Tragic love story – Episode 8


Guys sorry for not writing this ff daily coz I’m too busy nowadays as my Ssc year is going on I hope ull understand my circumstance and plz refer to the last episode as a recap so Ull could understand this story

At morning Ishani wakes up ranveer and says that wake up fast now I have many work to do. Still he was asleep. Ishani sits beside and kisses him where ranveer says one more. Ishani hits him and says stop acting now and wake up. Ishani pulls her where she falls on him and they share an eyelock. They were about to kiss where Ishani seperates herself and says I think jiyu is calling me and she blushes and go. Ranveer smiles and says kiss toh I will take from u Ishani. There jiya was sleeping like a sleeping beauty and ishveer sees her and Ishani says I feel so content now where my baby is under our love. Jimmit says I won’t go to school see even jiya is not going. Ranveer says coz we have not taken her admission. Ishani says tomorrow is her interview. Jimmit says then when she will go then only I will. Ranveer shouts at him and says then do whatever you want and don’t except me to bring you gifts. Ishani asks Ranveer to calm and says that he is just a kid. Ranveer leaves from there. Ishani says I have to do something to control Ranveer’s anger. Ishani receives Devarsh’s call and says bhabhi come fast at so and so hospital now krisha delivery is going to began.[actually the family had broke relations with them due to a misunderstanding but ishani trusts them] Ishani says don’t worry I’m coming. Ranveer says sorry I won’t be able to come as I have to visit my employee who had met wd an accident and he needs financial assistance. Ishani says fine. Jiya asks her not to go. Ishani says no babu I have to go as a lil angel is going to come in this world. Jiya says so I’m not ur angel. Ishani says ur my life. jiyu but understand beta I have to. Jiya says okay and she frowns and leave. Ishani says I’m sorry baby. Ranveer says don’t worry maa and Paapa is there. She says yesterday only I found my daughter and today itself actually I have to stay overnight at the hospital….. Ranveer asks her not to tense and leave quickly. He calls Jimmit and apologize to him and asks him to be a good boy and not to show tantrums.

Few hours later at the hospital…..
Krisha gave birth to a baby girl and Ishani congratulates them. Krisha says thank you so much di inspire of jiyu being sad u came for me. Ishani says shut up and says hv u made me a stranger. Later amba calls up Ishani and say Jiya didn’t have anything since morning and was very annoyed. Ishani says can you hand the call to her. She says hello jiyu…I know ur listening me and you know once you said you love me the most because I’m very helpful so now what happened today to I’m helping na. If u love me then u promise me that you will eat properly and when u will open the refrigerator I have prepared ur favorite cupcakes for you. Jiya disconnects the call. At the hospital the whole parekh family comes there wd Ranveer. They see the baby and blesses them and sort out their misunderstandings and they unite.ishani smiles where ranveer was annoyed and asks her to come home as soon as possible and he leaves. She says when will i find peace in my relations. She enters home where everyone was annoyed with Ishani. Ishani says I’m sorry it was an emergency and very important.

Amba says a woman should not have any important task more than her children and husband.
A flashback is shown where amba asks Ishani to return home and send parul instead but ishani refused.
She says I refused as parul and krisha didn’t have good relations and… Parul says but for humanity I would have been there Ranveer asks everyone to shut up and he angrily leaves and says Jiya is having very high fever and if not reduced by tomorrow morning she will be admitted in the hospital . Ishani goes to jiya’s room
Where she sees glucose bottle hanged besides her bed and jiya in pain and Jimmit besides him taking care. Ishani praises him and says I’m proud of you my boy now u go to bed as u have school tomorrow. Ishani caresses jiyu’s forehead and says sorry princess. Jiya says it’s okay. Ranveer says it’s not okay and feeds him food where she refuses to have. Ishani says u forgot that Jiya doesn’t like it. Ranveer says so why u didn’t tell me before. She says in our orphanage our teacher said that not to say anything and remain hungry if u don’t like it. Ishani says u don’t like most of the vegetables so I remained hungry always? Jiya says yes. Ishani leaves from there and cries and says today my family is complete still it is incomplete because of me.

Precap:— Ranveer was getting angry on Ishani and Jimmit where Ishani loses her control and burst out on him. Later she was missing and ranveer gets tensed

Credit to: Vaidehi

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    Superb dhi post the next episode

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    Nice but rv want to control anger but episode was awesome

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