A Treasure Trove of Short Stories (segment 1)

Hey guys this is Savanshi back to disturb u all by my writings… this is a collection of my short stories that I’ll update in form of segments… Hope u all have a nice time reading it….
And guys my two short stories have already been updated as
A glimpse of him os
Wait os
Have a read of it also….
So for now enough…. Here presenting my third creation….
A Break from Work

“Jaan”, I called him.
He came out of his study and gave me a confused look. I sighed. He is such a gajini… he was so involved in his work that he forgot thAt I’m  waiting for him for the dinner. Looking at my frowned face,he understood the situation and fastened his pace. He came to me and gave a peck on my forehead maintaining an apologetic look in his hazel eyes. This was his way of apologizing. Our way of expressing love was unique… we don’t need those cheesy lines to put forward our feelings. Our eyes are the display board of our emotions. We can perfectly figure out the underlying chemical reactions proceeding in our body.

We sat together feeding each other and enjoying the bliss of the moment. After finishing and wrapping up the dinner chore I came out only to find my jaan busy in his so called lappy. Urgh!! I just hate his lappy. Sometimes I feel he should have married that lappy instead of me as his most of the tym is spent with it. I confess that I’m jealous of his lappy sumtyms… quite  idiotic to mention such thoughts but yes I’m jealous of each and every things with which he spends more time than me.

I was on my voyage of discovering the things that I’m jealous when he muttered,”Jaan”…. bringing me back to reality.
“Ya jaan”. I sounded a lil low.
He immediately left his lappy and made me comfortable in his embrace. God! he again understood my thoughts before being spoken. I wonder how he does it. When asked about this he alwaz replies,”The same way as u do it swthrt”. Yes we understand each other quite well.

He released the hug,cupped my face and asked me whether I’m fine. I sighed and let out a breath. He narrowed his eyes and raised his eyebrow asking,”Are u sure”?
I nodded my head vigoursly.
He asked me to get ready.
“Yippee!! I love you”,I said and kissed his cheeks tightly. He smiled and asked me to be fast.

So finally we are going. Are you wondering ,”Where”? Then let me tell u that we are going on a long drive and to have our dessert,i.e.,Ice-cream….
Oh wow!!! I’m so happy. As usual I sang songs all through the way as he loves listening them from my voice and finally we are here!! I immediately opened the door of our car and ran towards the beach. He knew how much I loved beaches. We sat there on the silvery lit up sand which seemed to give magical effect due to the combined work of night glowing with full moon.

It alwz gives a sensation of completeness when he is beside me engulfing me in a teddy hug. Oh God!! I feel like I’m on cloud nine. We sat there enjoying each other’s presence and then my devil mind was struck by an idea. I smirked a lil and went towards the sea… He followed me as per my plan and Splash!! I started playing with water. Now he took the initiative and splashed water on me but we didn’t played much as he being My Jaan was alwz worried about my health. After 2 hour of enjoyment we headed back home. On the way we had our left over dessert. We enjoyed ice-cream analysing the couples there and reviving our days. It’s a heavenly feeling to realize that the one whom u love the most is beside u in ur each up and down. His presence makes me admit that I’m blessed with lil extra grace. We then reached our home sweet home. I slightly pecked his lips as we proceeded towards our room.

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