Tragedy Between Heart and Fate (Part 1)

Preface: With due respect to all friends , i have started to expose my story which is the result of my deep imagination .here iwill introduce u with my dream lady and she is one and only Shweta Basu Prasad. I have made it with my imagination but from my heart. I have no wish to hurt anyone but if anyone hurt by my story i have begged pardon to u. And i have decided to publish this every friday night. Please keep praying for all .

I am watching the television at the evening . there is a cricket match between Bangladesh and India which i am watching . all on a sudden , my sister comes to the drawing room and starts enjoying the match. suddenly she chages the channel and starts watching star plus. i become very angry but anyhow control myself. i think , she is my younger sister,i should give value to her interest . however i also starting to watch star plus. suddenly a cute face displays on the screen.i see her face for the first time. i see her eyes and body language which i never have seen. i also starts watching the show. at the time of break , i see the title of the show. this is Chandra-Nandini.and she plays the role of Nandini. as she attracts me , i ask to my sister about the past story of this serial. she tells me the past story.

After the break , i become very astonished to see her acting . i think, how it possible to act such this way. i become very curious about her

One month have passed . now i become a great fan of her. i have started watching this show regularly . so i start to find about her reality . after trying so much, i can know she is Shweta Basu Prasad lives in Mumbai.

Another six months have crush turns in love. i become a great lover of her. deep thinking about my love starts. various types of daydreams starts to come. i realize the sound of my heart .it always cries for getting her touch .i am also thinking according to my heart.

Suddenly i think , which i am thinking is not possible by any means . our tracks are quite different . there is a huge gap between us.this gap can never reduce. it is very very impossible to come close to her.even we are belonging in different countries .by thinking this, i feel weaker. i lose my energy of thinking my body falls over bed. my eyes turn off.

after passing a hard night, i wake up early from bed.i am feeling a little bit headace. completeing all formalities,without having breakfast i come out of my house.i am walking roughly on the street. and trying to forgate the darkness of my fate.

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  1. I know how it feels first sight love i think i got mad with many handsome men in star plus but i felt that it will be seen only nice when they are with their own life partners which is like Chandra with nandhini in real life some one else. i think it is just an attraction for this you don’t get any seriousness and write part 1,2,3,…i got irritated really when I read those please sorry if i hurted you .you made for some other lucky girl not for her first so all the best wishes for your life i think i wrote more brother so that’s it.

  2. Apon

    Thanks a lot….for your valuable advice…..i will try my best according to your advice…..

  3. NABANITA626

    Apon da plz don’t mind but I think it’s just a imphachuation or attraction…..
    You just see swetha as a charecture nandini,so you love nandini right?but it’s just a fictional charecture….you don’t know swetha in real life…how is she?
    So please don’t take the matter so serious…
    It’s not any tragedy…may be a much better girl is waiting for you in real life…i can understand your feeling…but please don’t behave like a tragic charecture…
    God has gifted us a wonderful please enjoy it…..

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