TPK FF: Orphan


I wanted to let my frustration out and so I write. Though it is called a Thahaan ff but there will not be any Thahaan in the story. It is only about Bihaan and other family members, specially Vasu. The story starts after the Bauji stabbing incident. He cleared that he was stabbed accidentally and not by Bihaan. Every type of criticism is welcome. And if you feel that I am biased for Bihaan, then you are welcome to think like this.

Part I

“ was me who destroyed each and every life! It was my crime that everyone suffered like this. I am a witch who did not spare even my husband!!” The woman screamed but there was nobody to answer her rantings or repentance.

Just one prejudice and everything vasundhara Pandey held dear was away from her. One decision and her family was shattered. She destroyed her son’s life, Thapki’s life, played a role in hurting her husband. But the crime she did destroyed Bihaan, her other son, in and out. Vasu never accepted Bihaan whole heartedly but these incidents proved that Bihaan has made home in her heart.

Nobody in Pandey family speaks to other unless it is necessary. Balwinder Pandey was released from the hospital and he spends most of the time in his room. Dhruv drowned himself in office and he hardly bother to cone home. Shradha’s truth and fake pregnancy destroyed him once again. But what pained him more is the Bihaan’s current situation and his mother’s role in it. Sanjay and Ashwin are quietly managing the business. Suman and Preeti bhabi manage the house as there have to be someone to feed the family but the laughter and chirpiness in them also vanished. Dadima fell into melancholy and does nothing but to read the holy books all day.

Thapki who was dear to everyone is always upstairs and hardly come to the living room. Thapki is lost. Without the support of her husband, she is lost and sad. But the thing which is eating her from inside is her lack of action. Her naiveness cost her too much and she doesn’t have any mean to ammend it.

The atmosphere in Pandey niwas is gloomy today as it was the day when Bihaan will be released from the rehabilitation centre. The incidents which led to Bauji in comma, took a toll in him and Bihaan Pandey shrunk to darkness. And so does the light and happiness of Pandey family. Bihaan had nervous breakdown which resulted in partial amnesia. He remembers only parts and bits of his life accept the childhood when he was loved by everybody. He forgot everything about his marriage and most of all, he forgot Thapki.

It was Dhruv who went to the centre and brought Bihaan home. Everyone cried silently watching Bihaan’s look. Once a healthy person, Bihaan was shrinked to a skeleton. He was thin, pale and the healthy vibe left him. But the thing hurt everyone more was the absence of the muschevioys twink in his eyes. His eyes were dead and lost somewhere beyond recognition.

Bauji sobbed hugging him. He was unable to tell him anything. Everyone was instructed to leave Bihaan as he is by the doctors. Vasu took his responsibilities and soon she brought Bihaan to his room. The room was set just how Bihaan prefers and any unwanted objects were removed including Thapki and her belongings.

Thapki followed Vasu and Bihaan to the room. The mere trip exhausted him and soon he was fast asleep. Vasu tucked him comfortably and left the room only to find Thapki in the corridor.


“Ma, I can’t see him like this. What have I done ma?? What have I done to him?” Thapki sobbed.

Vasu smiled sadly. She kept her hand on Thapki’s shoulder before answering.

“It is not you Thapki beta.. It is me who did this to him. You didn’t know that he started loving you. But I knew that he loves me more than anything. Still I took his advantage. He was upset with you but he couldn’t share it with anyone due to me and it killed him inwardly. I pushed him to the limit and look…what I did.”

“Ma..don’t speak like that.” Thapki wept hugging Vasu.

“I am telling the truth Thapki. I never considered him as my son. But the fate has offered me a chance to take care of him like my baby and I will do everything he always craved from me. Kya pata, I got forgiveness from God.” Vasu answered calmly.

Credit to: Dplee

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  1. Wowww dear awesome…i have no words to describe it…perfectly u wrote it n m toooo a huge fan of thahaan bihaan n manish….u portrayed his feelings really very well…n dplee u r on india forums right ???…please update soon m so eager to c bihaan’ s reaction towards’s good that here every misunderstanding is clear no draaaaaggggggginggg…..keep it up..

  2. Really its beyond any expression of words…….i feel so emotional.

  3. Awesome fabulous?????

  4. Its awesome, i am also a big fan of bihaan and manish and i am also with bihaan right now

  5. I really feel bad for bihaan…????i hope thapkii make him old bihaan who is verry funny nd make other happy …who is very misciefvious….nd wants to see thapki nd bihaan nok jok waal luvs nd other family like bhabies fun ,dadi luv nd care,bauji luvs nd support ….druv alwys who stay in office what to say but now druv support,care ,luv for bihaan druv has to spend more time with familly member specially with bauji nd bihhan … nd about maa who never care for bihhaan who always luv dhruv we want see that luvs nd care for bihaan also which she never give him…

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