That train journey (SWASAN TS) Shot-2

Hey everyone thank you for your response in shot -1 here we have second last part ❣❣❣

__________The next day______________

Sanskar wake up from the sleep and saw Swara hugging her teddy tightly!! She was looking too cute 😍!! He was staring her continuously and gone towards her and caressed her he was about to kiss her she woke up and shouted loudly he closed her mouth she bit his hand he winced in pain!! He switched on the light Swara saw him and started throwing pillow he cried and he also started throwing pillows on her 😉 they had a pillow fight. After it got over everyone were staring them with angry 😡 expressions for creating the mess. They made a puppy face which melted them and they burst out laughing!! Swasan were embarrassed. After they went to their respective seats Swara started scolding Sanskar.

Swara ; you idiot ? What you were trying to do when I was sleeping shameless because of you everyone laughed on us!! You made me embarrass 😡

Sanskar ; I am sorry 🙁 but you shouldn’t have shout like that blood would have come out of my ears 😉

Swara ; is this a time to joke ? Huh I won’t talk to you 😡

Sanskar ; I am sorry 🙁 but please talk to me ❣

Swara ignored him and watched out of the window!!! Sanskar felt bad 🙁!! The whole day passed but she didn’t talk with him! He couldn’t bear her silence!! It was hurting him! Finally she forgave him. He was in cloud9. They both talked for a while. In the meantime the train reached Mumbai. Swara and Sanskar said bye to eo and went in opposite directions taking their suitcase and baggage.

________One year passed___________

In this one year Swara changed a lot she became a successful business woman. Everyone were scared of her attitude and bossy nature. Sanskar started running a chain of hotels all over the world. He became rich with his hard work and will power. He missed a Swara lot in this one year. There wasn’t a single day when he didn’t talked with her photos which he took while Swara was sleeping in the train. One day he saw Swara going in her car. He thought finally the day came when he is going to confess his feelings. Yes he fall in love with her in one year. That train journey changed him his life everything.Everyday he used to stalk her and find out about her each activity and day by day his feelings got stronger for her. The valentine day came Sanskar got ready in a blue blazer white shirt and black denims. He was ready to propose his love Swara. He got swara’s no so he called her.

Phone Conversation*********

Swara ; hello who is speaking ?

Sanskar ; this is Sanskar we met the first time in train

Swara ; oh you ? Why you called me today suddenly is today any special day ?

Sanskar ; Nope why can’t I call you ?

Swara ; no I was asking casually

Sanskar ; ok if you don’t mind can you come for a dinner date with me ?

Swara ; Ya sure❤️

Sanskar ; ok meet me in abc place

Swara ; fine

Sanskar ended the call and he was in a jolly and excited mood. He went in his car to bouquet shop for buying bouquet of roses. He paid for them and left for abc place. Swara came in abc place wearing a blue knee length designer gown. Sanskar was mesmerised in her looks. She was awestruck to see the decorations it was a beautiful garden decorated with lightings in between a table for two people with so many type of cuisine. It was a magnificent sight. Sanskar offered her a hand she hold it. They both started dancing music was playing in bg. He put hand on her waist and her one hand on his shoulder he twirled her gently she fell on his arms. He removed the hair strands from her face. They dance for five minutes completely lost in each other. Sanskar kneel down in front of Swara and took out a box. He opened it and there was a diamond ring. He hold it in hand and said ‘Swara the day I met you in train my heart started beating faster. I was mesmerised in your looks. I don’t when and how I fall for you but I did. So miss Swara would you like to be Mrs Sanskar maheshwari forever. Swara ‘ sorry Sanskar but I don’t love you! She said this in a hurry and ran away from the garden with tears! Sanskar was broken tears were continuously flowing through his eyes!

Swara PoV*********

I am sorry Sanskar but you don’t deserve me. I am destined to be alone you deserve someone else who is made for you. From childhood I didn’t get anyone’s love then also I never felt bad which I felt while breaking your heart. I am sorry we are not destined to be together

Swara PoV ends*******

She walks in the road endlessly it was raining heavily. Her tears were covered by the drops of rain. Sanskar cries out loudly shouting ‘Swara! This was a moment of broken tears in an endless rain.

To be continued*********


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