Tragic love story – Episode 4

It was 11:50 at night when Ishani wakes up ranveer and says ranveer wake up 10 minutes more to 12 ranveer smiles and says then it’s jiya’s bday. Ishani looks at him and then he says I mean Jimmit’s bday Ishani says ranveer I know u since 17 years don’t hide ur feelings even I feel the same pain which you are feeling right now and he leaves and bring Jimmit to the hall and then they wish him a happy birthday and Ishani bring the cake made by herself and the family gets shocked seeing it. It’s was written happy birthday Jimmit and jiya. Ishani comes to her senses and says I’m really sorry and ranveer says it’s okay today even her bday is there and Jimmit asks when she will come. Ishani says very soon and thinks today why I’m feeling so restless I feel as if something is attracting me. Then Jimmit cuts the cake. Ishani hugs him and blesses him and ranveer gifts him a set of video games. Ishani imagines that jiya comes towards her and asks for her gift and she actually says even I have brought gift for u Jiya and she hugs her and suddenly she disappears and she comes to her senses and shouts Jiya

Jiya and she gets asthma attack. Ranveer takes her to her room (her room coz ranveer sleep separately in another room as he is annoyed wd Ishani) she was crying n says Jiya was there and she went away ranveer gives her the pump and her medicines and says calm down Ishani. She gets up from the bed and checks the room and her stress was causing breathlessness and she was semiconscious. Ranveer brings her to the bed n make her lie. He says ishani just have some water she was murmuring her daughter’s name. Ranveer felt sorry for her. Amba comes there and asks how’s she? Ranveer replied She is fine. Amba sees her and angrily says what fine she is thirsty for love dying for her daughter and calling her daughter’s father who left her in this condition. She says it ur love so weak that u keep on blaming and u always run from the situations why? Don’t u care for her if u then u won’t be so egoistic n even u seperated ur room. She needs u n Jimmit the most n ur snatching him and urself away. Ranveer yes I will and she is just repenting for her sins n he leaves. Ranveer keeps recalling Amba’s words and he comes back to her room and takes care of her.
Next morning Ishani wakes up and opens the cupboard and removes jiya’s pic n says plz come back my doll. Jimmit comes there and says mumma are we going to the orphanage she says yes. He jumps n says yes now we will gift them books toys clothes and food. Ishani recalls ranveer’ words abt going to the orphanage near the hill station.

Precap:- Ishani ranveer and Jimmit were on the way to the orphanage n ranveer and Ishani both think why I’m so happy to go there. He holds Ishani’s hands

Guys for this ff I’m not getting that much responses so I’m ending it soon

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  1. Don’t end it soon it is actually a nice episode


    No !!!! I’m sorry vaidehi….actually I’m busy but I read all episode its really an awesome story line….please drag it…

  3. No plz don’t end and live it so much and plz plz plz don’t end I love it solo much ?????

  4. No plz don’t end and live it so much and plz plz plz don’t end I love it solo much and plz don’t stop it it is my kind request and plz don’t stop it

  5. No Vaidehi it is nice I like it you have different story line pls continue it

  6. Pls dont end this ff is very nice n there r many silent readers of ur ff pls dont end its my humble request dhii!!!!

  7. lovely ishveer

    No dear don’t end it soon ur story line is simply awesome and actually I was very busy that’s why I didn’t commented

  8. No… pls don’t end it… it’s so emotional… it’s awsm and story is suuuperb… pls post next soon…

  9. No pls don’t end. It’s an awesome ff

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