TPK: Together forever (Episode 3)


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Here we go 1.2.3.go…….

She comes out of the bathroom with her bathrobe on and
 bihaan lifts his head,they both get shocked
Thapki : u!!!!!!!!!
She  goes hides behind the curtain,while going she was about to slip but bihaan holds her, they share an eye lock nana na na na. ……………plays
Thapki : u! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! How did u come
Bihaan : this is my room to so whenever I want I can come here
Thapki : don’t u know the the meaning of door closed huh?
Bihaan : I know, but the door was not closed
Thapki : excuse me I closed it okay
Bihaan : no u dint close it properly.
Thapki : uhhhhh!
Bihaan : okay now go u want to stand like this the whole day in front of me?
Thapki : no no
Bihaan : then go and change
Thapki : I can’t change! U go out
Bihaan : why go to the bathroom and change
Thapki : I can’t it’s wet
Bihaan : okay I am going
Just then bihaan opens the door and goes
After an half an hour he comes, it’s raining then
Bihaan : Oh chuk chuk gadi done with ur dress change now can I come inside
Thapki : yess
They fight for the bed and then end up lying in opposite sides of the bed

Everyone assemble in the ground at the morning but bihaan and thapki still dint come. After 10 min they both come running ,sir asks
Coach :why are u both late
They dint reply everyone started laughing and taunt them
Boy 1: Oh ho dint sleep at night huh?
Girl 1: (to boy ) you should not talk like this about their personal life, they can do whatever u want, they can talk, they can ki…..
Coach :okay enough enough guys
from tomorrow u both should be here on time k
Thahaan :okay
Coach :so come on guys let’s head towads the trecking area which is in the middle of a jungle
Students ok let’s go!!!!!!!

Everyone heads towards the jungle
Our thahaan are walking at the last. Annoyed with each other

They all reach the destination and start wearing their trecking suits
One by one everyone goes upon the mountain
When it’s thapki turn, she climbs and looks down she feels like vomiting and just then she faints and was about to fall but bihaan catches her

There was pin drop silence

Everyone were tensed
Bihaan breaks the silence
Bihaan : sir I will take her and go for first aid
Coach :okay but cum fast
Bihaan : ok

They leave towards the mountain
Meanwhile bihaan takes thapki towards the hotel
Suddenly it starts raining and he runs under a tree
Bihaan : Oh no now I can’t see anything ,it’s foggy around
Then just of a sudden he sees a hut out there, he takes her and goes inside, he makes her lie on a bed
She starts to shiver, bihaan sees and her and removes his shirt and raps her with the shirt.

He goes and lies down on the opposite side but by mistake he keeps holding her hand .

Morning in hut

Thapki gets up and is shocked (bihaan topless )
Thapki : bihaan! !!!!!
Bihaan gets up
Bihaan : ya ya ya
Thapki : Wat is this, Wat did u do yesterday ,I don’t remember anything
Bihaan : Wat ur thinking it’s nothing like that
Thapki : then Wat are we doing here together on bed
Bihaan : look ur misunderstanding me I am not a gut like that
Thapki gives his shirt and goes out
Bihaan says Wat a trouble

Suddenly he hears thapki shouting and he goes out and gets shock! !!!!!

Bihaan gets shot! !!!!!!!!!

Credit to: Ishita

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