Trapped with Mr billionaire (Episode 3 )

“Vo tho thi hi bhai . But coming to the point , here is my biodata . I’m gonna apply for the post of Executive Manager ” she replied

” ok so.let’s see ” . He said and picked up the her file from the table

After couple of minutes of going through her while he looked up to find her biting her nails nervously

“Dhani why in earth are you applying for the post of Executive Manager? ” he asked her with a straight face expression

“What do you mean ?” She said while crooking her eyebrows

” dhani you are so qualified !
And you are applying for the post of executive manager ?
Like seriously ?” He asked

“But what else bhai ?
There’s no other post .” She sighed

“Who said there is no other post ?” He said with a smirk

“What do you mean ?? She asked curiously

” Junior Managing Director ” He said making her shocked

” What ?bhai .Noo. JMD is such a high post ! I don’t think that I can do this . No no . I can’t do this .
And moreover , I don’t think I’m capable of taking up such a big responsibility . I don’t deserve this post . I’m sure that there will be more deserving people than me . ” she said while she was still recovering from his statement

“Dhani , you’re perfect for this post ! Trust me on this . I’m the MD too ! Your qualifications and work experiences are the point and you are saying this ? Don’t be stupid Dhani !” He said

“Bhai . Do you really think this is the right decision? ?” She asked nervously

” Ofcourse it is ! No doubt! You trust me right ? Then believe me .you’ll be the prefect JMD !”
He said happily

” ok bhai if you say so ” she said with a small smile

“Dhaaniiii ! I’m so happy ! Welcome to DT Companies ! ” he said and took her in a tight hug

“But bhai what about your boss ?” She said as they broke the hug

“Viplav . Viplav Thripati . And you don’t worry about that , I’ll handle him ” he said with a smile

Dhani got into her thoughts
I has heard this idiotic name before but when ?

Shravan slightly pats her head and asked “where are you lost ?”

“Nowhere ” she replied

” thank you so much bhai ” she said while hugging him

“It’s okay Dhani ! And you are joining from Monday .Okay ?” He said with a smile

” For sure bhai . Whatever you think will be good for me ” she said with a smile

” And don’t worry I will take care of you boss . Oops ! Ex-boss . He said with a wink

“Haha ! As you wish . Byee ” she said with a small smile and left

He sat back on his chair and sent a massage to Viplav , ” Found your JMD ! She’s great ?”

Viplav’s pov

I almost reached Delhi when I received shravan’s text – “Found your JMD ! she’s great ” i was extremely happy .finally we had a JMD for our company . Okay wait . My JMD is a girl ?! I read his text again a couple of times just to confirm what I’m reading . I’m kinda happy though . Women empowerment is the motto ! So miss JMD let’s see what you’ve got

The meeting went pretty well . I got the deal for my company . I had a flight back home In fifteenth minutes and I’ll be back home

I reached my home and moved towards my room to freshen up when I recieved a call from shravan

“Saaley! Aagaya vapas tu ? He said

Screen freezes

Precap : vidhani getting shocked seeing eachother ……..viplav shouting Dhani’s name infront of her house……. adithya asking something to viplav ……..viplav replying she is my wife …………..Dhani in viplavs house

So so sorry for the short episode ?my hands are paining I can’t type more ?
Now I will post the next episode after a week only .
I know today’s episode is too boring even I got bored while typing

Keep smiling
Love u all ??

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  1. Shruthy

    Hey Mollu <3
    Was seriously so happy seeing your cover pic and "Trapped with Mr. Billionaire" below it. Literally jumped in excitement, though had to maintain neutrality in front of my family.
    FInally Dhaani joined DT Companies as the Junior MD. That's so sweet of SHravan to believe his saali this much. And even Viplav is happy knowing it was girl, because of women empowerment. That's so cute of him actually.
    OMG this was not boring yaar. Short that but not boring. And I can understand your pain typing. Hopefully it's not a serious problem, and that you will recover soon. When you are hurt on such parts, it becomes really hard. So take loads of rest and come back soon in full form ok?
    But you just made a mistake. You might not have given us this precap? Dhaani VIplav's wife??? When I was reading that "wife" word, my eyes literally widened. I was like "Wait what?" This is way a more shocked expression than ViDha's shock seeing each other that I had. xD No but seriously. this predicts the arrival of a flashback on how VIDha know each other already, and this made me think that ViDha know each other… So many questions in this little brain!
    I would sound like an egoist, but I will pray for your speedy recovery just for the next part. xD No just kidding! I want you to take loads of rest and come back completely fine. I dont want you to strain your hands for us. And by the way, when you will be fine, you can write longer episodes na? *smirks*
    Take care darling. Sleep well and may your pain disappear soon. 🙂
    Love you loads.

    1. Aiswarya

      Omg … jumbed in excitement ?that too for my ff .di dhani joined DT companies but if she will work or not we will have to find ? di don’t think too much .even dhani will get shocked to know that she is his wife ?. I’m confusing you more now na but don’t worry the mysteries will get solved after a week .
      Aww di after a week my hands will get perfectly fine ? then I will give a long episode ??
      Love you too???

