Trap in Lies- (review) a twinji Ff coming soon

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. So far we nottice trapped in lies holds many mystery. The story starts of with kunj declining to attend a good university to go to twinkle school. Then we saw twinkle coming to the school with a police officer and the students angry to see her. we then found out twinkle has a twin name teni, who cares about her a lot. And a young man whose against the two sisters.

Later on, kunj and twinkle ended up being in a murder case. Leading to twinkle breaking down and giving us a little hint about her childhood.


1. kunj was introduced as twinkle gay husband, which we will know more about. But from the past history we know that kunj is infact not gay ( so that means he is trapped in a lie)

2. Yuv gives kunj a profile of teni instead of twinkle, causing kunj to think of twinkle the whole year. By this he decline his offer to attend a school he wanted that could benefit him for twinkle. ( those he was trapped in a lie)

3. Twinkle finger prints was on the knife causing them to arrest her declaring her as a murderer ( so she was trapped in a lie)

4. A girl fell in the water, after her hand was outstretched to twinkle. The police arrives, and everyone saw twinkle an kunj coming out. We all know what they are thinking ( thos, twinkle is once again trapped in lies)

5. Forgot one more, the principal saw twinkle and kunj an assumed they pull the alarm ( they were both trapped in a lie)

So far many mystery an lies happening. And it all revolve around twinkle. Who could be framing her or wants to hurt her? It could be anyone, maybe a student, her sister, yuv, parth, kunj, sid, her mother or maybe shes just bad luck in general like her dadi said.

So tell me guys who do you think is doing this? And why?

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  2. Presha

    Hey kanie awesome ndits coming out intresting do cont soon…

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting..can’t say anything kkon kr skta h esa….eagerly waiting for next part…

  4. Baby

    wow loving it………
    maybe parth or her mother………..
    donno well lovely thanks for d review………
    post soon…eagerly waiting for next…….
    lods of love…….♥

  5. Ramya

    Awesome n so intresting
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Angelk1

      Lol thanks an I will

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