Trapped in lies- Twinj FF (Part 6)

Precap: Teni denies of trying to kill her sister. Twinkle tells them she might know who did it. While this was going on Parth looks at Rani file and recall him and Rani talking before she died. Now let’s continue

The trio were silent while riding the bus. Twinkle while standing look out the window thinking about Ms.Sonia. she wonder if her neighbor hate her so much that she would try to kill her. Kunj seeing her in deep thought, smile ” I know your innocent ”

When he said this twinkle look up ” what?”

” I know your innocent ”

” how do you know?”

” because my heart says you are”

Twinkle eyes widen, Kunj quickly rephrase his words ” w-what I mean is, your hands are so clean. Theirs no old wounds or cuts”

Twinkle advert her eyes while slightly blushing ” your the first to say that”

” what I don’t get is, if they found your finger print on the knife, wouldn’t that mean you probably stumble on the knife by accident and you picked it up out of curiosity ”

Twinkle turn to Kunj ” theirs no point on dwelling on the past when it’s over with. I just want to forget everything ” she mumbles

Kunj sigh, something just wasn’t right with this whole thing. He knew if they could find out clues about that incident it might lead to the murderer. ” twinkle” he says once more

The bus drove into a bumpy hill causing twinkle to loose her grip on the handle. Kunj with quick relex grab her around the waist and pull her to him. ” are you OK?”

Twinkle turn slightly staring at Kunj. They both stare at each other , neither noticing their position. Yuv who was texting look at the two ” well isn’t this romantic, you both just can’t get your hands of each other”

As soon as he said this, the magical moment was gone. Both parties look the opposite direction. They refuse to speak the whole bus ride.

Elsewhere, teni was thinking how to distract parth when Sid pulls her away from the building. Teni was about to comment when Sid points to the door. ” look it’s parth , where do you think his going? ”

” I don’t know, but do you think he found out about do?”

” I don’t know, but we can’t let him reach them. We have to stop him” the two nod at each other before calling a taxi. They followed parth all the way to the campus. Both parties confused wonder what’s going on.

They watch as parth look around before sneaking into the security office. ” why is he here, he should know we’re not allowed in this building ”

Sid smile while recording ” who would have thought that mr. Know it all, is a rule breaker”

Teni while watching knit her brows ” parth wasn’t always like this. ”

” what do you mean?”

” he wasn’t Mr. Righteous, he was more of a leader if anything ”

” leader?”

Teni nod ” do you remember the story about the boy who started a gang fight in school, and almost burn it down”

Sid eyes widen ” it can’t be parth”

Teni sadly looks down ” he was the leader of that group”

” so what made him change?”

Teni smile sadly ” love”

Sid amazed wonder how love could have change someone who had no will to change to be so righteous. But than he wasn’t surprise after all love changed him as well.

” enough about parth, we need to find out what his watching ”

” your right, something tell me it’s a clue”

They both silently listen as parth play the record. In the video it shows Rani and parth talking late at night. Parth was telling her he wants nothing to do with her. He says the next time she comes near him, he won’t hesitate , but to kill her.

Both Teni and Sid we’re shock. ” that bastard ” Teni says

Sid pulls her back down ” calm down teni, I’m sure this is just a warning.”

Teni says ” his a man of his words Sid, it makes perfect sense why he was to quick to arrest di. That selfish bastard ”

Parth quickly deletes the video. He sigh before turning to leave, only to see Teni looking angry at him.

” you murderer, how dare you try to hide your crime”

Parth says ” listen Teni, I didn’t do i-”

” don’t try to make excuses, I am going to tell the inspector ”

Parth seeing her turn to leave, follows her ” Teni wait…it’s not like that”

Teni scoff ” don’t come near me you murderer ” she screams

Parth froze, just than their phone start ringing . The trio check the phone to see the video of Parth and Rani arguing. Parth drops his phone in shock. Sid looking up says ” if you two got this video, that means everyone on campus got it too.”

” how? I deleted it not to long ago”

” it could mean someone Hack into the security system before you or someone was their that night before Rani was dead.”


It was a long ride, but they finally made it. The bus stop causing yuv who was sleeping to fall of the chair. ” what th-“, he got up to complain, but stop when he saw the building. The surrounding was very gloomy. It wasn’t fancy, no, it was a building made out of cement. Their were no windows or trees around. The fence was to high up, and it was made out of wire.

” this is jail?”

Kunj just as surprise nod, ” maybe this isn’t a good idea”

Yuv second that. Twinkle roll heR eyes ” don’t be such a baby and come on”, they watch as she walk away before they follow.

To be continued……

This is getting even more complicated for the group. Who could have sent the video? Who was their that night along with Parth, twinkle and Kunj. And why did they kill Rani? On the other hand, could Kunj be right about twinkle having nothing to do with her father murder. Or could twinkle be hiding something. We won’t know until next time. On the plus side, has anyone found any lies yet? Who do you think is hiding secrets Teni, Parth, Sid, twinkle or Kunj.

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