The Treasure Hunt (Swasan Horror Os)

Swasan Horror OS

The Treasure Box.

It is a full moon night! Swara and Sanskaar are driving to home from party. Swara peeps through window.. It is a Empty Highway.. There are dim Street Lights on the road and no vehicle at all.. The road was lonely and quite..

Swara : (murmurs) pls drive home fast…I’m scared..

(Sanskaar hears her n smiles..)

Swara :- Sanskaar.. !?
Sanskaar :- ha bolo na..!? (ya tell na..)
Swara :- tumhe bhootose darr lagata hain !? (Do you scared of ghosts)
Sanskaar :- kyun !? (why.?) U r scared or wat !? Don’t worry I’m here !
Swara :- (fumble) Achha… Who told u that I’m scared..!? I am not at all Scared..!!! (looks out of window)

(Sanskar notices Swara looking out of the window and smirks with an evil Idea.. he shouts loudly.. she gets afraid and she also starts shouting loudly.. Sanskaar stops and looks at her.. she also stops)

Swara :- (with broken voice) what happened..??
Sandkaar :- bhoo.. bhoott… (G..h..o..s..t)
Swara :- (her heart beats stops for a while and with chocked voice) W..h..e..r..e.. where is gho.. ghost..
Sanskaar :- are I saw in a Horror movie a boy was screaming like this.. so.. I was just tried.. (frowned and innocently) but why u shouted.. what happened.. (Laughing from inside)
Swara :- I thought..
Sanskar :- what you thought..
(he smiles and She notices his smile and understands his plan)
Swara :- (almost on the edge of crying) Sanskaar.. (Hits his shoulder) you are joking na..
Sanskaar :- Ofcourse.. by the way someone was saying k she is not at all scared so I just thought to check it once..
Swara :- Haha.. very funny.. as if u r not scared of ghosts..
Sanskaar :- No Swara.. I don’t scare because they do not exists.. this is all just a fake theory created by a human mind to scare the fools like you..
swara :- Ok then what if someday really a Ghost comes infront of you..

Sanskaar :- then I will shake hands with the ghost and I will ask that ghost to join me for a dinner.. what’s say.. (Smiles and winks)

Swara :- Plzz Sanskar.. dont take this all very lightly.. I think one day u will definitely face all this.. and I pray to God that plz make you believe that like Humans, like Animals, Ghost, spirit.. this all exists in this world..

(car Stops)

Swara :- what Happened Sanskar..??
Sanskaar :- I think God is gonna fulfill your wish to meet ghost today only..
Swara :- Means (widen her eyes)
Sanskaar :- Relax.. there is some problem with the car.. let me check..

(He gets down the car and starts checking the engine and all.. she started feeling uneasy and she also gets down)

Swara :- What Happened Sanskaar..??
Sanskaar :- I don’t know yaar.. m not getting the problem.. I think we need a mechanic..
Swara :- Mechanic and here.. I don’t think we will find a small ant also here..

(suddenly they hear crying of dog…)

Sanskaar :- See.. we are not alone here..
Swara :- Its not a time for joke sanskaar.. its 10.30 and we are all alone on this highway.. not a single vehicle.. and your idiot car (Kicks on car tire and crossed her arms across her chest) I am really getting scared now.. I wanna go home right now..
Sanskaar :- ok let’s walk..
Swara :- are you serious.. we are still very far from our house.. we can’t cover the distance by walking..
Sanskaar :- I know.. I was telling k let’s walk And find the shelter for a night.. we will get some help in the morning..
Swara :- really.. so on this highway where we will get house for shelter..
Sanskaar :- just have patience sweety and look there..

(He points towards a very thin single path which is connected to Highway..)

Sanskaar :- see there is path.. lets follow.. I am sure we will get some house or hotel or some shelter for the night..
Swara :- are u sure.. we don’t know where that path ends.. (still scared)
Sanskaar :- Don’t worry.. nothing Will happen to you.. I am with you na..
(leans down and whisper in her ear) and that ghost who is Standing behind you will also not do anything ..

(Swara skipped her heart beat hearing that and turned immediately but founds no one..Sanskaar starts laughing loudly holding his stomach)

Swara :- (Shouts) SANSKAAR.. you will understand one day when really a ghost will enter your life..
Sanskaar :- we will see.. now come lets follow this path.. you never know you will meet your ghost today only.. come..

Swara gives hìm the disgusting look and they start walking on that narrow path.. the path was full of mud and dark.. but The moon shining bright white, in the cloudless sky.. it was the only
source of light that could be seen to walk on the Path..

—– After an hour —–

its 11.45.. swara and sanskaar are still walking on that path and finding a shelter..

Swara :- Sanskaar, now I cant walk yaar.. I am tired now..
Sanskaar :- I know princess.. and I am really sorry.. I really thought that we will get some shelter here.. I think I was wrong.. wait.. look at there.. there is a bungalow I think..
Swara :- Haa Sanskaar.. its a bungalow.. lets go there..

>>After a walk of 5 mins.. they reached near the gate of the bungalow..

>> Suddenly the weather getting Changed.. The
air is now cold that it was making swara and sanskaar numb with every breath..

