Tragedy in love- information.(or we are in love)

Hi guys ?.
I am g.s.
you think i am new.
Answer is -No.

And so soory guys it is not an update so soory.

Hey guys i am g.s. aka your garima i change my name aka show name also it is your show we are in love and i am your same servant.

I change my name.


So the answer is we are in love is not so suitable.

You know soon that
Why? I change the name?

You know soon.

Hope you all keep i encouraging me.


Bihaan fell ill.
Druv are geting in bad condition in next chapter.

So it is interesting to know how two girls(thapki shardha) or agent get out from this trouble.
(Note- shardha are also agent)

Next chapter is interesting .

And really i update soon.

Love you? ?


and thanks all for supporting in previous episode.
So soory malikasaraver ,barbie , saima,navami .
For not commenting thanks dear so much for your support .

Barbie,saima welcome to my ff group.

Thanks dear-

SHIBIL,ANU,MANSAK,FATIMA,SOHAM,APEKSHA,NAYMAZ,MARIA,JIS123,VINOL D,MALIKASHRAVAR,RINKA.RITZS,NIDHI,BIHAAN LOVE,NAVAMI,BARBIE,SAIMAFAHEEM97.(so sorry if i forgot any of name actually one comment are blurred i special thankyou in next part)

You all are the awesome and blossoms readers.
Thanks for being member of my group.
Your one comment are valuable for me.

Thanks dear.
Love you all.

And i update soon .

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  1. Shardha is agent ..hmm quite interesting…i still remember bihaan dialogue when he was in anger n telling infornt of whole family to shardha chant khopadi…? … Waiting for ur update dear …

    1. KUDRAT

      Yes my favorite episode that bihaan love
      Chant khoprii..
      Choon Choon k bahue.. a mili h es privaar ko..
      haahhahaa aa a….. ????
      How are you my friend..

    2. G.S.

      ?YES YAAR.

      You are absolutely right.?
      Thanks for your valuable comment dear.
      Love you dear. ??.

    3. G.S.

      Hy dear.
      I also like it?.
      But in my ff their realationship are improve.
      Hope you like it.
      Love your comment and love you dear??.


    Garima diii..
    How are you..???
    Nice spoiler..
    Wating for next episode..
    Take care nd
    Please update soon

  3. lovely garima sorry I m much busy nowadays but I will try to come on this site very soon with my TS or Os which I already wrote on fb. If anyone want to read them do like my fb page fan love stories with thahaan pic as Dp and cover pic. Do check it once love u Gs and all my friends interesting Yar love to see Shadz as agent

    1. G.S.

      It’s ok and hy dear.
      Thanks for your lovely support .
      And waiting for your os.
      Your previous os are also beautiful.
      Love you dear ??.

  4. nice….waiting for the update….keep writting

    1. G.S.

      Thanks so much dear for your always support .
      Love you dear ??.

  5. Alm.Abi

    hi garmi.. so sorry for being unresponsive on the forum for so long.. buddy i was nd still am busy wd my personal nd educational stuff thts why was unable to read the awesome ff on this forum.. but seriously was really missing u all. now i am little bit free so just trying to cover up the loss nd ll try to read all ffs.. take care buddy.. love u..

    1. G.S.

      Hy dear miss you so much dear.
      Love you.
      And waiting for your ff also.
      Make one if you free.
      I am your first reader of it ?.

  6. Simrank

    Hey gariima i love ur story like anything ?❤ nd i love u ? i just cnt wait to get my eyes on upcoming parts…i love u ?

    1. G.S.

      Hi dear how are you dear.
      Love you .
      And waiting for your ff also.

  7. Shibil

    Hi garima ….how are u dr …i miss u so much ….spoiler is interesting …waiting for next episode ….luv u …take care dr …

    1. G.S.

      Hi dear miss you.
      How are you dear?
      Thanks for your valuable comments.

  8. Nice dear. Waiting for next

    1. G.S.

      Thanks so much dear for your valuable comment.

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