Tragic love story – Episode 10


Guys plz refer to the previous episodes before reading this
Amba searches for Ishani everywhere but all in vain. She says to Kailash that its late night and she is not over here. The children overheard the conversation and says now we have to search for them. Ranveer searches for kids and later he learns that even they have gone missing. Ranveer thinks that they all might have left the house because of my rude behavior but the weather too isn’t good and I have to search for them where they will be.

At the road Jiya and Jimmit hold each other’s hands and it started raining heavily. They opened the umbrella and both of them shared one. Some bad guys saw the children and says see ur prey is here. We shall kidnap them and…. They laugh and they covered the kids wd a jute bag. Suddenly a man hits them and free the children and makes them sit in his car. It was Ranveer. The children hugs him and cries. Ranveer consoles them and explain them not to leave the house alone. They nod. Ranveer calls the driver and asks him to drop the children home and says to the l children that he will come with their mumma. Ranveer guess Ishani might be at the temple and she was actually there. He sees her and hugs and she says why did u hide such a big thing from me. He says I didn’t wanna you to hurt you. Actually Ranveer had cancer and it was second stage cancer. He says that no one can guarantee my life. If treatment didn’t work than I will die. So i passed my will to u and papa. She cries. Ranveer holds her hands and says after my death I want u to remarry. Ishani slaps him and says from when ur speaking nonsense. Nothing will happen to you and no one can take ur place in our lives. Ur the best son best papa best brother and best husband and she hugs him. She says I have talked to a cancer specialist.

She is my friend who is in London. He says so I have to go to London. She says WE will go there for ur treatment and its 1 year treatment. Ranveer asks what abt children. Ishani says they have to stay here. Ranveer says Ull have to suffer because of me and he leaves. Ishani follows him and says once u said all problems will be together faced by us. We together are strong so now what’s the problem. Nowadays ur behaving so behaving badly wd us so that we start hating u right. Ranveer says yes so that Ull won’t miss me. Ishani says u need one more slap. Stop being negative. Ranveer says I m very lucky to have u. Them they return home.

Precap:– Ishani informs the kids about her and ranveer going to London for 1 year. The kids cry badly

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  3. Hi Vaidehi this episode was emotional but nice waiting for the next ?

  4. Hey vaidehi it sooo much keep it waiting for your next epi so plz post it soon i loved this epi so much no words to express

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG this is so heart touching ranveer n cancer noooooooo

  6. Nandana

    Nice episode I really like it and I was been waiting a while for this I cure ranveer soon

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