Sanskaar sees a nameplate on the wall which is connected to the gate.. he steps forward.. the nameplate was covered with a dust.. he takes out the handkerchief and wipes the dust from the name plate.. he sees the name and says,” Oh God.. not again plz..”

Swara :- What happened..??
Sanskaar :- (smiles) see the nameplate..

he moves a little swara comes a step forward and gets shocked by seeing the name plate ..

Swara :- (in broken voice) B..h..oo… bhoo.. bhoot (Ghost Bungalow)
Sanskaar :- Relax jaan.. its just..
Swara :- no sanksaar.. lets go.. I know you dont believe but I know ghosts exsits on earth.. I told you before also..
Sanskaar :- whats wrong with you.. how can you believe all this.. how many times should I tell you that they dont exists..
Swara :- we will fight later.. now lets go back.. (she turns to go)
Sanskaar :- fine you dont believe me na.. lets go in and meet your ghost.. come.. lets go.. if you dont want to come then fine.. stay here.. I will go.. and I will prove you that they dont exists..

Saying this he holds the iron bars of the gate to open the gate.. those Iron bars were as cold as ice.. it seize Sanskaar’s Hand completely.. he was shocked for a while but then composes himself and pushed the heavy gate to open it..


A huge sound comes from the hinges of the door.. and suddenly he feels that the fog rolled over above their head.. he feels all this odd but he was determined.. as he was about to enter Swara stopped him..

Swara :- stop sanskaar..
Sanskaar :- (turns to her) now what..??
Swara :- I am coming with you..

Swara comes to him and holds his hands tightely.. He smiles.. Swara and Sanskaar enters.. there were lots of dead leaf on the path.. and with every step of swara and sanskaar they were crunching and making noice..

just then they hear the music of mouth organ and turns to their left hand side.. they see a bonfire and an old man sitting besides that bonfire and playing the mouth organ.. sanskaar and swara goes to him and stand near him.. that old man was in a village attire.. his age seems around 85-90 yrs.. he has wrinkled skin.. he was playing a melodious music on mouth organ with his eyes closed..

Sanskaar :- Excuse me..
Old Man :- (hearing that he stops playing the music and opens his eyes) who are you.. how you came here..
Sasnskaar :- I.. I am Sanskaar Maheshwari and she is my wife Swara.. we just need a small help.. if you can help us.. it will be a great favour..
Old Man :- what help..
Sanskaar :- actually our can got break down on the highway.. we just came here in the search of a shelter for one night.. can u help us plzz.. is that your Bungalow.. can we stay their for one night..
Old Man :- (notices him from tom to toe and in calm voice) you shouldnt be here young boy.. just go back as fast as you can.. dont come again.. this is not a safe place..
Swara :- is this a bhoot bangla.. (sanskaar glared at her)
Old Man :- yes this is a haunted house.. now go..
Sanskaar :- but I wanna go in and check..
Old Man :- check what.. is it a haunted or not..
Sanskaar :- (pause) yaah..
old Man :- so u dont believe in ghosts..
Swara :- no..(he said firmly) I dont.. but my wife.. she does.. so I just wanna prove her that they dont exists..
Old Man :- young ppl with young blood.. you will never believe unless you will have encounter with them.. but trust me they do exists.. dont go in.. if you wanna stay for night.. sit here.. but dont go in.. your wife is saying correct.. trust her..
Sanskaar :- Thanks.. lets go swara.. lets go in.. (they turns to go)
Old Man :- people who go inside this house never come back.. ghosts kills them.. you will get killed with your wife and will never able to return back..
Swara :- sanskaar .. (grips his arms tightly from both hands)
Sanskaar :- (he turns back to him) thanks for your advice.. but I dont need it..
Old Man :- would you like to listen a story.. after that you decide do you wanna go in or no..
swara :- sanskaar.. at least lets listen to him.. what he want to say..
Sanskaar :- (let out a huge sigh) ok..

saying this he and swara sits near rock..

Old Man :- 200 years back this bungalow was used to be a palace. a royal palace.. A king used to live here.. he had a huge kindom.. he was famous for his kind nature.. he always helped all the people in his kingdom.. his name was Laksh singh.. he, his queen Ragini and his 10 years son Aadarsh used to live like a happy family.. My grand father was there in his army at a very high post.. Queen Ragini was a very kind hearted women.. she alwasys used to help others.. and their son Aadarsh was same like his mom Ragini.. though he was a prince.. he always wanted to live a simple life..
King Laksh had a very precious Treasure Box.. it was with them from many generations.. King laksh always protected it from bad eyes.. very few people were allowed to see it.. all the kings from different different kingdoms had an evil eye on that treasure box.. they always wanted to snatch that from him at any cost.. but King Laksh fought with them and always saved it.. one bad day all the kings met and decided they all together will fight with laksh to get that box and they will divide the treasure within themselves.. but King laksh was so strong that he fought with all the kings together and killed some kings also and succeeded in saving box..
the remaining kings decided to make him weak and then attack him.. they knew King Laksh’s only weakness was his wife Queen Ragini and their Son Aadarsh..
after some days .. one bad day they attacked Queen Ragini and Prince Aadarsh when King Laksh was not in his palace.. Since Queen Ragini was also a fighter she fought with them very bravely.. but that was not a good day for her.. while saving his son she got killed by them.. and after killing her they killed Prince aadarsh also.. when King Laksh returned he saw their dead bodies and broke down completely..
without wasting time all the kings again attacked on him the same night.. King Laksh in spite of deep grief fought till his last breath and got killed.. that was a full moon night in the sky but black night for the people of this kindom.. after killing king Laksh.. they all started finding the Treasurer box..
all the ppl in kingdom out of their grief of death of their king and his family entered in this palace to fight with the kings and to save the treasure box.. but before they could do anything slowly one by one all the kings were getting killed.. no one understood what was happening.. after killing all the kings all the ppl of kingdom saw 3 shadows in front of them.. A man, a women and a small boy..
they all understood their king Laksh and queen Ragini and prince Aadarsh came back to take care of the treasure box..
and today also they are here and take care of that box.. whoever goes inside they all kill them.. and they never return back..

