TPK (new love story) epi 2

thanks to all the lovely readers & my dear tpk family.
i m new to this page but within few days i have realised that u all are nice persons & a huge fan of THAHAAN like me.
here the epi start with
On the road
that girl stood up & saw bihaan who is giving evil smile to her.She is much angry with him and don’t want to talk to him.
She is our beautiful princi THAPKI.
thapki:” oh man don’t u have eyes or you a succch a spoil child who never caressss for anyone.” She stammers while speaking.
Listening her way to talk bihaan angers has gone & He began to laugh looking towards paan.
Bihaan:”Paan see that foolish girl She is a CHUK CHUK GADI u know na whats it mean.she is being loved by children a lot A kind of toy for them.”
thapki looks at him angrily & try to slap him but bihaan holds her hand & rotate it.
thapki feels pain & try to free her hand

bihaan leaves it & say;” oh AUNTIE g i think its time for ur medicine Go & have it.”
thapki looks here & there and didn’t see a old lady.She is puZzled.
bihaan:”Oh chuk chuk gadi its u AUNTIE g bcoz whenever a girl saw me she comes near me & say I LOVE U MY BABY & you stupid girl try to slap me So its mean that u have no eyes at all or u you much old who can’t see a handsome boy whom Whole Indian girls have an eye.”
thapki:”You stupid.”
bihaan:”no chuk chuk gadi its half COMPLETE UR WORDS ITS I LOVE U NOT U.”
thapki:”if u r the only boy in whole world i will remain a bachelor but never say the most beautiful lines to u.”
bihaan:”Same here AUNTIE G BYE.”
thapki fumes.
bihaan:”GAJABBB.” he sits on the bike & starts it & say A 4 Auntie g A 4 Andhi.”
thapki face become red & say;”i’ll kill u Stupid spoil boy.”

he gives her a flying kiss & goes.
thapki saw him strangely & say:”if u meet me next time i’ll show u.I don’t know who r u but its sure that i’ll punish u for teasing me.”
thapki leaves as she is in rush as aditi & shubh is waiting for.

@bihaan’s house
bihaan is calling his GF priya whom he loves so much but that girl is in relationship for the money &property of bihaan.
Bihaan:”Hows my P 4 pyari P 4 priya.Have u finish ur dinner?”
Priya(u all can assume KAVYA OF SWARAGINI ROOP DOORGAPAL): hey babu bihaan i m fine i m coming tommorow to watch ur comp.From delhi i hope u wair for me.”
bihaan:”oh really thank u Yar love u my sweetu ok bye na actually i have to meet dhruv bye.”
priya:”bye bihaan babu love u too.”
bihaan goes to meet dhruv & inform him to come tommorow at right time.
dhruv promise him & say good night to him.
bihaan goes in the room &sleeps.
He yet can’t sleep & began to think about the performance

suddenly he thinks about thapki & recalls what happened today.
he smiles (Wajah tum ho plays.)
bihaan;”Why i m thinking about her i have to focus on my performance & if priya comes to know that i m thinking about another girl she surely kill me No no no i have to sleep.”
bihaan sleeps.
@thapki’s house.
thapki is on the bed & she too thinks about bihaan & say if i met u i’ll surely not leave u but why i m thinking about u.You tease me & insults me so why i m thinking about u.May be bco z i want revenge now i have to sleep othewise aditi & shubh will kill me as i have to take them early before the comp.””
She sleeps.

precap;”bihaan slaps thapki on the road in front of a police.”

hope u liked it guys
plz do comments
i m busy so its short but hope u enjoy thahaan scene.
i try to make it long.

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  1. Well done.continue writing.

  2. Super yaar….
    Bt precap is shocking
    Bihaan slap thapki
    I think there is any reason behind it…
    Wtng 4 nxt epi..

  3. Wow! Amazing ep.Waiting eagerly for nxt ep.?

  4. As a reader i really impressed in your ff,precap indicates next part wouldbe cotain somethig special.keep moving with full of confidence.

  5. i cant wait…………….so plz update nxt epi as soon as possible

  6. It’s really awesome…, I like it…..

  7. fantastic

  8. wow, i am now your fan too…..almost every writer here are so talented

  9. Akanksha Gupta

    Nicely updated,,, love your work

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