Trapped with Mr billionaire (Episode 4 )

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Episode 4

Well , hello to you too shravan !” I said sarcastically

” Ye sab chodh. What about the deal? Did we get it .

“You already know the answer man “.I said with a smile

“Wohoo congratulations brother ” he said



A new day had begun with new hopes new wishes , New goals , New aspirations . This was the case of dhani while our viplav was sleeping like a horse on his king sized bed at 8:15 AM ignoring the fact that everyday he has to reach the office by 9 .

In dhani’s house

She got dressed in a printed shrit with a white angle length trousers paired with a lemon coloured blazer on top . Indeed she was looking beautiful , as usual .

She had a job of 9 AM to 5 PM from now onwards . She was exited yet nervous at the same time.

She locked her house and moved down the elevator towards her Audi A7 which was a gift from her parents and drove off

While driving her phone rang . She knew it was shravan as she had a different ringtone for Shravan and Navya

“Hii bhai ! ” she said cheerfully

“Hey kiddo …so, all ready ? ” he said

“Yes bhai . All ready . I hope it will go all well” she sighed

“Ofcourse it will . Mein hoon na . I’ll be there at 5 . I’ll meet you there okay ?” He said

“Okay see you . Bye ” she said and hung up

After couple of minutes she reached the multi -storied building of DTcompanies

“Excuse me ,I’m the new JMD appointment by Mr . Shravan , could you please tell me where viplav thripati’s cabin is ? She asked asked the receptionist

“Sure ma’am. It’s on the 9th floor . Good luck ” – the receptionist replied with a smile

She immediately texted shravan that she has reached and is moving towards viplav’s cabin without waiting for the reply

She reached 9th floor

She told Nataksha – his assistant that she is here to meet viplav as it was her first day at job as the JMD of the company

She entered his cabin and dash into a hard , well build chest which made her close her eyes in fear .As soon as she felt a tight grip she opened her eyes and was shocked

A guy dressed up in a navy blue coloured suit with a light blue button up shirt paired with a blood red coloured tie . He had an ability to make hundred girls swoon over his good looks and she was no different

They didn’t even realize that the door opened and cabir entered the cabin

He took out his phone and clicked a picture

“Prefect ” he said loudly which was enough to break their trance

“What are you doing here ?”both of them said in a unison still getting over the shock to meet each other

“I asked first , you tell me what are you doing here ?”she said

“Oh hello! I was here first . I should be asking this question . What are you doing here?” Viplav asked angrily

“Oh shut up , you two ! Are you both 5 year old ??. By the way do you know each other before ?” shravan said while both viplav and dhani turned their face to the other side

“Goodness . So viplav this is Dhani malhotra , the New JMD of DT companies ” shravan said while taking both viplav and dhani to a shock

“And dhani meet your new boss , viplav thripati . Trust me he is not like your ex- boss ” shravan said while dhani stood there where here jaw almost dropping on the floor

“Whaaaaattt ” both of them shouted

“What what ? Yes . You heard me . She is the JMD and you are her boss ” shravan said

Shravan turned towards dhani just to find her fidgeting with her fingers and said ” so dhani , all set for the New adventure ”

She looked up and said with a nervous smile ” yes bhai . I mean yes shravan, I am ”

“So I will leave you guys alone to talk the stuff . See ya! Shravan said and moved out

“So Miss Dhani malhotra . You are the New JMD of the company . Congratulations . I hope you will live up to my expectations ” viplav said with an evil smile

“Sure , Mr Viplav Thripati . I’ll make sure that I don’t disappoint you and stand up to all your expectations ” she said

She smiled and picked up her bag to leave

“Now I can take my revenge easily
So get ready Miss Dhani ” viplav murmured to himself

“Come let me show you your cabin “he said

He turned around and guided her towards the door while she was trying to understand his behaviour

Both of them moved towards her cabin which was exactly beside his cabin and everything could be seen through the glass on the huge side Windows of his cabin was of such a type that he could see what’s happening on the other side while the person on the other side cannot see what is happening . Same was the case with the glass doors in his cabin ( in simple words he could see what dhani is doing in her cabin while dhani cannot the window of his cabin is more of a partition between the two cabins )

He led her into a spacious cabin with white and Brown interiors which had a perfect surroundings having a small sitting area , prefect lighting , a corner high shelf , a couple of handmade paintings ,artificial plants ….

“So liked it “he asked

“Liked ? It’s beautiful ” she looked at him with a huge smile

“You have the same rights which shravan has in this office . You can go rounds to check the work going on , you can call a meeting for any work related issues you can have a intercom here . If you need any help Nataksha is here you can ask her ” he said while explaining everything to her

While he just left her cabin and moved away. She sat on the revolving chair and immediately called Nataksha to ask all the employees to gather for a meeting with her . After a couple of minutes , almost all the employees present on the floor were standing outside her cabin . She sweetly introduced herself to all employees while taking the charge of making sure that all the deadlines are met well before in time . Unaware the fact that this short meeting was witnessed by a keen pair of eyes

Viplavs pov

I was talking in phone with shravan as he had to leave for his radio station immediately due to some emergency . During the call I heard her voice through the joint intercom asking Nataksha to call all the employees on the floor for a brief meeting . Yes all the intercoms of the office were connected to mine . Whatever conversations a person has on the intercoms will be accessible to me . While I stood at the glass door of my cabin listening to each and every word she was saying . Impressive Dhani Malhotra ! A meeting with employees not bad . Oh God why I’m thinking about her


The meeting was soon over . The employees were back to their work . She was back to her cabin she was going through some official documents on when her intercom rang ;

“Miss dhani , in my cabin . You need to sign the official documents ” he said in a authoritative tone from the other side

She immediately picked up her phone and rushed towards his cabin

“Yes sir ” she said and entered his cabin

“Yes , so these are the official documents about your agreement with DT group of companies . So sign it “. He said as he passed over the papers to her

Screen freezes

Sorry if there is any spelling and grammatical errors

I have a doubt whether I’m explaining too much? ?