Old Man looks at swara and sanskaar.. swara is emotional hearing the story and is crying but sanskaar smiling and smirking..

Old Man :- so young man.. you dont believe in my story.. right..??
Sanskaar :- wow.. amezing story.. are you done with your story or something left.. I wonder why dont you send this story in bollywood.. they will create a great hit film out of it..
Swara :- Sanskaar what are you saying..??
Old Man :- its ok young lady.. I didnt feel bad of his words..
Sanskaar ;- look I am sorry.. I believe in this story but except last 2 lines.. that now Laksh, Ragini and Aadarsh are ghosts and take care of that Treasurer box.. this is impossible..
Old Man :- we should never challenge the universe..
Sanskaar :- I am not challenging anyone .. i am just saying this all are myth..
Old Man :- from last 20-25 years I sit here every night.. and trust me I have a feeling that they exists..
sanskaar :- great.. I also didnt saw any ghost in my life.. let me go in and see them.. come shona we will go in and lets have a meeting with the ghosts..

sanskaar looks at her she was sitting there in a shock mode..

Sanskaar :- oh of course.. you also dont believe me na.. dont tell me that you believe in this story also.. I mean i also believe but not on last 2 lines.. their might be treasure inside.. but ghosts protecting them and killing innocent ppl.. i dont believe that..
Swara :- but i believe sanskaar.. and why would he lie..
Sanskaar :- I dnt know that.. I just knw that i am going inside the house.. ok fine.. you stay here.. listen more stories from this uncle and I will go and I will be back soon.. ok..??
Swara :- but he told ke whoever gone in never returned back..
Old Man :- young man.. I know u wont believe me but 2 days back a young boy entered the house.. and he didnt came out from 2 days.. I remember I warned him many times but he gone and I am sure now that he is dead now.. he was very innocent like you.. i wished he would have stopped that time.. he would have been alive.. I dont know anything about him but I remember he wore a yellow T-Shirt..
sanskaar :- thanks for informing.. I will meet him also..
Swara :- Enough Sanskaar.. enough is enough..
Sanskaar :- thats what I am saying.. enough of discussion.. I will go.. u stay here if u dont wanna come.. (to old man) and thanks to you.. for scaring my wife so much.. your job is done.. but you cant scare me..
Old man :- ok.. if you wanna go.. i will not stop you.. but just 2 things keep in mind..
you will meet a skeleton with a hood.. he is King Laksh..
Sanskaar ;- what.. with a hood.. but he was a king before 200 yrs na.. so he must be in his royal king cloths right.. hood is the latest fashion..
Old Man :- that I dont know..
Sanskaar :- Its ok.. I will ask him this also.. (smirks)
Swara :- and 2nd thing..
Old man :- There is only one way to come back from that haunted house.. alive and safely..
Swara :- (gets some relief) and what is that..?? (sanky looks at her and widen eyes)
Old Man :- before they kill you you have to find the treasure box.. if you will be able to reach that box then they will not kill you and let you go with that treasure..
Sanskaar :- but I am not going there to find any treasure.. I have my own business, my own property and i m happy with that.. I am not a greedy man..
Old Man ;- but still u have to find that box if you dont want to die..
Sanskaar :- ufff.. ok I will search.. now are you done.. its already 12.30.. and I am excited to go in..
Old Man :- I wanted to inform you.. now its your wish..
Sanskaar :- exactly.. its my wish.. and I am going in.. (a pause) umm.. if you dont mind can i borrow your torch.. i will return you back after meeting ur so called ghosts..
Old Man :- sure young man.. take it.. I know you will not able to return it.. because you yourself will never return back.. so goodbye.. I will never able to see you again.. take care..
Swara :- sanskaar..
Sanskaar :- relax swara.. he is just trying hard to afraid us.. thats it.. but u stay here.. I will be back soon.. ok..
Swara :- dont go.. I dont wanna loose you..
Sanskaar :- I will go and come back in some time.. trust me.. I just wanna prove that there is nothing like ghosts exsists in the world.. dont stop me..

sanskaar kisses her forehead and goes and swara looks at him going with tears..

sanskaar now was going to the Haunted House..
he is walking through the lawn of dead grass which grew till his knees.. the path seems like already buried under the dead grass..

sanskaar stands infront of the doorway.. the door was so tall and seems to be made with metals thats why it was looking so heavy.. the structure was in victorian manor. there was a tree standing by the house.. but it was looking like someone has killed the tree.. it was standing with the dead leaf and dead branches.. looking like any time it will fall.. the walls of palace made by granite stones.. Climber Plants grew up the house winding the walls.. windows totally damaged and the glass of windows were broken and fallen on the ground..

