Her toucher but his love Part 2

Her toucher but his love
Part 2
Twinkle was coming and other ways someone was also coming and suddenly light went off and she start to panic and was about to fall but one gentle man help her to get up.
T- thank u
Voice – it okay take care of ur selfie when light came he was lost in her and thought if I get married then only her not other I can’t imagine getting marriage to other girl then her.
T- hello where u lost and what your name
K- hello iam kunj Sarna
T- oh so this parties organized by u I heard lots about u glad to meet u today.
K- well glad u heard about me and if u don’t mind what your name
T- twinkle teneja
K- great if u don’t mind can we meet tomorrow
T- how can I agree as I don’t know u we just meet. Give me your number I will call u and tell the date which we can go out as my bf won’t like it if he know that iam going out with u
K- what u have a bf he said it out loud other people also heard him
T- yes we are going to get married
K- pov -no this can be true kunj Sarna u only know how to win not loss so she will be your u love her I am sure she will definitely love u back it might take time I can loss her in my life

T- hello Mr Sarna where are u lost
K- your bf name
T- uv luthra
K- another biggest shock. Are u sure he is your bf a he is not serious on girl as I meet him last time in meeting sticking with son many girls and don’t take me wrong I don’t want u to not trust him it just I saw him doing some wired thing.
T- well I know mommy uv can do this he love me and he is the one who want to married and settle down.
K- you’re innocent and you don’t know what he’s up to so you better stay away from him if you want you’re good. He’s trying to betray you by swinging his fake love for you I see so many girlfriends Of him when we meet in office for a meeting that I go to contract from him but I completely reject when I saw his behavior toward Girls.
T- I can’t believe you’re nobody to tell me about my boyfriend and please stay away from it and I just I don’t want to see you and next time so better stay awys from me and my boyfriend. And leave us Alone.
K- look I just want to help you so you don’t need to be regrets on your decision. If you know the truth of you you will see only remember me first as I do I do now and it’s up to you do you know who is right or who’s wrong so nice meeting you I hope you and your boyfriend will leave happily ever after.
He was angry on her because she’s not been loving on him. So he just left from there and when to meet his mother and greet everyone.

T- somewhere I feel he’s right or somewhere I feel he is wrong because I just know him and I can’t trust my boyfriend but if he’s right I should apologize to him
K- in any cost I want u to be mine so I have to find out more information about uv so that I can prove or that he’s lying on so latter on she will come back to me

Precap- Will kunj able to help her to know the truth of uv stay tune to know more
Take care lots of love
Stay bless

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