How was the episode? ? Hope you guys have enjoyed

Keep smiling
Take care

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  1. Harisha39

    Loving it.. . u rocking it… And by the way I posted don’t leave me… u wanted me to say.. So…. waiting for the next… Love u dhi… Tc… ?

    1. Aiswarya

      So happy to see you as my first commenter .thanks for liking the episode. I have read and commented. .. Will try to post the next episode soon
      Love u too ❤❤❤❤❤
      Take care

  2. AanyaSingh

    OMG SWEETIE! I really didn’t know that my sweet little Sweetie is actually so TALENTED. This was rocking????????. Absolutely loved it????. And as i already told u that ur detailing gives such a lift to the narrative & it was too good today??. And u r not xplaining too much but u r xplaining perfectly ???. Wonderful job??????, keep going all the more better????. Very busy till Sunday, please accept this much??. Love to u???. God bless u ALWAYS.

    1. Aiswarya

      Awww di are soooooooooooooo sweet ?please don’t praise your sweetie too much I will not come down from the 9th cloud otherwise ?I was having a doubt but now it is cleared ?
      Love u too ❤❤❤❤
      Take care
      Keep reading

      1. AanyaSingh

        And i don’t want u to come down from it dear bcoz u well deserve it???. Hw’s ur hand now & please don’t exert it much if u want it to get healed up soon, take care.?

    2. Aiswarya

      My hand is paining less ?

  3. Mariyam123

    Di it was amazing episode. And don’t worry there are no grammatical mistakes. U are rocking di.. And how is your hand?

    1. Aiswarya

      Aww cutie you are so caring ?my hands are paining less now ?. Happy to know you enjoyed ☺. Omg there no grammatical mistakes ??I’m famous in class for making grammatical errors ?
      Take care
      Love u ❤❤❤❤❤
      Study well

  4. Areeb

    Yaar Aish? You are exceeding my expectations with each episode as the story progressing. ? Dude, you really write Cool stuff! ? with the perfect amount of thrill and suspense. Now with Viplav’s rivalry smirking I’m more curiously looking forward to the upcoming episodes. ?
    And the documents she is about to sign, I would prefer her to read them before doin’ so. ? We can’t take the mysterious Viplav for granted. ?

    1. Aiswarya

      Don’t praise me too much I will not come down from the 9th cloud ? you can see a different viplav in few episodes.
      Let’s see will dhani accept your advice
      Keep reading
      Take care

      1. Areeb

        HAHA. Stay there na baba. ? Me tou wahin rehti hun. Uper. ??? We can sit and chat over some coffee and cookies. ?
        HAHA. Waiting to see that! ?

    2. Aiswarya

      I think I found you .I don’t have coffee and cookies right now . I have 2 dairy milks now will it go ??

      1. Areeb

        With pleasure! ? Well you can also have a scoop from my ice-cream. But just one okay? ????

    3. Aiswarya

      You don’t take tension I don’t like ice -cream that much ?

  5. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Aish!! So this was something really very excited?.. in simple words, cooool?
    They both know each other.. Right ? Something mysterious happened between them but then also they are behaving nicely with each other? Viplav was thinking to make her life difficult?.. my goodness, it’s just increasing my curiosity??.. u are giving us mind blowing episodes with full on suspense and seriously I’m loving it??
    At last, dhani was signing some documents so I would prefer her to read them as they are marriage contract *I guess so*
    Go on?
    Take care!! How is ur hand now ?

    1. Aiswarya

      Yeah they know each other before ? I’m making him cruel ? I’m so sad ? yeah he is trying to bring difficulty in her life but what will happen he is unaware. I’m So happy that you all are enjoying.
      It may be correct I don’t know as I have not planned the coming episode ??.
      My hands are paining less di .

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Oh come on yaar! I’m loving this avatar of Viplav? Just keep going with the same spirit?
        Good to know ur plain is now less!!
        Take care❤

      2. Maha_Aijaz

        Pain* God!! Don’t know how words automatically change?

  6. Aish.. Ur ff is aww!! Nice to c u as an author of an ff..
    The epi was supr! Waitng fr the secret to reveal?

    1. Aiswarya

      Awww my unexpected commenter. How are you ?? I never thought I would write something ??.
      Keep reading

  7. Shruthy

    UFFFO ! SO Dhaani has finally joined the company, and she doesnt know Viplav. But the latter knows her well, and wants to take revenge. Matlab… kya hua dono ke beech? I mean something that only Viplav knows or, remembers…
    My God when you precised Dhaani’s cabin was perfectly seen from Viplav’s while she cannot, then that Viplav is automatocally connected to all her intracom conversations. That means, he has now a new job : following each and every move of Dhaani while she will work in her room. I guess that will let him stare and admire Dhaani all his day and not even concentrate on his work. Just kidding xD
    I am too excited to know what will happen really. By the way you have posted something, while I told you to take rest. VERY BAD!!!!

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