Trapped in lies- Twinj FF (Part 7)

Precap: twinkle, kunj and Yuv head out to see Ms. Sonia while teni and Sid discover something that involve Parth. Now let’s continue….

When twinkle, kunj and yuv entered the jail. They we’re stopped. Twinkle says ” I’m visiting ”

The women look at her ” do you have an appointment?”

” since when do I need appointment to visit my family”

The guard gare at her ” it’s part of the new system. If you don’t have an appointment, I would gladly escort you to the door.”

Twinkle frown, kunj seeing how the lady was behaving, grab twinkle arm. ” let’s go, twinkle. Tomorrow we can make an appointment. ” he says

Twinkle glare one last time at the lady before turning around. When they were outside, yuv starts to complain.” Oh man, we just arrived and now we have to leave. We basically didn’t find anything coming here ”

” what do you expect, the guard didn’t give us a chance to see Sonia. ”

While they we’re talking,.twinkle phone rang. ” hello?”

” didi, you have to come back right away” teni says

” what happen” she says confused

” the principle wants to talk to you?”

Kunj says ” if he realized we’re gone, we will be in trouble ”

Twinkle asks her sister if she could cover for her. Teni says ” it’s a little to late for that”

” what do you mean?”

Teni on the other side, saw the principle behind her. After she was done talking. The principle point to his office and Teni frown. Sid says ” do you think he heard? ”

Teni nods. When she enter the room, she saw parth upset. She also noticed the detective. The principal asks teni to sit. Their, he questions her about twinkle ware bouts. Teni says ” di is studying in our room.”

The principle raise a brow. The detective says ” I ask your sister classes and they said they didn’t see her come in. Now how would someone who didn’t show up to class, suddenly know they have homework”

” if you haven’t notice sir, people can text, probably her classmate text her” she says calmly

The detective replies ” your sisters classmates are scared of her”

” I’m sure she has someone that tolerates her.”

The detective sigh, the principle says ” Teni I understand twinkle is your sister. But she’s a suspect, just like parth and kunj. If we find out she’s not in her room, you will also be suspected as someone that help the murderer.

Teni tense. The principle got up to hear to the girls dorm, when twinkle and kunj walk in. They were both out of breath.

” we’re here” she says

Everyone turn to look at them.

The principal in a calm voice says ” detention ” the group gasp.

Three days later

Yuv groan out of boredom. ” this is the third time, we’re here, when will this end.”

” I don’t know, but if we can show them that we’re not doing anything than they can stop being suspicious ”

Parth on his phone says ” I’ve been tracking the video post. And I got a lead ”

” no way, how ? You we’re banned from the investigation” Teni says

Parth says ” your right, but something isn’t right. Who ever did this most have done this somewhere in the campus. It would be to easy to just do it on the phone. ”

” his right you guys, if the video was posted from the phone, even an idiot would have left a trail. That could only mean this person has access to the school database and probably majoring in technology or computer software ”

Yuv stop texting on his phone ” so we just have to find someone majoring in that course, but theirs millions of kids doing that”

Twinkle agreed, kunj thinking says ” who said anything about a student ”

The group staid quiet for a minute, twinkle needed to use the bathroom excuse herself from the library. Parth says ” once this finish downloading, it will tell me the location of the computer the video was sent.”

Yuv, teni and kunj surround Parth. Waiting, they held their breath while watching the small phone.

Meanwhile, while twinkle was walking in the empty hall, she felt weird. She stop and look around, when she saw no one, she continued walking. She stop again, when she felt it . This time, she saw a person turning before running. Twinkle chases after the person. The person made some turns.

When he/she spotted students carrying posters, he/she pushes the student. Causing them to hit twinkle. Twinkle getting up, look around, but stop when she spotted the person making a turn down the hall. She quickly followed, leading to a room. ” hey stop” she yells

She took a deep breath, when she reached the door, before opening and enter. Just when she was about to switch the light, the person hit her, and closed the door. Twinkle fell down unconscious.

Elsewhere, Yuv after seeing the thing completed. Asks what Parth found. Parth shock says ” the location where the video was sent, was here in this very room.”

Parth getting up, walk to the computer sitting on top of the checkout stand. Kunj says ” it makes sense, the one who has access to the school database is the librarian.”

Sid tense, he frown at the idea. He puts his camera down for a second. ” it’s not possible” he says

The trio turn to him ” and why not”

Sid tense ” it can’t be the librarian. It has to be someone else”

” the clue leads to here sid, who else would have done this” teni accused

Sid getting upset says ” the principal, or teachers anyone but her” he stated

Parth raise a brow ” why are you hoping it’s not her ? Do you know the librarian Sid? are you hiding something from us”

Sid nervously gulp, while the trio stare at him suspiciously.

Seems Like things are heating up, who was the person twinkle was chasing? Why is Sid defending the librarian and who is the librarian? We won’t know until next time.

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