TPK (new love story) epi 3

thanks to all the readers to support me.
i m not in a position to update daily as from Tomorrow my practicals, viva nd xam r going to start.
whenever i got free time or When i m resting i try to updates.
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here the epi start
@ bihaan’s house
bihaan wakes up and looks worried Vasu who is sitting beside him ask the reason.
bihaan told her that as today is his racing Comp so thats why he is tensed.Vasu goes as Dadi ma calls her
dhruv enters in bihaan room.

dhruv:”What happened bhai why r u looking tensed?Are u tense because of the Comp or u saw a dream in which u lose the comp or another dream in which priya left you tell me?
bihaan:” no dhruv nothing like that the same dream which i saw regularly from past few days ”
dhruv;”Oh that one so what happened today.”
bihaan:”Same thing bhai again i saw a beautiful girl wearing a dress of AN ANGEL nd appeared to be most beautiful lady in the whole world .Today also she say i love u bihaan & vanishes , i cant see her face but it seems she is my dream girl.”
dhruv;” don’t worry bhai i know some day u definitely saw her face I know that day U will be very happy.”
bihaan:”i thought may be She is priya i want that my dream girl would be priya.”
dhruv(in mind): no bihaan I don’t know why my heart say that priya is not ur soul mate but i can’t tell u this bcoz u loves her a lot.Hope u met her dream partner soon.”
dhruv waves bye to bihaan.
bihaan gets up and went to bathroom.
@ thapki’s house

thapki is making tea for everyone
aditi & shubh shout:”Di do ur work fast.We have to go to watch the FAST FAST VERY FAST.”
thapki:”u both keep quiet first i will give u breakfast than help Ma in her works after that we will go Ok .”
shubh:” no di its not fine Ma will manage give us breakfast nd than take us there.”
poonam:”thapki if they want to go early than take them Na i’ll will manage i m here so be quick.”
thapki:” ma u also ok ok i m doing my work fastly.”
shubh & aditi YEHHH.

@ The Racing venue
Thapki along with shubh & aditi is sitting at the first seats thapki who is not interested in this began to play games & listens music.
aditi take her earphone nd puts in her bag.
thapki quarrel with aditi but shubh say:”its not fine if u both will fight i’ll tell to Ma OK sit na di plz.”
thapki say ok and feels bored.

race start bihaan drive his bike fast.
The crowd began to shout
bihaan ! bihaan! bihaan!.
thapki holds her ears.
aditi & shubh also began to shout.
yehhhhhh bihaan sir very nice Good going.
Thapki;”Omg how can people of noida so foolish they love Racing & boxing Oh shit yar why i come here.”
Match finishes.
bihaan wins the match

he puts up his helmet.
thapki haven’t put attention & fails to saw his face
bihaan take the prize and is happy.
after the racing bihaan always come to meet his fans so today also he comes.
thahaan r shock seeing each other
bihaan(in mind) Oh she is also my fan Gajabb nd that day she is looking my biggest enemy.
thapki(in mind) that means that boy was bihaan pandey oh thank u Bhagwan that i come to know Now i will hate u more.
aditi & shubh come to bihaan to take his autograph.
bihaan give them autograph along with selfie
shubh & adiri r flying in sky Finally they met bihaan.
bihaan:oh cute boy is she is ur mother(looking at thapki).”
thapki fumes.
shubh:” no sir she is my di she has take us here to watch the comp.”
aditi:yes sir ”
bihaan:”oh beautiful girl u r so pretty and ur sis OMG.”
aditi say thanks sir

bihaan give thapki a evil smile thapki fumes in anger.
bihaan gets a call & he left.
thapki takes aditi & shubh at home
she just thinks about bihaan whom she want to take a revenge.
priya is waiting for bihaan as she want to do shopping.
bihaan comes & say sorry to her.
priya:”oh bihaan so late i m waiting from half an hour i think u don’t love me I m angry.”
bihaan:”sorry P 4 pyari P 4 priya busy in bauji’s work.ok come lets go for shopping.”
priya:” no i want to punish u so that’s next time u come at perfect time.”
bihaan:” what no punishment.”
priya looks here & there and saw a police behind bihaan & thinks something & say;” everything is fair in love & war ok so ur punishment is that when u move behind whoever u saw first u have to slap that person ok ”
bihaan:” no priya its wrong i will not do.”

priya:” for my sake if u will not than i never talk to u.”
bihaan ok
he turn & unfortunately thapki pass from there and bihaan saw her
he goes towards her thapki also saw her & wonders why he is coming here.

bihaan comes & slap thapki hard. thapki is shocked
the police is also shock
bihaan:” i m sorry but i have to slap u as its my PUNISHMENT i m not guilt as u r the person whom i hates a lot.”
thapki is angry & try to slap but priya holds her hand and give her 1000 rupee and say:”take it keep ur mouth shut ok ”
bihaan:”baby now my punishment is over so lets go.
thapki looks at him strangely and said:”i m right u r a spoil child it doesnt matter that u r a celebrity u r kind of cheap man take it ur 1000 rupee noida is very big city and here each & everything is expensive Go and spent it on other.I think ur parent never teach u to respect girls go & take admission in school there u will learn the basic thing.”
bihaan try to say but priya stops him and they go at mall.

the people near by praise thapki.
police man:” u r brave girl u stammers but u have give them a right answer.”
he pats her.
thapki goes fuming at bihaan.
epi ends.
hope u liked
keep thinking how thahaan fall for each other?
who is bihaan dream girl?
bye guys.

precap: bihaan wants a assistant for himself aditi confronts thapki & she began to work as assistant of bihaan.Bihaan don’t want but dhruv made him.agree.MEANWHILE thapki come to know priya truth and tell bihaan bihaan don’t believe and say to leave the office.

Credit to: huge fan


  1. vinlora

    Good going yaar…ofcourse thapki will be bihaans dream girl. And plz don’t make them to fall for each other so early. ..I love their cute tashan….

  2. very nice huge fan loved ur work
    love thahaan hatred story
    all the best for ur xams
    always appreciate ur work

    update when u get time

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