The touch that started all this – kabir and sanchi story (Part 1 )

Hii guys, i m back after lot of time. I guess nobody will remember me! This time i m here with short story on kanchi.. 

So here we go, 

**The Touch that started all this**

 In London.. 

A boy yawned lazily as his phone disturbed his sleep.. 

He saw a name displayed on it and cut it off !!! But it again ringed!! 

This time he woke up lazily and pasted his phone on his ear. 

“Bol be Ranveer!! Kyun disturb kiya mujhe??” He almost yelled. 

“Are kabir, sun na! Vicky ki shaadi hai iss weekend!” Ranveer chirped on phone. 

“To ek aur bakra phas gaya! ” stated kabir and both of them started laughing.. 

“Okay uTheserrrrrrrme. Afterall he is our best friend and morever he is marrying my gf’s elder sister, so jaana to padega” ranveer said playfully . 

“Yaa yaa, will come the day after tommorow” kabir hung up phone. 

So, kabir vicky and ranveer are best friends. They all are doctors, but kabir practice in london and other two in savitri devi college and hospital.  

Two days passed in jiffy, kabir almost threw leave application on his boss’s ugly face and rushed to his home. Now he has to go on airport, otherwise he will miss his flight. 

He hired a taxi and sat inside . 

“Uff finally i will reach on time on air port ” he sighed in relie, not having any idea about what is coming for him next. 

Kabir slighty opened the window and enjoyed cool breeze of wind that thouched his face.. He felt so nice, so relieved for no reason. 


Suddenly his taxi stopped with a jolt. 

“Hey, what happened?? “Kabir questioned driver. 

“Sir, there is a big traffic jam here!! ” driver answered with terrific look. 

“Ohh no!! I just thought of going to india! And see traffic jam in london!! ” kabir wondered. 

“Sir, there is a big accident and it will get time to get traffic cleared” said driver helplessly.. 

Kabir was irritated by now! I mean really!! He was going to india and this trafficc jam!! Now he will surely miss the flight, he thought. 

He completely opened the window and peeped outside, but got disappointed seeing long line infront of him!! 

He then put his earbuds ? and played music. He kept his palm on the window and started the music

Tum hi ho played

“Ohh God! This boring arijit singh!! ” he quickly changed the music.. 

Suddenly he felt something smooth and velvet touching his hand kept on window, he felt 440 current inside his body. 

The player automatically played 

 Ishq Mubarak, dard mubarak 

Ishq Mubarak, dard mubarak 

Kabir quickly peeped outside the window to see what was that and found a girl in red churidaar running through the space between the cars making way for herself. 

Teri baarishain bhigaaye mujhe,

 teri hawaayein bahaaye mujhe…. 

Paawon tale mere, jameenein chal padi., 

Aisa to kabhi hua to nahi…. 

Kabir tried hard to see her, actually first time he was so desperate to see something and that too a girl!! But alas he was not able to see her!! 

He removed his hand from window and looked at that lovingly. 

Aei mere dil <3 mubarak ho yahhi toh pyaar hain….. 

“Sir, sir, ” the driver patted him. 

Kabir come out of his trance and felt like breaking all theeth of that driver for ruining this special moment.. 

By now he realized that he was actually listening arijit Singh’s song, but he didnt changed it. He felt like this song completely defines his situation right now. 

“Sir, traffic is clear. We can go”driver informed, but kabir was lost somewhere else!!! 

The flashes of that moment was running infront his eyes like slideshow, 

That girl in red churidaar, 

That touch of her, 

And the song!!! 

These are only things in kabir’s head now.. 

It took no time by kabir realize that he was attracted to that touch, may be fallen in love ❤️ with that touch. 

” OHHHH YES, I FALL IN LOVE ” Kabir yelled out loudly.. 

And saw driver looking at him with “Is he mad?? ” look. 

Kabir then composed himself and sat straight, but that touch was not going away from him, he felt like it happened just a moment back!! 

Finally airport arrived and driver sighed in relief. 

Kabir entered his flight and sat on his seat.

“Wait wait, that girl was wearing churidaar, that means she is indian!! ” he happily said to himself

“And may be she is also going to India, becoz she was running in direction of airport only” he said loudy to himself, but noticed all the passengers looking at him with weired looks. 

“Yaar, is andekhi si, anjani si angel ne mujhe pagal bana diya, totally mad” he thought. 

“But may be she is in same plane, i should check” he tried to get up from his seat, but air hostess stopped him. 

“Sir, u cant leave ur place! ” she said politely. 

He sat down again on his seat, but felt like opening the window and throwing that air hostess out of plane, but then controlled himself… 

Time passed… 

Finally plane was landed on delhi airport…. 


So here i m ending first chappy, sorry of it was boring and thanx for reading. I know it is short but next time long update pakka!! Bur i will continue only if u guys are interested in it. I can see ur interest by likes and comments below. So if u liked it, then dont forget to press like button. 

Precap: – will kabir meet his angle??? Stay tuned to know!!!  



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