Her toucher but his love Part 7

Her toucher but his love part 7
Thank u my silent ready for breaking your silent and it really means a lots now i feel that iam doing good as writer coz all silent reader are breaking their silence and comment which really means a lots can’t thank u enough

Next day
Twinkle always want to make distance from kunj and twinkle was sitting in room when her phone ring and it show uv and she pick up the phone

T- why u call me I don’t want to talk to u and never call me again.
U- iam sorry twinkle u know it not me in that video kunj edit the videos so that he can marriage u plz come back to me I really love u
T- somewhere she thought kunj might done this to get married to her.
U- plz come here to meet me I missed u
T- I missed u too and I will come to meet u just dm me the address
U- okay done check your message and uv pov now how will kunj save u from me.
Twinkle disconnected the call and try to move out but saw kunj crying silently and she want to ask him why he cry but she ignores as what he did with her was wrong she thought and she was about to leave kunj call her saying twinkle take driver with u if u want to meet uv as is not save for girl to go out alone.
Twinkle pov what he actually want first he married me and sometime I feel he just want my happiness and now he is ready to send me with uv and I guess he cried coz he heard mine and uv conversations sorry kunj but I can’t love u I know u love me that why u want me to be save but can’t love u as I only love one person Which is uv. And I can’t even see u in pain coz of us kunj saying she left.
Kunj locked the door and cry out loud so he might felt better as his own wife is going to meet her so called betrayal boyfriend but sad thing she don’t know the truth of him so kunj let go her meet him as he don’t want to be Burden in them.
Other side twinkle went to meet uv and saw him waiting for her and when he see her he ran toward her and hug her saying twinkle it not me u know that kunj try to take u from me plz believe me.
T- I know it not u and if I got to know that u in video and your lying to me now saying it not u then I won’t leave u. U know how much I love u and when I saw that video I was in shock and didn’t saying anything against to kunj as I thought u might done this as we never share a physical relationship but I felt sad for kunj he let me come toward u today and he was cry coz of me uv
Uv pov well done uv now it will be more fun as that kunj is in pain I only want to betray her but now 2 one will be kunj so be ready to die kunj then only I will able to break twinkle heart
Drive on phone sir Madam is hugging that uv which try to cheat on her
K- I send her their don’t said anything thing to her she might be hurt by us so let her enjoys her life.
D- sir your great I mean u love her the most and ur sending her to meet her boyfriend even she is married to u
K- it okay I just want to see her happy with me or other doesn’t matter. And don’t tell anyone that she went to meet uv
D- okay sir
K- thank u
D- why your saying me thank u it my duty sir
K- smile and hangout the call
But he again remember her and uv conversations and cry ? and he don’t eat food or go out that time he was tired of crying and he felt sleep on floor where he cry.

Precap- little twinj moment but don’t expect more scene now u all will see later.

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  1. Sohi

    Emotional episode

    1. SidMin23

      Thank u stay tune to know more

  2. tw toh pyaar mein aandhi ho gayi hai.she gonna regret for it.
    kya baat hai aaj two epi back to back.double enjoyment for us.thanks alot
    and for long epi also

    1. SidMin23

      Thank u and as nobody was posting ff so thought to give u all back to back part.

  3. Baby

    oh god twinkle ne yeh kya kiya…….♥
    loved it yrr…..
    so emotional…♥
    jst amazing cryin n crying……♥
    loved it……♥
    beautiful it was…….♥
    lods of love……♥♥♥♥♥

    1. SidMin23

      Thank you so much

  4. Ramya

    Feeling bad for kunj
    I hope twinkle will trust him
    Love you keep smiling

    1. SidMin23

      Thanks and their will be surprise in coming episode

  5. Presha

    Fabulous di ..
    Felt bad for twinj..
    Love u..
    Post soon..

    1. SidMin23

      Thank you presha and your dp ?

  6. Fabulous mindblowing sidmin ????awesome episode ???bechara kunj kitna ro raha h??

    Sidmin tum ek bauat aachi writer ho yrr ???luv u bye????

    1. SidMin23

      Thank unand in coming episode kunj will be happy and surprised for u all

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