Tragic love story – Episode 3

Ranveer was in the study busy doing his work. Ishani comes there and informs him about Jimmit’s bday party. Ranveer says this was the bday of our Jiya too. Ishani gets senti. In the meantime Amba overhears their conversation and gets delighted hearing the party plan. She says this time we will have a blast in the party but without my granddaughter it will be useless but at least for the sake of Jimmit. Amba asks ranveer and Ishani to go to the orphanage for donation n they agree and Ishani says this time my heart is saying something good is going to happen . At midnight Ishani was going to the kitchen to hv water where in the study she sees RV
drinking and crying in dark n she goes there and hold ranveer hands and says I’m so sorry ranveer and Ishani recalls that day…..when the family went for the picnic to hill station and then Jiya met with the accident and she fell into the lake where ranveer blames Ishani for the incident and
later their relationship turned the way. Flashback over
Ranveer too holds Ishani’s hand and says see I’m so stupid that I always blamed u infact the divers searched everywhere for her but we were unable to get her back. Ishani cries and says till today we are searching for her n my heart says we will get her back very soon and they hug each other and cry bitterly and then ranveer sleeps on Ishani’s lap
Next morning ranveer wakes up and remembers nothing as he was drunk and Ishani was already awake n ranveer says this time we will donate where the incident has took place Ishani nods. At breakfast table aanya asks where is jiya di I want to play with her parul asks her to keep quiet. Ranveer says ur di is annoyed wd us but she will return soon. Ishani smiles and thinks God this time plz don’t break our expectations and then aanya asks to ranveer mamu why u always remain sad he says I miss ur di and aanya hugs him and says I prayed fairy to return jiya soon Ishani gets teary.
Precap:- it was 12 at night and the family celebrates Jimmit’s bday and Jimmit asks where’s my cake. Amba says this time ur mumma has made it n when Ishani brings the cake on the table everyone gets shocked seeing it including Ishani

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  1. Nice n emotional episode. Reveal the incident soon

  2. Ya just waiting for it badly

  3. Nice episode Vaidehi and emotional also?

  4. Also update the next one soon and I loved the epi so much

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