Trapped with Mr billionaire (Episode 1)

A man in late twenties was sitting in his luxurious cabin dressed in black Armani suit working on his laptop along with sipping his morning black coffee ☕- Viplav Tripathi ,the CEO and the owner of DT companies &one of the largest billionaire .His company has achieved great heights because of him .

Viplav’s PIC
Sir ,Mr shravan has come to meet you .should I let him in ?? My Secretary Natasha said through the intercom.
“Nataksha ,how many times do I need to tell you that shravan does not need permission from anyone to enter my cabin or to meet me .Why don’t you understand this ??”
I said in an angry tone . I was angry. I mean shravan or any of my friends do not require any permission from anyone to enter my cabin and this female makes it a point to make me angry ?

Yes sir . I’m sorry sir -she replied in a low voice

After a couple of seconds , there was a knock on the door of my cabin with shravan peeping in

“Shravan how many times I’ve told you not to knock .you can come in otherwise too.I’m not gonna slaughter you anyway. And that Nataksha , she is such a ………… leave it .You appointment her as my Secretary right , tu nahi bachega mere haathon se! ” I said and picked up a paper weight to hit him

“Shaant . Itna hyper kyun ho raha ha ?”He said with a grin and sat on the arm chair

“Accha forget all this , what about vacant post of junior managing director? ? Any calls?” I asked him him as the post of JMD is vacant since a long time and in shravan’s absence there has to be someone to handle the responsibility.

“Haan about that , I’m going to take some interviews today. So let’s see.there are other posts vacant too .so I’ll manage the interviews today and if we are lucky .we’ll find the one today itself”. He replied

“Hmm . Alright. I know you’ll manage it here . I have a meeting with Singhania’s in Delhi in the afternoon today . Please handle the stuff here bro ” I said as the deal with Singhania’s was important for our company

“Don’t worry viplav. I will handle everything. Tu aaram se jaa. And call me when you land in Delhi alright? He said

“Okay shravan. I’ll leave now. Take care .Bye . And get me my JMD okay ?” I said with a smile

“Sure bro . Bye . Happy journey ” he replied with a warm smile .



A girl in her mid twenties dressed in a formal black Aline dress having long silky tresses was standing in front of the idol of her God Krishna and praying

“Krishna, today is a important day as i have an interview in DT companies . You know na how badly I want a job . Please aaj sab accha karna ” she said cutely with her eyes closed

Dhani Malhotra . 24 years old beauty with brains ?. She’s always wanted the best for her loved ones . And today was probably her day

Screen freezes

PRECAP: Dhani to get shocked

Thanks for reading peacefully
Sorry if there is any spelling or grammatical errors

Sorry for the boring episode ??

Keep smiling
Love you all ??

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  1. Aiswarya

    It is viplavs pov not pic sorry for the typing error

  2. Aiswarya

    It’s appointed not appointment sorry again for the typo error

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      It’s Ok Aish darling? no need to worry as mistakes are part of life so tension nahe lene ka?

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Aish it was superb?? chaa gae madam ap tou?? seriously it was fab!!
    U started like a professional writer, so we saw an arrogant viplav right now who is too frank with his friends?
    Dhani is going for a job in his office, his friend will appoint her so consequently they will meet in DT companies? chalo I should stop guessing and should wait patiently for the next part..
    Hopefully u will post it tomorrow though I’m not pressurizing u it’s just my excitement which I can’t control? Lol!
    Keep rocking girl?
    Take care!!
    Love you?

    1. Shruthy

      Basically thinking the same way like Maha chellam! B) same to same <3

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Lol! Yeah same mindset?

