TPK: Together forever (Episode 1)


Guys this is my first ff, hope you enjoy this one and it’s completely q different story. …….here we go

Here bihaan and thapki are studying in the same collage but they are not aware of that. ….
Thapki mansion

Poonam : thapki beta come fast it’s time for u to leave to ur summer camp. …..its already 8:00
Thapki : coming maaa
Krisnakanth (kk):thapki beta auto has come
Thapki :okay papa
Thapki rushes with a bag in her hand and rushes to wards the main door
Poonam :thapki beta stop. ..have something and go
Thapki:no maaa I an already late. I had to reach there at 8 :15 and now it’s already 8:00.I will have something on the way
Thapki touches Poonam and kk legs and they bless her and she leaves

Pandey mansion
(Hear vasu and shraddha are good.and dhruv is married but bihaan single)
Vasu :bihaan beta come fast ur getting late
Bihaan : yes maa coming
Bauji : bihaan ur breakfast is ready come beta
Bihaan :Bauji maa I don’t have time to eat anything,I am getting late
Bihaan runs towards the door
Dhruv :stop bihaan
Bihaan : why
Dhruv :atleast take maa, Bauji s blessing and go
Bihaan takes their blessings and leaves

On the way to collage
Thapki is in the auto and bihaan is on bike .suddenly a puppy comes in front of auto thapki gets scared and shouts
Thapki :stop! !!!!!!!!!!
Auto driver stops and asks
Auto driver :but why madam
Thapki : can’t u see there is a puppy in front of the auto
Auto driver : sorry madam I dint see
Thapki : wait I will keep it aside and come
She goes and pats it lovingly. Suddenly from other side bihaan comes on his bike in full speed and he suddenly see thapkI and gets shocked, he puts break and by mistake slips from his bike and fall on top of her and coincidently (by mistakely)they share a small kiss. They get ocward and get up
Bihaan : can’t you see and walk
Thapki : can’t u see and drive
Bihaan :gazab chuk chuk gadi
Thapki fumes
They start arguing
Just then bihaan see his watch and says
Bihaan : Oh no its 8 :15 already
Just then thapki Realizes that she is late too. She runs towards the auto and sits and go
Bihaan : gazab, I am getting late and she is running
He sits on his bike and goes.

At collage
Both of then reach but does not observe each other
Coach :good morning guys are you all ready to go for ur summer camp
Everyone shout yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
Coach :guys board ur buses

At the destination
Coach :this will be our hotel like home for 1 month and everyone go and collect the room keys
Everyone says okay sir
Coach :wait guys one announcement is left
Everyone look at each other
Coach :one room will be shared by 2 people, everyone go and check your patners name on the board
Thapki comes comes and see
Thapki : hmmmm were is the name, just then d he finds and reads -BIHAAN PANDEY and goes
Bihaan comes and see
Bihaan : hmm who is my room mate, hmmmm,just then he finds-THAPKI CHATURVEDI

They meet at the room. They both are shocked

Credit to: Ishita

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    1. Thanks dear

  1. it is interesting story!!…….but hw cud a girl n boy shares one room!?……..

    1. It’s a story dear. … anything can happen 🙂

  2. Nice but he a boy and girl on the same room but I’ve expected this so nice but too short yaar

  3. Akanksha Gupta

    Very interesting. Update soon

  4. a boy and a girl in same room . by the way it is interesting

  5. very nice
    keep writing

    here everyone welcomes u

    all loves u here
    Keep writing

    try to be regular if have no problem

    precap is too good

  6. Wow ur ff is super interesting love it


  8. it was little different than other eagerly waiting 4 next epi!!

  9. Wow…interesting…waiting for ur updates….

  10. liked it..nice start

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