Sanskaar was standing there observing everything.. It was very quite and there was not at all any noice.. The only thing he could now hear was his own breath.. he wets his own dried lips with his tongue and takes a deep breath.. preparing himself to go in..

just then he feels the tap on his shoulder.. he turned back quickly and finds swara standing there.. he gets surprised..

Sanskaar :- you..??
Swara :- how can I leave you alone stupid.. I will come with you..
Sanskaar :- what if we will encounter with the ghost inside..
swara :- its okay.. we will fight together.. i dont know whether we will return alive or dead but if i’ll stay here outside i will definitely die thinking about you.. so its better i’ll stay with you.. whatever will be the situation we will face together..

he smiles.. and sees at the bonfire and gets shocked..

Sanskaar :- where is he.. that old man..
Swara :- (turns) what.. he is not there.. but how is this possible.. he was there just now and.. where he disappeared..

sanskaar also gets tensed and panicks but keep himself calm.. he turns to the door and twisted the handle..


again the door cracked on its hinges and made noice but this time it was little scary.. sanskaar step in followed by swara.. On crossing the threshold the door gets closed again.. the palace was immersed in darkness. they couldent even watch anything.. Sanskaar in the light beam of torch found something like switch board.. he flip the switch up and down for some time and luckily some lights gets on.. but they were flickering continuously..

they both observed the grand hall of the palace.. there was a very big royal style chandelier in the middle of the hall with broken strings of crystals.. The walls were cracked and on that walls there were many old portraits & paintings hanging with in a broken state and with the dust on it.. it has old wooden stairway running in two directions. upwards to the second floor.. and both the stairs met with a structure of balcony..

there were white sheets on the furniture which turned into brown because of dust.. the cob webs were hanging everywhere..the whole entire palace is looking dull and colourless.
while swara and sanskaar were observing all this.. suddenly some windows creek and make noises due to sudden wind hits them very much.. they both look at that windows.. it seems like the windows are giving the news of someone’s arrival.. suddenly the lights again got flickered and gets off..

Swara screamed loudly to her heart out seeing something.. sanskaar gets scared by her screame and he look at that direction.. A small ray (beam) of white light was falling from the ceiling and under that ray swara and sanskaar saw a skeleton with a hood.. Sanskaar also gets scared very badly and remembers old man saying him abt skeleton with hood is King Laksh..

He stammers but says .. L..A..K..S..H

As soon as he says this 2 red lights from the skeleton directly flashed on their eyes.. it was so sharp that they had to close their eyes.. they open the eyes and there was no skeleton with a hood.. lights again flickering and getting on and off..

Swara hugged Sanskaar tightly.. and cries..

Swara :- I told u na sanskaar.. ghosts do exsits.. that was King Laksh.. he will kill us..
Sanskaar :- Swara.. I am not able to believe what I saw.. (stops and after thinking something) No… no.. we should leave now.. lets go back.. lets go back..

they go to the door and finds that door is locked.. they tries very hard but door doesnt move..

Sanskaar :- (now really scared) we are locked..
swara :- what..??
Sanskaar :- but how is this possible.. first that old man disappeared suddenly and now we are locked.. and that skeleton with hood..
Swara :- we are gonna die sanskaar..
Sanskaar :- relax.. we will find a way.. come lets move.. lets see if there is some other exit door..

he was now walking through the hallway.. there were the gas lamps on the sides of the walls.. he sees the walls were scratched and scribbled-on.. he kept on walking and reached in front of another big door and pushed it open. It creaked loudly..he suddenly realises swara is not with him.. he turns back and flashes light and realizes that swara was not there means she was not walking behind him..

his heart dropped realizing that he and swara are got separated in that haunted palace.. before he could react anything he feels a force on his arms.. like someone is pulling him inside the door.. he got pulled.. he falls on the floor.. he looks up and founds no one.. he gets up and goes to the door.. but till then the door was locked.. he banged door.. he tries to open door with all the force.. he kicked the door but it was late and was of no use.. door didnt even moved slightly..

he hears some footsteps and turns back.. he sees someone but the person darted away immidiately.. he thought to himself, “That must have been my imagination.” but he was now shivering and freezing..and also sweating.. he realized that he made some big mistake by coming in that palace.. there were no lights.. just the torch light and also the bright light of the moon was shining there through the windows.. he could manage to see the room properly..

It was a very big and creepy place.. it was so big that it was looking like there must be a great hall 200 yrs. back.. but That room was such a mess, as if someone had torn it apart in rage.. All the things were looking like thrown over on the floor.. windows are full of dust with ripped curtains.. he slowly made his way in all the mess and was finding something which will help him to get out of that place.. he finds the rod.. he tried breaking the door with that rod with the first attck only the door was so strong that rod gets bend in U shape..

he touched his back to that door and slides down and sits.. he was very worried for swara and in anger he throws the rod and was crying.. and thinks..

