very well… good to see u here…and ya its me and duva who makes it….i know we both have been a friend of yours….and y dont u use ur fb messenger???i sent u message but then no reply….and ya I can also remember us talking about the Shagun in yhm after your name too….once more happy to see u here…will be waiting for ur comment too….how r u???-Harisha_xx

  3. really very nic epi dear I wish that ye hi story matsh me hoti to ye show kuch or hi level PR hota

    1. Duva

      Thank u muskan dr

  4. Nandana

    Nice episode di happy to see ur ff and it was awesome too u rocked and the story too was very nice the part where ISHANI lying in ranveer laps and saying all that things was very nice…… and chirang deleting the photo’s is nice and can u say who is ur partner in this ff is it harisha ? Anyway…… the story seems to be interesting and did ur exams got over??? .Waiting…. For…the next….

    1. Duva

      Thank u so much baby ….ya exams r over …..and my help Harisha I guess and ya will post it soon u also post it

  5. Hey my dear bachcha it was fantastic I have no words to express my good feelings for this seriously I wanted someone to start a story on ishveer from this point of you and you completed my wish its my request to you that please don’t end this ff ok ?

    1. Harisha39

      Thank u Neelu didi….ya I wouldn’t end it…thanks to Harsha who said we will start from here…anyways love u…take care ..

    2. Duva

      Thank u Neelu didi…happy to know that u wanted someone to write from this point and we wrote it…Thanks to Harisha…she said we’ll start from here and so on,thank u once again…and will be waiting for ur comment to…don’t get embarrassed when u r busy but then try to comment when u r completely free…take care…love u…

      1. Duva

        Sry account problems?

  6. Maya-Shelly

    Hy duva
    Oh so niz ff. Ishani was shot defending ranveer. Eager to read gow you gonna take this story ahead. And I really missed this forum. Very inactive. But now. Hope every writers come back and continue writing. Update next soon dr. Take care

    1. Duva

      Thank u Maya akka…ya this forum was inactive for 2 days and it is now too…ya I hope that too and u also update ur next epi…ya I will try posting the next by night…

  7. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Thanks alot for this ff and the story is really great. Pls continue its awesome and i m very happy reading ur ff as I also wanted this to happen in matsh and that chirkut chirag deleted the pics oh thats really great! now i cant wait to read the next and its my request plzzz dont seperate ishveer, pls make them realise how much they luv eachother and make chirag all plans fail badly tabi toh hume maza aayega.

    1. Duva

      Thank u…ya will continue…and ya I also wanted that to happen but it no longer happened…no surely I wouldn’t do that…I wish so…i’m not sure…ya i will try to do it and ya ofcourse I wanted chirag to fail all his plans and Ishveer to live happily ever after but then that wouldn’t happen in matsh…hmmm

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