That train journey (SWASAN TS) Shot-1

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That train journey ❣ (SWASAN TS) Shot-1

_____________Sanskar PoV___________

I was leaving today to Mumbai in train I was very happy and nervous too. I am from middle class family and now I am going for interview. I packed my bag and left for railway station in cab. I reached in few minutes. I paid the cab driver and entered the railway station and took the ticket from the ticket counter. My train was about to leave as I reached in the last minute. A girl was standing near the door. She signed me to run. I started running she offered me her hand I caught hold of it at last and she pulled me. I fall on her and we rolled together. Everyone were looking at us with weird expressions. My heart started to beating at a faster rate and only inch gap was left between us. She was feeling uncomfortable seeing my gaze on her and immediately I stood up and gave her hand and she hold it tightly and stood up. I looked for my seat and I found it and kept my bag inside the lower berth. The girl’s seat was next to me. She kept her suitcase inside the lower berth. She was staring outside view from the window and I was taking glances of her without anyone’s notice. Suddenly I noticed tear flowing from her eyes it ache my heart seeing her in pain. I don’t know what is this feeling ? But I can’t see her in pain.

__________Sanskar pov ends________

Sanskar ; hey girl thanks for the help ❣

Girl ; welcome

Sanskar ; I am Sanskar and you are name ?

Girl ; hi I am swara

Sanskar ; You belong to Mumbai ?

Swara ; I came here for vacations and now I am going to Mumbai as my vacations got over and I am in degree final year

Sanskar ; oh I am going there for interview

Swara ; oh ok 😬

Sanskar ; ya!

_______________Swara pov___________

I came till here with so much difficulty by escaping from home. My parents from childhood always tortured me. For them I was a curse they always used to beat me. With so much difficulty I was allowed to go to school. When I said them I got admission in one of the best college they didn’t allowed me. Somehow I made them agree and allowed me.From childhood I always craved for my parents love but they always loved Ragini my elder sister. They always did partiality with me .I didn’t saw love from childhood only torture,tears and pain and now I am an emotionless and lifeless I am only living for my aim that it is to become a successful business woman ❣

____________Swara PoV ends________

Sanskar ; Swara what are you thinking ?

Swara ; no nothing just thinking how my

Sanskar ; don’t worry I am sure it will go well ❣

Swara ; thanks 🙂!! How much time will it take to reach Mumbai ?

Sanskar ; maybe two days ❣

Swara ; oh ok 🙂!!

Sanskar ; anyway ! Tell me something about your family ?

Swara ; can we talk about this topic later ? I am not interested 🙁!!

Sanskar ; fine 🙁!! Sorry I make you sad 🙁

Swara ; it’s okay ❣it’s not your fault ?

Sanskar ; thank you for understanding me 😍!!

Swara ; you tell about your family ?

Sanskar ; I am from middle class family my parents and brother love me so much I am apple of their eyes as I am the youngest one in the family ❤️they had always given me freedom ❣

Swara ; oh 😬 you are so lucky 🙂

Sanskar ; ya 🙂!!

Like this they talked for sometime and had dinner together and slept!!


Shot – 1 ends!! So guys hope you like it ❣❣❣ First time I am writing this type of concept 😘❤️❤️ hope you support me 😊!!


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