TPK: Together forever (Episode 2)


Guys pls keep commenting. My ff will continue on it
So here we go

Thahaans room
Bihaan takes the key and goes towards the room and the other side thapki also comes walking towards the room. They both are going to see each other but light goes. They can see each others faces
Bihaan : are you thapki CHATURVEDI?
Thapki : yes I am thapki and are u bihaan pandey?
Bihaan : yes
Thapki : nice to met u
Bihaan : same here

He opens the door and both go inside
Suddenly light comes they both get shocked seeing each other
Thapki : u!!!!!!!
Bihaan : u!!!!!!!
They both shout and remember what happened while coming to the camp
Bihaan : look I am not intrested to stay in this room with u
Thapki : nor am I
Bihaan : I am going to get a new room for me
Thapki : yes yes go fast even i don’t wanna stay here!
bihaan goes and thapki fumes
After  twenty minutes bihaan comes back and sees thapki walking around the room. He comes inside
Bihaan :thapki I dint get any other room.
Thapki : what! !!!!!!!
Bihaan : stop shouting ,sir said we have to stay here together otherwise he will suspend us
Thapki : uhhhhh!
Bihaan : stop shouting you chuk chuk gadi
Thapki : how dare u call me chuk chuk gadi
They start quarrelling
Just then the coach comes and says stop shouting it’s night go and sleep and he goes
Bihaan : it’s all because of u,waste of time talking to you
Thapki : yes ur right it’s waste of time talking to you and she was going
Bihaan : were are you going?
Thapki : what’s ur problem? Where ever I want I can go mind ur own business
Bihaan : even i don’t like interfaring in ur business, I am just asking because if sir comes I have to answer him.
Thapki :I am going to garden. Enough!
And she goes
Bihaan : gazab
Just then someone calls bihaan and he goes

In the garden

Thapki is walking and suddenly she fell something went inside her dress and she thinks of going and taking bath
thapki reaches the room and sees bihaan not there
Thapki : it’s gud that this guy is not here at least I can bath peacefully.
She locks the door and goes inside the bathroom

Here bihaan comes back and finds the door closed and thinks I haven’t lock the door and thapki is in the garden how did it get locked? He wonders
He tries to open and it opens he goes inside and sits just then his phone falls down and his battery goes under the bed he bends to take it
Just then thapki finishes taking bath
Thapki : Oh no I left my cloths out I have to go get it anyway bihaan is not there
She comes out and suddenly bihaan lifts his head
They both get shock seeing each other

Thapki faints while trecking . bihaan brings her to room

Credit to: Ishita

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  1. oh ha ha ha

    nice epi

  2. Nice episode dear..pls updates ur next part soon dear….

  3. Akanksha Gupta

    Omgggg… Good.. Keep writingwriting
    Still laughing…

  4. haaaaahaaaa…i’m still laughing!! its interesting! plz update next epi asap!!!

  5. But no lets a boy n a girl stay in one room during school or college trip. Isnt it so??..
    Anyhow loved the story..♥♥

    1. In my schools it’s sooo that’s why

  6. bihaan ki deewani

    wonderful ff pliz keep writing its really awsome

  7. nice episode. funny.

  8. loved the episode plz update soon

  9. Plz can some1 tell me abt this kind of episode was it out of your imagination cause I haven’t seen this episode before

    1. Yes this is a fan fiction

      1. Can a boy and a girl stay together in a room at school or college trip in a school..?? Whoa where are you frm ishita.???

  10. wow i love it haha

  11. please update epi 3….
    i am waiting……

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