    2. Aiswarya

      Di let’s see if your guess will come correct or not .don’t forget she consider shravan as her brother ?
      Professional writer and me ?I can’t control my laughter ?? I’m not such a good writer . I never thought that anyone will have this much of excitement to read my ff
      I will try to post the next episode soon I’m not sure as vijayadhashami Is coming and I have not prepared the pre prepared episode ?? anyways I will try
      Hope u will enjoy the coming episodes
      Love u too ??
      U to take care

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Yes yes I do remember!! Then start thinking as we all are very excited?? oh no worries post it whenever u are free. Sure I will, no offense is there!

    3. Aiswarya

      Di I have posted it as you was too excited ?

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Aww! Thanks dear❤

  4. Shruthy

    Mashallah your writing is wonderful man. Feeling like reading a book. Honestly glad you are writing something. Thank you so much.t
    Now about the episode. My goodness! Viplav is such an angry young handsome man. Scolding his secretary for a maamooli si baat :/ But well that shows how much he loves his friend and respect his partner.
    And Dhaani is one of those who ar eto give interviews. Matlab she will be joining the company and wahaan se, ViDha story will start. Viplav won’t meet her soon as he will be gone for his Delhi meeting but then they will meet and tashan starts… to end in love.
    Alright, I am gonna stop these stupid fingers typing this…
    I am just in love with the episode. It was not boring man, kabardar !! I just have one negative thing to tell. WHY THIS SHORT? :'( It ended so fast girl.
    Next time, try to post longer episodes ok? We are really loving it <3

    1. Aiswarya

      Awww didi I’m sooo happy after seeing your comment . It look like reading a book ??I’m not that much talented . I’m just a new born baby writer who needs to learn many things. I used to get lot of things to learn from ur ffs
      Let’s see will dhani join the company. Viplav will be back soon he is on the way
      Sorry for the short episode actually my right hand Is bandaged so I’m using my left hand only. After 1 week I will give you a long episode
      Keep reading
      Will try to post the episode soon
      Take care

      1. Shruthy

        You are. You don’t agree but you are talented 😀 I know nothing seriously. In fact I have taken a decision to start reading novels, also English novels to practice my writing. I really suck.
        Kya? Nahin join karegi kya? :/ Anyhow I am extremely excited and thrilled to kno whwat will happen next. Post it soon ok? 😀
        Oh dear! I am so sorry I didn’t know. Then I must salute you for writing something even quite unable to. So thankful.
        Matlab next episode in 1 week? :'(
        I am waiting for the next one…

    2. Aiswarya

      Di I have posted it ??go and read now

    3. Aiswarya

      No need of salute ?

  5. Sujie

    You tell me…… Kya phek ke maaroo???? Itni acchi story….koi likhta hai Kya……
    I must admit one thing……. Can fictions are increasing on IKRS…and I am superrrrrr happy about that……we get to see new ideas….new story….new episode everyday……..
    And yes…… Dont worry about mistakes rey……
    Arrey…..waiting for new JMD of DT companies miss Dhaani to meet her boss…..her future love…… Khadoos sa Mr Viplav……. Hayeeee…..loving it ?????
    Keep going dear

    1. Aiswarya

      U all write better than me ?? yeah ikrs ffs are increasing day by day .lets see if she will become the New JMD or not. Dhani life is going to get changed . Mr viplav is also going to get changed unknowingly ?
      Keep reading
      Take care

  6. Areeb

    Behtreen bhae Aish! ? I’m seriously struggling to digest how can a person who writes so well, keep on screaming I can write good! Like what the heck yaar! ?
    Stop sayin’ it Okaaaaaaaaay!! ?
    Very impressive scene creating. ? Already excited for the interview! ? And afterwards. ?

    1. Aiswarya

      If I can write anybody can write ?that’s why I told you .anyways I will not say it anymore ?
      Don’t know why u all are praising me this much .Actually no one used to say my works are good they used to tease me only ?anyways you all are enjoying that’s enough for me
      Keep reading
      Take care

      1. Areeb

        Oh Aish, I will be in the reading staff! ?? I don’t want to write till I’m getting blast stories! ?
        Oh you are a good writer, clear your doubts. ?

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