Tragic love story – Episode 1


Hey guys this a new tragic love story of our ISHVEER

Characters- Ishani Ranvir Jiya and Jimit their 4 years children and rest others are family members to including Harshad and FalgunI
Ishani: Jimit my boy plz get ready soon ur getting late for school come I wear u the clothes
Jimmit: no I m big boy n I can wear my clothes by my own
Ishani smiles and says however big u grow u will remain a small kid for me
Everyone in the family have the breakfast then Ishani tells come Jim I will drop u school
Ranveer rudely says no need I will drop him coz I can’t take risk again after……????
Everyone looks on……. Jimmie does not understand anything and rv and Jim leave
Amba consoles Ishani. Ishani runs to her room and cries bitterly and looks at the mirror and says u can’t be a good mother nor a good wife??
Then the door bell rings. There enters a married parul with her daughter Aanya. She greets them. Aanya asks where is Jiy…….parul changes the topic and says come aanya get Nana and Nani. Ishani frawns. Parul asks her not to worry everything will be fine. Ishani says my one mistake has made an adverse effect on my family especially my ranveer
After sometimes in the study kailash was doing some work and rv comes. He says why u lead this kind of life. It effects Jimmit’s life too. Ranveer does not answer and continues his work. Kailash says I’mean to say move on coz I u don’t then no one will. Especially Ishani it seems that there is no life in her she is just living her life for Jimmit. Ranveer rudely answers I didn’t tell her to do so if she don’t want to live I don’t care. Amba asks u r saying,will u be able to live life without her. Ranveer says even Jiya is not wd us today still I’m surviving just for my Jimmit and I want Ishani to stay away from him or else we will lose him too. She is not a good mother. Amba asks him to shut up and Amba kailash leave

Ishani overhears their conversation and she gets panic attacks and she faints. Ranveer sees her
and shouts Ishani get up…he carries her in his arms to the room and gives her the medicines. He get teary and says to himself Ishani why did u do this today coz of this mistake our love too got affected. Ishani was still unconscious. He than hugs her and kisses her forehead and says why did u do this and then he leaves. Parul comes to Ishani wd a doctor and Doctor checked up. He says to them don’t give her emotional pain or else it would not be good. Ishaani was unconscious n repeatedly whispers Jiya and rv was watching all this hiding n crying and says come back my angel see ur mumma’s state

Precap:- Jimmit didn’t return home later he enters wd ishaani . Ranveer scolds Ishani why did she took Jimmit without his permission. Ishani got furious and they hv an argument

Guys this is just the starting and little sad but when this story’s suspense gets revealed it will get more interesting n ISHVEER romance will start again
this sequence should be continued or not comment below

Credit to: Vaid

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  1. Should be continued I just love it plc update regularly plz


    Nice story vaid…..I liked it !!!! Its really a good start keep it up !!!

  3. Pls continue this ff!! I am soooo interested

  4. Nice story vaid.. N ya pls continue..

  5. Interesting story plz continue it Vaid

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