Sanskaar :- where are you Swara.. I shouldnt let you come with me to this palace alone.. I did a very big mistake swara.. how can i play with your life to prove that ghosts doesnt exists.. they.. they.. (closes his eyes) they exists.. (first time he agreed that ghosts exists) plzz.. swara plz.. forgive me.. I am sorry.. where are you.. I want to see you.. (cries a lot) where are you..

On the Other side..
Swara was walking slowely through a corridor gripping her dress tightly by her both hands..

Swara :- where am I..?? where are you sanskaar..?? i was following you but suddenly you disappeared from my sight.. may be you was taking big big steps.. I shouted your name but you didnt listen.. may be you didnt heard me.. (pause) no.. I have to search sanskaar.. I am not able to see anything in this darkness.. how will I find him..

while walking and talking she hits a table.. at that time light starts flickering.. she gets afraid but in that flickering light she sees a candle on table and a matchbox.. she lihts up the candle.. now she has a dim light of candle.. she again starts walking and again her thought process goes on..

Swara :- how is this possible.. 200 yrs back there was no such concept of candles and matchbox.. maybe someone who visited early brought this and left here bcoz they couldent get out of here.. now i and sanskaar also going to die but before dying i wanna see him once.. i wanna hug him for the last time.. (teary eyes)

while thinking and walking she reaches a place.. she looks around.. she understood from all the cups and plates left out, that it was a kitchen.. all the utensils were halfely broken and it was smelling vey badly.. she could see the moonlight shining through the windows.. she goes near the window and looks at the moon and remembers sanskaar..

she suddenly felt some moments and turned back.. she sees a chair of the dining table moved back and again moved ahead in such a manner that someone is sitting there..

“Hello, who’s there”, she shrieked with fear but dared to ask that question..


she again turned to window to see the moon.. But suddenly the lights flicked open again and she turned to dining table again..
she sees something which almost snatches the floor under her feet..

there was a small boy nearly 9-10 years old.. he was sitting on the same chair which moved a minute back.. he has a plate infront of her and he is eating something and staring at smara continuously..
She bit her lip..

swara again turn to moon and said :- no.. plz no.. i know I am going to die.. but I cant die without seeing sanskaar for the last time..plz.. for the last time let me meet sanksaar..

she again dared to turn the dining table but she does not see any boy nor his plate on table.. she was full sweating and slowely goes to dining table.. she hears some noice and turns to the window.. there she sees the boy sitting on the kitchen platform looking at her..
she was full sweating and gathers all the courage and runs from kitchen without thinking anything.. she comes to the main hall and stops holding a piller as she was out of her breath..she was fully
choking up from inside.

she looks back and sees no one.. she decides to find Sanskaar soon and starts walking and comes in hall under the chandelier.. when she comes under the chandelier.. its light starts flickering.. she stops and looks up to the chandelier.. she hears footsteps and turns slowly back and sees the same small boy.. now he is so near to swara.. hardly standing a feet away..

swara could now clearly notice the boy.. he was looking like the most ugliest boy in the world.. and he was continuously staring at swara.. he was short and thin,. he had a white skin.. and very dark black eyes.. it was looking like there was a empty place instead of eyeballs.. he have a large scar running down his cheek.. reaches to his lips..

swara was feeling dizzy after seeing him..her face frozed and eyelids were dropping she felt blurred in her vision. her legs were shivering and got weaker.. she falls unconscious on the floor below that chandelier.. after seeing her unconscious on floor that boy just raised his dark eye balls and looks at chandelier.. as soon as he looked there chandelier flickered again and went off.. swara still laying below that..

here in the great hall..

sanskaar gets up thinking , ” No I have to find her at any cost” and again starts searching something.. he finds an envelope with a cloth in that envelope.. when he opened the cloth.. he got shocked.. that cloth had the map of treasure box printed on it.. he hears the noice of laughing and turns while sweating..

he sees a lady in a thin white saree standing infront of him.. her face was covered with her hairs and she has the candle in her hand.. A shiver ran through sanskaar’s body like an electric current.. she was stepping ahead and sanskaar was going back.. his knees were now too weak.. his legs are shivering.. he couldnt even stand but somehow managed to walk..

Sanskaar :- (stamering) I didnt came here for treasure.. trust me..
Lady :- (while laughing) you shouldent come here for any reason.. for treasure or some other reason I dont care but now I have to kill you.. tell me your last wish..
Sanskaar :- (he had dry mouth from fear and stammers) yo.. you.. can.. me.. if wa..want.. but I just wa..nt want to see my wife fo.. for the last.. time..

hearing this she stops at her place and stops laughing also.. sanskaar gets more scared and thinks did he tell anything wrong and recall his sentence again..

she points his index finger at the door and starts moving her finger in round clockwise direction.. sanskaar gets confused and looks at the door..


the same big noice of hinges and door gets open.. he gets shocked seeing she opened the door by her index finger.. he turns back to her again but till then she disappeared.. without thinking anything he runs and gets out of the door..

after coming out.. He thinks.. I should find swara now.. as soon as he reaches to hall again the chandelier lights starts flickering and gets on.. he sees swara laying below it.. he runs and takes her to his embrace.. he hugged her tightly and cried loudely.. he takes her finger near her nose to check.. she was breathing.. she was alive but just unconscious.. he gets relived and happy and starts tapping her cheeks to wake her up..

she gets conscious.. she looks at sanskaar and sanskaar looks at her.. they were crying and hugged tightly..

