A Treasure Trove of Short Stories (segment 2)

Holla everyone!!! Here is Savanshi reporting again… A new segment… a new story at ur service… Although I didn’t get a response on the first segment yet I m here back with the next part… Hope u all have a good time reading it…. and guys plz let me know if tis is ohk or not….
So here it is….

I wake up to find my jaan sleeping peacefully with a tempting smile on her face cuddling onto me. Oh! God… I don’t know why but her smile alwaz makes me spellbound. I slowly freed my self from her,pecked her lips and went to get ready. I came out of washroom only to see my love still sleeping hugging the pillow tightly mistaking it to b me.

I glanced at my watch and decided to wake her up as it was getting late. I slowly made my way to her and whispered in her ear,”Wake up Jaan”. She frowned a lil,turned and again slept hugging the pillow tightly. Now it was the time to wake her up using my technique. I lay down beside her,slid my hand around her milky waist and bridged the gap between us throwing away the pillow. She smiled a lil as I tickeled her waist. Then I leaned towards her and kissed her eyes wishing her Good morning. She shot open her one eye made an irritating face and again cuddled onto me. She drives me crazy by her antics. We again took a nap embracing each other tightly leaving no space for air to pass.

When I woke up again I saw her getting ready. I said,”This isn’t fair swthrt, making me asleep and urself getting ready”. She giggled hearing it then came near me and pecked my lips. She said I looked cute wid such pouted face. She alwz irritates me by giving some girlish name that have no head or tail. Although I alwaz show fake anger on her for calling me with such names but then also I won’t deny mentioning it that I like them from her sweet voice. I was completely lost in her. She waved her hand bringing me back from my imagination. I tightened my grip around her waist quickly as I knew that she would immediately run away and yes I was successful. I pulled her and she landed in my lap. I said,”Get ready for the punishment dear”. She gave a well- known shocked look and I smashed my lips onto her rosy lips. Her lips… what to say about them; these rosy petals alwaz tempt me, if anyone would ask me about the best taste I have ever experienced then it won’t take a min to me to answer. Off course the answer would be Her Lips. God! How could something taste so magical?

We parted after showing our passionate love for one another. She ran away shyly and I proceeded to freshen up. I came down to have my breakfast. I was in a hurry as I was getting late for my meeting or I should say was faking as getting late so as to get a chance to eat my breakfast by her hand. And yes she made me have my breakfast and I continued my drama of being busy in a file but at possible tyms I didn’t waste even a single chance to notice her. I was done with my breakfast and I took my lappy and went outside.

I was waiting near my car… Now many will think for what. Obviously I was waiting for my swthrt as she didn’t give me my goodbye kiss; and there she came running. She kissed me and hugged me tightly while i kissed her forehead. We wished each other Good bye and proceeded to our works eagerly waiting for the night when we will meet each other again.

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