Trapped in lies- Twinj FF (Part 2)

Precap: kunj while taking a test, sees twinkle saving a child. Determine to find her, his friend yuv decides to help him. Kunj later on got accepted to one of india top private school, but he turns it down to go to twinkle school. Now lets see what happens next.

Note: this is before the prologue. how kunj fell for twinkle in college

While kunj an yuv walk in the campus. Yuv couldnt help but whistle ” their are so many hot babe here. ” he turn when he saw a girl with shorts running. ” check her out dude, she is hot”

” i wouldnt look at her if i was you” the voice said

They both turn to see a men with piercing. He was holding a small camera in his hand while recording. Yuv stops ” why not?”

The man close his camera ” shes our school top gymnast. She has no time for playboy like yourself.”

Yuv laugh ” i take that as a complement”

The man turn to kunj, who was looking around. He whistles to yuv ” whats his problem”

” his just looking for his wife”

” wife?…his married?” he questioned.


When they enter the dorm, they search for there room. Turns out they were sharing rooms together. ” how lucky are we to be roommate”

” very” kunj says unpacking.

Yuv jumping on his bed look at the other man. He was busy on his laptop, uploading videos. “.so whats our step on finding lady luck”

” i will find her on my own. I dont need your help” he says

” come on kunj, you have zero skills when it comes to females. Thats why i am here to coach an teach you”

Kunj sitting on his bed says ” i dont need it. When i see her , my heart will speak for itself ”

Yuv roll his eyes, the man smile ” deep man, just like you i have a lover.”
” really?”

” yeah…shes my world, i would do anything for her”

Yuv roll his eyes ” I’m surrounded by love sick puppies”

The next day arrives, kunj quickly ran to his class. While going he heard people mumbling saying things like ” the ice princess is back”

” why is she here, i thought she transfer”.

” she will always be a murderer”

Kunj wonder who they were refering too. He entered his class and sat down. He realize yuv doesnt have his class. The teacher took attendance and starts class. While it was going, the door opens. All heads turn, the police talk to the teacher for a few second before moving aside. Kunj heart picked up, because standing their was non other than his crush twinkle.

She wasnt smiling, she was just looking into space. The class tense seeing her. The teacher told her to sit anywhere. Which happen to be next to kunj. Everyone else were praying she didnt sit with them. ” lets move on” the teacher said

The whole time kunj kept staring at twinkle. Watching her take note and concentrating on the lesson. He wonder how to start a conversation with her.

Meanwhile, twinkle was upset. She didnt want to come back to the school, she wanted to just stay home , under house arrest. Many things have happend, before spring. Her father, one of the best police officers died. And she was blamed for the murder. They had found her with the knife and blood on her hand, all while crying. Since their were no other evidence, except for her finger print, on the knife. She was arrested.

Now shes back, but she wish she was back in her solitary. Her mom thought it was a good idea for her to finish school, along her sister. Sighing twinkle ignores the glare sent her way. Kunj tries to speak to her, but he stop when he heard someone say murderer. Soon the whole class started saying their input.

The teacher told them to calm down. Kunj watch as twinkle hand tighten on the pen. As soon as the bell ring twinkle quickly got up and leave. Kunj grab his stuff to go after her. He watch as people move away mumbling about her. He stop when he nottice another person walk to her. That person look identical to twinkle. ” didi, your back”

Twinkle look away. Her sister turn to The crowd ” theirs nothing to see here, go away” she says

The crowd mumbles. Parth taunts her saying ” a murderer can never live a normal life. Her past will always come to hunt her”

Tenu says ” if a victim can be classify as a murderer than does that mean their a murderer. Classifying and actually committing the murder are two different thing.”

Parth glares at her ” its not when the fingerprints matches the victums.”

Tenu cross her arm, while parth smirk. Twinkle embarrassed ran away from them. Kunj followed her, but he soon lost her. The remaining of the day, kunj didnt know what to think. The profile yuv gave him of twinkle is obviously different from what his seeing. He wonder if she was the same twinkle from before.

Yuv seeing kunj out of it asks whats wrong. Kunj turn his chair around and throw the paper he bold at yuv. ” hey!.. .whats that for” he scream

” you idot, you gave me the wrong profile information on twinkle”

” its not my fault. The person who gave me this information got it wrong. Turns out the information i gave you was tenu, not twinkle. He type the wrong name.”

Kunj glares ” when were you gonnna tell me?”

” i was going too… Sooner or later” he mumbles

Kunj angry got up to leave, ” where you going?”

Kunj ignores him ” I’m going for a walk”

The man looking at the door says ” so does that mean the girl he fell for was tenu?”.

Yuv throws something at him ” shut up sid”

Elsewhere, kunj was walking around the campus when he notice a light on in one of the building. Curious he wonder who could be out so late . as soon as he entered, he saw the door to the pool open. ” whats going on?” curious, he peeps in only to see twinkle standing on top of the edge. ” what is she doing?” ” dont tell me shes planning on committing suicide??!!”

The next thing he knew twinkle fell into the water. ” TWINKLE!!!!” he screams

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