Sanskaar :- I am sorry swara.. plz forgive me..
Swara :- why sanskaar..
Sanskaar :- because of me you are here.. in this danger..
Swara :- no sanskaar.. you did nothing..
Sanskaar :- swara.. i played with your life..
Swara :- no sanskaar.. look at me (cups her face) you didnt do anything ok.. OKAY..??
Sanskaar :- (silent and crying) I thouht I will never see you again..
Swara :- (she remembers boy) i am alive..??
Sanskaar :- yaa.. why.. and how you came here..
Swara :- that boy didnt killed me..
Sanskaar :- which boy..
Swara :- a small boy.. hardly 8-10 yrs.. he was almost a feet away from me..
Sanskaar :- (remembers the lady) and she was also very near to me..
Swara :- who..
Sanskaar :- that lady in white saree.. she was .. she was.. Ghost.. she didnt killed me.. infact she opened the door for me..
Swara :- one second.. did you remember the story of that old man.. he said king laksh had son of 10 yrs.. means the boy whom I met was the son of King laksh..
Sanskaar :- Prince Aadarsh.. and the lady I met was..
Swara :- she was Queen Ragini.. you met Queen Ragini..
Sanskaar :- yeah.. you are right.. wait swara I have to show you something..
Swara :- what..??
Sanskaar :- (he removed the cloth from his pocket and showed the treasurer box map to swara.. )
Swara :- where did u get this map..??
Sanskaar :- thats not imp.. I have so many questions right now..
Swara :- what questions..
Sanskaar :- why Queen Ragini.. let me go.. why didnt she kill me.. why she helped me.. she knew I have this map then why..and that boy.. why he didnt harmed you..
Swara :- haa sanksaar.. I was so close but he didnt killed me.. wait.. did u say her anything..
Sanskaar :- she asked me about last wish and I said i wanna meet u once and then she opened the door..
Swara :- I also said in the kitchen looking at the moon that I wanna see u before dying.. that means they left us to meet each other..
Sanskaar :- yaa..
Swara :- u remember that old man told us that.. Queen Ragini and Prince Aadarsh were kind at heart.. may be they are good souls..
Sanskaar :- but what about King Laksh.. he will not leave us.. I am sorry swara.. because of me your life is going to end soon..

he holds her shoulder and feels something wet on her shoulder.. he flashes torch light on his palm and sees blood.. he panics..

Sanskaar :- swara.. blood.. are u hurt.. what happened..??
swara :- no sanskaar I am completely fine.. at that time one more drop of blood falls on his palm and he looks up at the chandelier.. he couldnt see anything clearly because of darkness.. but he saw something is going to fall on them.. he quickly without wastin time holds Swara and rolls with her.. as soon as they rolled something from chandelier falls down by making a huge noice..

They both gets up and chandelier again starts flickering and gets on.. swara and sanskaar gets another big shock of their life.. it was a dead body of a man.. the blood ooze from his wounds.. swara and sanskaar was not able to react also anything.. they were sucking in breath.. suddenly swara remembers something..

Swara ;- sanskaar.. he wore a yellow t-shirt .. do u remember that old man told about a young man came here 2 days back.. I think he is the same man.. it means now we also..

and she stops.. sanskaar was looking at the body looks at her.. she was looking up at 2nd floor.. Sanskaar rolled his eyes and looked up.. they see a skeleton with hood with red eyes seeing them..

Swara :- Ki..n..g.. La..kKk..sshhh (King laksh)
Sanskaar :- (he thinks something and turns to swara.. and cups her face) swara..swara.. look at me..
Swara :- haa..
Sanskaar :- are you ok..
Swara :- dont worry sanskaar.. I am ok.. bcoz I am with you.. now they can kill us..
Sanskaar :- no swara.. we will not die.. did u hear me.. WE WILL NOT DIE.. (raises voice)
Swara :- how..
Sanskaar :- do you remember what that old man said.. there is one way to get out safely from here.. the treasure box.. we have to find that.. if we will get that.. they will leave us.. now I believe there are ghosts but I also believe we will not die..
Swara :- yaa.. you are right.. open the map.. lets see..

Sanskaar opens the cloth where map is printed..

Sanskaar :- see the red mark.. in this room there has to be treasure box.. and now we are here.. means.. we have to climb the stairs and we have to go up.. in this corridor.. we will get this room..
swara :- right.. but we cant go.. we have to go to 2nd floor and that king is still standing there..

they both sees to second floor and the skeleton with hood still staring at them with his red eyes.. they both gulped..

Sanskaar :- (holds her hand tightly) swara.. do u trust me.. (she nods) do u love me.. (she nods) do u want us to be alive (she nods) then we have to run fast to reach that corridor and that room..

swara :- Run..?? what if he will catch us..??

