Tragic love story – Episode 7


At the birthday party Ishani looked pretty by wearing a white gown and ranveer wore a white suit wd black bow same is followed by their kids. The birthday party has began but jiya was missing Ishani panics. They searched for her everywhere but there was no sign of her. Ishani cries and says this time I won’t forgive myself if I lose her again Ranveer says don’t worry we will find her and leaves. Ranveer says come on princess ur daddy is very tired playing hide and seek with you suddenly he repeats hide and seek and runs somewhere. There Jimmit thinks that the party will be spoiled because of her and he starts feeling insecure for him. There Ranveer enters the house wd Jiya and her few friends. Ishani goes and hugs her and says never leave the house without mummy’s permission. Ranveer says she went to invite her friends Ishani welcomes them. Jimmit says mum treats her friends very nicely but she often scolds my friends.
The party officially beguns and The jiya Jimmit cut the cake and Feds it first to their parents and later to all family members. Jiya demands ishveer to dance first they refuse but on everyone’s insistence they dance and ranveer old love blossomed again with peace and trust. Later everyone dance where Jimmit feels weak and goes to his room and says if mumma really cares about me now she will come to see me. Jiya enters his room and gives him candies and says eat this u will feel happy. He eats it and becomes happy and hugs her and gives her the gift of the rakhabandhan. And they come out and hv dinner.
At night in Ranveer’s room(Ranveer’s room coz they were living in seperate rooms) he thinks to apologize Ishani and goes to her room. He was going to knock the door of her room in the meantime Ishani opened the door. They share and eyelock. Later Ranveer lifts her in his arms and was on the way to his room where he at apologize to her for all the rude behavior. She forgives him and he puts her on the bed hold her hands.He
kisses her and she says not to feel guilty and move on since their family was finally completed. Then they sleep intimately.
At midnight Ishani wakes up and feels restless Ranveer was very sleepy and asks her to sleep. Ishani says I’m not sure abt…. And she runs towards Jiya room she says this girl has a superpower to disappearLittle later she such as the whole house and finally found her on terrace swinging the swing. Ishani scolds her badly which makes her cries. Ishani wipes her tears and says baby why don’t you understand without you how does it feels and then makes her sleep in her bedroom.
Precap:– Ranveer romances wd Ishani

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  1. Nice episode Vaidehi I really liked it and the patch-up btw ishveer was so cute?

  2. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    i really like it and i like the reunion

  3. Nice vaidehi!!!

  4. Nice epi dear u rocking and post your next Ff soon

  5. Hey im new here
    it was a wonderful epi

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