Trapped in lies- Twinj FF (Part 1)

Summary: kunj have been in love with twinkle since collage. Years later, they met in an unusual way. Things led to another an the next thing they knew, they were married. Now kunj is on a mission to make twinkle love again, but theirs a twist that will make his job pyaar impossible.

Your probably wondering how someone like him ended up in this situation. Well it all started six years ago.


Kunj was in his last year of high school. He was by the window watching people move around. Today was his exam day, but he wasn’t worried. I mean he already finished so he was positive he passed. He just hope he gets into the private school he wanted.
.while looking out the window. Something caught his attention. That person was non other then twinkle.

She was searching for something, Kunj couldn’t take his eyes of her. This is the first time, he’s seen a pretty girl. He watch as she stop when she saw a little girl crouch down in the middle of the road scared. Twinkle not caring about the cars, ran and grab the girl. Some cars stop and honk their horn. While others got into an accident.

His heart stop for a second, scared for her, but when she was safe. He sigh with relief. He didn’t know what else transpired, between the two, but one thing for sure is Kunj was in love.

Quickly getting up, the teacher asks if he was done. Kunj nod, an excuse himself. He quickly ran out of the school, passing yuv. He frown when he didn’t see twinkle anymore. Yuv on his motorcycle asks if he was OK. ” I’m not OK”

Confuse Yuv got of his bike ” what happend?”

” I think… I found my soul mate ”

Yuv raise his brow before laughing. ” dude, theirs no such thing. If anything you have a crush. Who is it? I will hook you up”

Kunj turns to look at Yuv ” I don’t know her name”

” then this will be hard . Don’t worry though, I got your back” he says

Few weeks later, Kunj opens his letter to see his acceptance to India most top private schools. His mom was extremely happy for him. Yuv came to his house with good news . ” guess what Kunj?”
” what?” He said in a bored tone

Yuv walking to his bed sat down. ” I got something you wanted” he brags “But what will I get in return”

” depands on what you got” he said plainly

Yuv leans on his bed. ” I got information on your lady luck”

As soon as he said this, Kunj took an interest ” tell me ”

” not until I know what I will get”

Kunj roll his eyes ” here, I know you wanted this new game ever since it came out. you can have it” he says flinging the game.
Yuv, happy, throws the envelope while singing. Kunj ignores him an read information on twinkle. ” her name is twinkle, shes 20, works at the daycare, her father is a cop, and she’s studying fashion.” , after Kunj finish he sat down, repeating her name over an over.

The next day Kunj made up his mind. He sigh before knocking at the principle office. “Come in” he heard

When the principle saw him, he smile. ” what can I do for you today Kunj”

” I want to decline my acceptance letter.”

” but kunj, this is the school you’ve always wanted to go, why turn it down”

Kunj says ” I’ve been going to private schools since I was little. This is a good chance for me to Learn new things, and interact with the students in a public school.”

” are you really sure Kunj”

” yes I am”

the principal sigh ” ok, I will send your transcript. ”

” thank you sir” he says before leaving

when he left the office, Yuv flung his hands on his shoulder ” so how was it?”

” I should be attending in spring”

” that’s great”

” I know”

” by the way how did your parents take it?”

Kunj recall his mom disappointed face and his dad yelling at him. ” they took it pretty well” he mumbles

And so, time skipped. Kunj is scene at the university entrance with his bag on and hat. suddenly, teens with motorcycle pass by him, almost knocking his bag down. ” watch it looser” one said while driving off.

” you OK, Kunj?”

Kunj eyes widen ” Yuv…. what are you doing here?”

” you think I would leave my best friend behind. No way”

Kunj was surprise Yuv was able to attend this school. I mean it wasn’t an elite school, but still. Yuv rarely pays attention in class or study, so he was surprise he made it to college.

” wipe that smirk of your face, and let’s go. Your future wife is in there” he teased

Kunj blush lightly , and let Yuv drag him. This was the beginning of his first year in a new environment, how will Kunj handle this. We won’t know until next time.

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