Sanskaar :- yes.. he can.. but what if we will be succeed.. we can try atleast.. so even in our last breath we will not have the regret that we didnt tried to save us.. whoever comes in between.. dont care.. just keep running..

Swara :- ok sanskaar.. I am ready..

Sanskaar :- then RUNNN…

they runs faster holding each others hands on that gloomy staircases .. there was a creek on each stair while going up.. they reached in the corridor in second floor.. still running very fast..
it was a very long, dark and cold corridor.. that corridor had even more doors that led to unknown rooms.

Sankskaar :- (while running) swara.. we have to find a red door.. keep watching..
Swara :- ok..

they still running and sanskaar stopped at the end of the corridor infront of the red door.. they were breathing heavily.. they heard foot steps and turns back.. they see the skeleton with hood was walking and coming near and near to them.. he tried to twist the handle and open the door.. but it was little hard to open.. he is trying and sees skeleton which came near just a gap of some feets..

sanskaar hold swara’s hand more tightly and with other hand was trying to open the door and finally he succeed in opening the door and pulled swara in and closed the door on skeletons face..

The room was so dark and so creepy. No windows, no light, nothing! they stood there in the silent darkness for a moment, holding their breath. In a burst of panic, sanskaar fumble for a light switch. Thankfully he was able to reach and after many struggles corner lights flickered and gets on..

they were looking at the room.. there were some cob webs in the ceilings hanging down.. walls were colourless.. there was a coffin at the centre of the room.. except that coffin there was nothing in the room..

swara and sanskaar slowely moved forwards to the coffin.. Sanskaar sits down on knees.. he cleared the dust on the lid and opened it.. now just a heart attack was left for both oh them.. he got scared and suddenly got up and moved back a step.. swara hides her face in his chest..

There was a MUMMY in the coffin..

sanskaar :- (somehow composes himself) where is the treasure box..

He again opens the map.. they were again referring the map and clues.. swara suddenly feels a hold on her hand..

Swara :- sanskaar plz leave my hand.. is this a time of romance..
Sanskaar :- but I am not holding your hand.. see..

he shows his second hand.. they look at each other and widen their eyes.. she slowly look at her hand and she let out a piercing shriek.. the Mummy in the coffin was holding her hand..he was also shocked but somehow he managed to free her hand..

the Mummy gets up and sits in sitting position in the coffin.. Mummy moved her head to them and Mummy’s Eyes sparked in blue colour..
Mummy get up from coffin and started moving to them..
they also started backing away.

swara took deep breath as her teeth started to chatter..and sanskaar was shivering from head to toe.

they both touched the wall while going back.. as Mummy forwards hands to catch Swara.. sanky pushed swara aside.. and stand infront of Mummy.. but Mummy do not touch him..crosses him and goes to swara.. Sanky understands that mummy is only chasing Swara..

Sanskaar :- (shouts) Swara you keep running till then Ill find the clue..

he starts to find the clue in that room and Mummy is still behind swara and swara smartly running.. Sanskaar checks in coffin but he is not finding any clue.. he suudenly saw a red dot at the corner of the room.. he dont know what to do and he in hurry keeps his leg on red dot..

as soon as he keep his leg.. the floor is getting vibrated.. there was movement in the walls.. Mummy stopped and looks at him.. after a second a wall gets separated in 2.. and opened like a door..

sanskaar shouts.. “Swara run..”

without thinking anything they run go in the secret door.. it was a cave.. they started walking ahead.. and finally reached at the end of the cave.. it was a round room.. no corners and at the middle of that room there was a table and on that there was a treasure box..

they smiled looking at each other not because they found the box but because now no one will kill them..
they were about to open the box..But a noise behind them made them stop. they turned around slowly and tried to adjust eyes in the darkness..

they see that old man was standing behind them.. they gets surprised seeing that old man.. before they could ask him anything they saw that small boy swara met in kitchen came and stand beside the old man.. just in few seconds.. that lady sanskaar met came and stands on the other side of man.. after that the yellow t-shirt man also comes and stands beside them.. after him Mummy also comes and stands and in few seconds skeleton with a hood also joins them.. they all were standing in a row now looking at the swara and sanskaar..

Swasan were hell shocked and shivered with frightfulness. they know now there is no escape… All these creepiness was now too much for them to bear. swara and sanskaar immediately turn and open the treasurer box..


Swara and sanskaar again turned back to them.. Before they could even realise anything, everyone shouted..




Sorry guys for the April Fool.. but how was it do tell me..
First of all I wanna tell you this is my first writing here..
I write on fb. .u might know me there..
And I know you all are feeling to kill me right now.. will wait for your horror replies..

#Nidhi ?

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  1. nidhi myself vibhavari shende (movie world writer) oh gawwd just now read it on fb..jab unhone APRIL FOOL bola to i was literally stunned, shocked, surprised…i was shivering while reading the mummy part yr,.. anyways, it was the best os i ever read..hats off to words for u..

    1. Hehe.. I knw u.. Thanks yaar.. Really means a lot.. ?

  2. superb yaar . u really frightened me
    hatts off to u !! really!!!!!!

