TPK (new love story) intro


hey guys i m new to this page and i m a huge fan of thahaan manyasa.loved their work
like u all i also want that thahaan love start soon in the show.
U ALL know ANU i m his cousin.
she always talk about thahaan & love them a lot.
hearing her talk & watching the show i also become a huge fan on THAHAAN so i decided as she will end her ff soon so now i’ll entertain u with my ff.
its a intro

thapki( jigyasa singh) a innocent 22 years old girl who stammers but want her weakness to make her strength.She lived at noida with her parents & 2 younger bro & sis.

BIHAAN PANDEY (manish goplani) a handsome buddy of 22 years love his family a lot.
A racer & a boxer.
Racing is his profession & boxing is his hobby.
He cares for everyone in the family hate that people who try to say anything about him & the family.
BALWINDER PANDEY: father of bihaan & dhruv pandey.A
caring father
VASUNDHARA PANDEY:( jaya bhattacharya) a women who loves his family loved her children & loves bihaan a lot & can do anything for the family members.(much different than original vasu)
DHRUV;( ankit bathla)
son of vasu & balwinder a journalist ; a caring brother .A responsible son.
KRISHNIKANT Chaturvedi:” father of thapki .
A father who loves his children & fulfil their every dream A honest person.
Poonam chaturvedi:” mother of thapki A CARING MOTHER.A good housewife & responible lady.An icon of thapki.
ADITI & Shubh( sheena bajaj & shubh kalra) a lovely bro & sis of thapki who loves her & the family.The naughtiest member of the family.
huge fan of bihaan pandey and didn’t miss his performance.They liked him whom her sis thapki hates as she don’t like that profession.

Dadi ma: GRANDMOTHER OF bihaan & bihaan & the family but due to some reason which i expose in upcoming epi hates thapki & her family her son also support her and hates thapki also.

other characters i will add when i want them in ff
i know its much different & some of u will shocked of the family members behavior towards thapki except vasu.
but i will revealed in upcoming epi
THAN I’ll post the parts otherwise quit the ff.

so plz comments
express ur views

Credit to: HUGE FAN

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  1. Welcome to forum.
    I like ur idea
    I think ur ff is much different from others…
    Hope you continue soon…
    I’m a huge fan of thahaan… I want to become a huge fan of you too with ur ff

  2. congrates . I will always support you

  3. i liked it .plz do continue

  4. Good start ..waiting for ur episode…

  5. Nice to have you….looka like an interesting story…plz be continue if possible ..eagerly waiting for the episode

  6. Nice to have you here…intro looks interesting…plz be continue if possible ….eagerly waiting for the episode

  7. Nice intro yaar…All the best.?

  8. rafay don kon

    Intro to owsum ha when will you start.

  9. Oh so you are anu’s cousin I also watch TPK and when I came to visit my country I got know that my younger cousin is a huge fan of TPK too, and we watch it together and best wishes from singapore

  10. wow bhai gajab haven’t told me before
    good start

  11. welcome friend…..its a good start keep going GOOD LUCK.

  12. thanks for the comments i m happy as u all r supporting me

  13. Nice intro………plz Continue ur ff, we ((Thahaan fans)) will support you…. All the best

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