TPK: Together forever (Episode 4)


Hi guys I am back, sorry for the delay,had exams on soo. But guys keep commenting if u all comment only I can write my ff continuously. Thanks for bearing me
1..2… we go

Suddenly bihaan hears thapki shout, he goes out running and gets shock to see that two goons are holding thapki
He gets super angry and shouts
Bihaan : leave thapki otherwise
Goon1 : otherwise what huh?
Bihaan : otherwise I won’t leave u all

Thapki : bihaan save me pls
Bihaan : yes thapki don’t loose hope
Goon2 :ohoho so these 2 are lovers, now it would be more fun
Bihaan : àaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
He goes running towards them and pushes thapki and bets the goon
Thapki falls over the cliff by mistake but holds a branch of a tree and shouts
Thapki : bihaan!!!!!!!!!!
Bihaan looks at her and gets shocked
Bihaan : thapki! !!!!!!!
The goons get scared and runs of to get a gun
Bihaan goes and saves thapki he lifts her out and they have an eye lock. …n nana an. …….nana na na
Suddenly bihaan hears the goon coming and sees them with the gun
They point it towards bihaan making thapki shocked
They shoot at bihaan, but at peek time thapki pushes bihaan and both fall on the ground. The goons hear police voice and runs  (police comes every half an hour for checkup )
Thapki is on top of bihaan and hugs hin so tight that’s she could hear his heartbeat
But by mistake her lipstick mark comes on bihaans shirt
But both of them dint observe
They both get up
Thapki : bihaan I am sorry, I doubted on u today morning

Bihaan : that’s ok thapki, it happened .Come now let’s go to the hotel othaer wise sir will suspend us
Thapki : ok
After a 20mins they reach the hotel
While walking everyone laugh at them they get confused why are they laugh
Just them bihaans friend rohan and thapki s friend ria comes there and they to start laughing
Bihaan gets angry and asks
Bihaan : now u guys at also laughing, what is the matter
Rohan :u really don’t know what’s the matter
Bihaan : no I don’t know

Rohan :look down at ur shirt
Bihaan : what but why?
Rohan :look look
Bihaan looks down and sees and super duper embarrassed to see a lipstick mark on his shirt he look at thapki with a shocked look, thapki to gets embarrassed and runs to the room
Rohan : Ohoho bihaan in two days itself she became my bhabhi huh!okok enjoy
Bihaan : nothing like that she is no one to mee
Any ways I have to go talk to u later
And even he runs to the room

Precap: bihaan and thapki dance to gether .bihaan Realizes his love for thapki

Credit to: Ishita

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  1. tamil ponnunga-kumutha (5)

    Nice epi… Ur next part pls update soon da..,

  2. wooooowww..thahan scene was amazing…bt its too short..anyway i licked ur story line a lot!!!

    1. From next onwards I will write long 🙂

  3. Akanksha Gupta

    Gazab epi?

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow ishita nice episode

  5. very nice
    so early bihaan realises his love

  6. Thanks guys


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