Tragic love story – Episode 5 SPECIAL EPISODE


Ranveer asks Ishani and Jimmit to get ready as they are about to leave for the orphanage. He says I’m waiting outside and leave. Ishani was about to leave where she lits the diya in the house temple and prays for her family. Amba asks her to distribute All the stuffs to children and earn good wishes for her children and Ishani leaves. Ranveer taunts her for being late Ishani ignores. Ranveer drives the car very fast where Ishani asks him to control the speed where he asks her to shut up. Ishani says okay then drop us overhead and we will come by our own. Still he drives fast. Jimmit says why do are always angry papa. Ranveer says it’s not like that. He reduces the speed and feels restless. Ishani feels the same n says why I feel as if something is attracting me towards itself ranveer holds Ishani’s hand and asks even u……he kisses her hands.
Then at the orphanage Ishani felt someone’s presence at the gate ranveer asks them to go he will follow them after parking the car .

She nods Jimmit says mum we forgot those toys in the car. He says I will bring it. Ishani saw the drying racks and she got shocked. She sees the same frock which jiya had worn on the day of that accident. ranveer too sees it and he too gets shocked. And they rush inside and asks the manager whether she is there or not. Manager says sorry we don’t know any jiya over here actually the children get new name after coming here. Ishani shows that frock and asks whose is this. The manager replies it’s janvi’s. She says where is she I want to meet her. Ranveer says what happened why ur silent. Manager says she in dilemma and nor she speaks not play nor she smiles. Ranveer says take me too her and they go wd them. He opens the room where he sees many crestfallen faces of the kids but they didn’t find janvi . Ishani calls jiya and cries. Ranveer says where’s my princess see papa has come. Then a small life out of the curtain come and sees them. Ishveer get delighted and says come my baby but she stood sad and expressionless. Ishveer approach towards her and hugs her and carry her Jimmit says where were u jiya we missed u so much but was quiet. The caretaker of kids come and says she won’t speak anything. A lady named ritika says she was found near the shore of the lake and she is an orphan. They get shocked and ranveer says now I understood the whole story.[ guys actually ritika didn’t commit any murder here but ritika and her husband Chirag were enemies of thiers]

Ishani says she is our daughter and she is not orphan we thought that she is dead but luckily she is here wd us. The other children seem to me frighten. Ranveer prompts to Ishani that the ppl over here torture them. The lady overhears and says u r wrong Mr waghela we don’t u any torture here. And we need some proof that janvi is ur daughter. The lady asks her whether they are her parents. Janvi didn’t say anything.

Flashback:- jiya was angry and upset at home where ranveer comes and asks her to get ready as they are going to amusement park but she didn’t reply anything. Ranveer tried hard to convince
her but he failed finally he was about to leave n jiya says okay papa. Ishani says only Ranveer can convince jiya flashback over

At present Ranveer use the same trick of convincing her but she did respond. Finally he Ishani n jiya pretend to leave where janvi says mumma papa don’t leave me and go and she hugs Ishani and ranveer and cry Jimmit to hugs them

Precap:— Jiya was in dilemma and doesn’t speak anything

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  1. Awesome episode dear!! They finally found their daughter!!!

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  2. Happy that they found their daughter

  3. Wow wonderful episode. So happy that they found their daughter

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  5. Nice vaidu dear… Finally they got their daughter…. Really happy…!!!!

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  7. Julina

    Nice epi… At last they found her…. So emotional epi…. Keep it up Vaidehi dr

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  9. Hi. I m silent reader but this story make me comment. It is nice concept i like this very much.I m eagerly waiting for the next epi.

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