    1. Thank you.. ??

  3. Hey this awesome. I really liked it. And thanks you for remembering me that today is April fool.

    1. Hehehehhheee.. Thankss.. ??

  4. U made me really scared yar it was awsome one yar

    1. Thankss..

  5. Oh god this was awesome….i was reading this story so desperately that what would be in the end will swasan be saved….but in end april fool…awesome dear…it was amazing…

    1. Hehehehhheee.. Thankuu.. ??

  6. I too read I hv comcommented their also u deserves many comments darling dis is d best fool day in my life I hv fooled many people but dis is unique and perfect now I. M fear to go out only..feelings scared lastly one doubt does really ghost u see or feel dis like experience…anyways thank God I read in morning otherwise I. Will scared more..but it’s beautiful beautiful beautiful above no words….

    1. Awwww.. Thank you soo much.. I really think now I did something appreciable.. No I never saw ghost not heard in real life.. But I think they might exsists.. I Will believe if someday I’ll encounter with them.. I hope I’ll never.. Heheh.. But as of now I don’t believe.. Anyway thanks once again. .

  7. While reading I was sure dat dey r nt ghosts.. I thot dey r doing all diz coz of sm secret motive, may b dey demselves wer in search of d treasure or smthn lyk dat… I thot u’ll reveal it at d end bt APRIL FOOL!!! Lyk ssly!!!! Totally unexpected… Amazing work dea?!!! Keep writing ?

    1. Hehe.. Thankss ..actually you are right.. This concept I was going to use for the same plan u told above.. But used in prank.. Thanks yaar.. ??

  8. Superb…..nd first time I send any ff to my frnd nd she also read nd asked me to comment on behalf of her we both were stunned to read it like it was really a horror nd ending did not expected really a fab OS enjoyed it thoroughly……each nd every part of it

    1. Really.. Thankss to u and ur frnd also.. And I mean it.. M very happy today actually..

  9. I read it on fb just an hour ago!! U scared me to hell!!

  10. It was so freaking shocking. I was very much scared till the end, when I laughed out like hell!! u are so damn amazing!! Wonderful story!!

    1. Thankss yaar.. ??

  11. I don’t give chances to anyone to fool me..till now..but u really fooled me…really superb story..good writing skill…luv it..thanq s for an awesome fool horror cum romantic story…lol…

    1. Awww.. My God.. Sry to brk ur record.. And thanks for this awesome comment.. ??

  12. Nidhi it was really scary. Up to the mummy part I also was very scared because I was that much concentrated in it but I don’t sheet that I knew at last out will end saying April fool. It was very much interesting

    1. Thankss.. ?????

  13. yr I got so involved in the story but then “april fool” in the last
    its making laugh again n again few minutes I was curious but really awesom
    amazing yr

    1. Hehehehhheee.. ??

  14. preethi kalian

    wow mind blowing

  15. U freaked me out!!!!!….I was literally imagining in front of my eyes….dara data year! !!….I was soo curious to know the truth n u broke d suspense with April’s fool! !!….seriously d best April’s fool prank ever…:-D:-D

    1. I dnt knw what to say.. M just blushing right now.. Thankss yaar.. ?????

  16. Wow the story was really awesome….. Can I plz request u to give it a ending….other than April fool of course

    1. Ya I was thinking the same thing.. But will it look good now.. I dnt knw..

  17. Dharsha Aka Kaladharshini

    I really need to thank you sooooooooo much coz I live to read horror stories but cannot since the book will always be a long one……
    But today you have just fulfilled my long time wish….Offo…I am saying about me but coming to the story wahh?u just nailed the entire story in os very perfectly… eagerly waiting for reading more of your stories and I even read ur FF in FB…..Bandhan………..?

    1. Awwww… Thankss dear.. M glad.. Now overwhelmed.. Even blushing.. Ohh god.. Thankss yaar.. Yup I know you..

  18. it was reallllllly superb. without aprilfool its awsome. my heart beat is incresed in scene by scene. anyway thnq u for such a thrilling ff.

  19. awesome……nidhi u r too gudd i was shievring that time when i was reading the story…….awesome ur too gudd

    1. Thkx.. ??

  20. literally speechless……there is no word to describe ur creativity……..hats off to you…….

    1. ?? Thankss..

  21. it was very intresting story

  22. It was awesome yaar

    1. Ty ????

  23. When i was reading i got so effected that i called my brother also to read it with me we both were reading it by holding our breaths and when at last you said april fool we both were watching each other open mouthed and then we both burst out laughing clutching our stomach my bhai said it was awesome no one can even imagine that a horror story can have such a humourous ending. He was so right we enjoyed it so much. Keep writing like this.

    1. Hahahaha.. Seriously .. Oh my god.. Thankss to you and to ur bhai also..


  24. yar this was extremely gud
    loved it
    i was expecting ending like this only as u wanted people to be alive for reading bandhan

    1. Hehe.. Ohh.. U read Bandhan.. Wow.

  25. Wow what a story …really u have great future…waiting for ur next story

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  26. u knw wat u left me speechless….n my heart has skipped a beat….u almost took away my breath…bt i must say u r a great writer …awesome description awesome script i mean everything was jus so perfect..hatsoff to u…i salute u…

    1. Thankss.. It means a lot.. ????

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