      1. Shruthy

        Yes I did <3 Because I love your fan fiction.
        Haaan now that she will be shocked with Viplav's face to face meeting, I dont know what will happen. Either she will continue for her own needs, or she will go out … Oh God that's so thrilling.
        LMAO kyun? Matlab bohot kuch hua hai beech mein hai na?
        Lol confusion is a source of suspense. And I love that so waiting to know more about the mystery. 😀
        Yaay but first take care ok?

    2. Aiswarya

      More exiting things are coming for you. That job is not much important for dhani ? she is also from a rich family . I forgot to mention this in the character sketch ??
      She likes to become independent so she wants a job .

  2. Harisha39

    It’s so good dhi… Loved it…waiting for the next… And dhi try to write a ff in matsh also like this na ?

    1. Aiswarya

      Awww my sweetie is here for commenting. I’m so happy. Happy to know that you liked it ??
      I only know how I’m writing this ff and you are telling me to write another ff ??
      I will try after finishing this ff
      Thank you sooooo much for commenting
      Love you ??
      Keep reading

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Aish darling first of all thank u so much for considering my request?
    And episode was jhakas not at all boring.. I loved their sibling bond?? so from now on if u would say this then I’ll surely throw tomatoes on u.. Got that ? *This was my angry side now coming back to myself*
    Haan tw where I was, yeah it was too good finally dhani got the perfect job.. JMD my goodness what else she want? viplav’s reaction on reading the text was quite funny thou?
    Acha tw dhani had met viplav before but where and when, that’s the question.. precap is little surprising like he referred her as his wife.. Sab theek tw hai naa!! U made me excited? today I’ll not ask u to post it soon as ur hand is bandaged so take rest and then complete ur project which is more important??.. I’ll wait like a good girl?
    And on previous thread u asked me about my illness.. well it’s not allergy this time but the problem is arising due to allergy and I’m on medical treatment (homeopathic medicine) because I can’t take heavy medicines they made my condition even more worse and it’s not from today it has 5 years I’m on treatment kabhi theek hojata hai aur kabhi bohat buri haalat hojate hai chalo mare problem tw pata nahe kab solve hoge? u tell when ur bandage will open ?
    I don’t know if I’m first one to comment or not but I read it once I saw it on page??
    Keep rocking my dear❤❤
    Love u soo much❤❤

    1. Aiswarya

      Omg……..don’t throw please …..I will not say anymore……..
      Di dhani got a perfect job but if she will work or not will have to find out
      For your question you will have to wait …..please don’t say exited anymore I will think to post the episode now itself …now you became a good girl ?………you will not believe what all things are going to happen in my ff it will full of blunders ??
      Take care di
      Love too ❤❤❤

    2. Aiswarya

      Di please post the next shot na. I’m getting impatient in excitement.

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Aww!! Yeah will update it soon actually I haven’t start typing yet? lazy girl?

  4. Angel20

    Very nice episode! Dhaani is Viplav’s wife!! Omg!! Wow?? post the next part soon!!

    1. Aiswarya

      Happy to know that you liked the episode ??
      Keep reading
      I will try to post the episode soon

  5. Mariyam123

    Aiswarya di it was super duper episode, and who said its boring ha?? It was so good. And I must say u write very well, ten, thousand, lakh, crore times better than me. Now I m eagerly waiting for the next episode. But first u take care of yourself then post the episode.

    And about my name, that I will tell u in brief after my exams are over as I have already promised Anya di. Till then its a secret, and plz don’t get angry one me okay na…

    1. Aiswarya

      No no I don’t write better than you I’m just a small baby in writing who needs to learn many more things .you like a natural writer everything happens naturally in ur ffs.
      After a week I will post my next episode
      I asked because I love that name so much. I was showing my fake anger on you ??how can I get angry on you .there will be always a reason hidden behind our doings so don’t worry otherwise you will get white hairs as you say

      Btw what are you doing here ?? Go and study

      1. Mariyam123

        Oh thank God ur not angry on me! And about my studies, that u don’t take tension, I will get good marks. And what about your project? Did u complete it??

    2. Aiswarya

      It’s not completed as I was not well at all .

  6. Sujie

    First of all…toh sorry for not commenting in last episode….
    Maafi milegi?????? ????????
    And….. Don’t start calling yourself a bad writer and episode boring once again…..
    Iss maamle mein silent hojao….warna mein violent hojaaungi……samjhe me samjhaayein?????????
    Talking about last episode…… It was JHAKASS…… Dhaani is so daring…….she kicked in her ex boss’s …….fill in the blanks ????????
    And yes……. Dhaani is new JMD……. Waah waah……
    And precap….. Dhaani is Viplav’s wife????
    ???????waiting Ki Kay GOLMAAL Hua unki life mein?????

    1. Aiswarya

      It’s okay di . Actually I was waiting for your comment ??…………..omg don’t become violent please ……..maha di told she will throw tomatoes when I say that and you are telling you will become violent. ……….scaring this poor girl ??
      Happy to know that you liked the episode ?……… one second dhani’s life will change. ……..after a week you will come to know all the mysteries ?
      Stay tuned

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