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A group of boys are shown outside a college campus. The college board reads “EXCEL COLLEGE”

Some are enjoying, some are depressed because of ragging. The group of boys settled there are making fun of their juniors.

Boy: So Ms. Start your dance.
He laughs out loud and the others start enjoying too. The girl fumes.
Girl: Youuuu…. Monkey ? ?
Boy (holding his stomach and laughing) : Are! I am asking you to do Monkey dance. Come on start 1 2 3 go……
Another boy watching this started laughing now. He was controlling but now he gave up. Now the girl was damn angry ? ??
Girl: Bhaiiiii…….
The other boy: Are! Mela baccha shuru ho Ja….. Waise toh ghar me Hume bara sata ti hai chal shuru ho Ja…. Lucky shuru kar.

Now the girl started crying ?
The boy: Ale! Mela bacha rote nahi! Me bhi ro dunga dekh! Lucky ke bacche how dare you tease my sister? Teri toh mein!

Lucky: Sanky! Tu toh bas kar! Zyada dimag mat kha! Yeh Tera idea tha mera nahi! Meri Ragini Ko rula diya…. Ab mujhe blame kar raha hai? I’ll kill you! Mere laddu ki ankhon me asson aa gya…..

Sanky: Chup kar yeh tera idea tha mera nahi! Jhoot Kyun bolta hai? Woh bhi mere doll ke same…..

Like this both the friends started fighting and our Ragini went away smirking.
Riya (Ragini’s friend) : Are! Bapre yeh kya thA??
Ragini : yeh tha mission APNE AAP KO RAGGING SE BACHAO
And she laughed.
Riya: you are unbelievable!
Ragini : are! When you have dramebaaz Hubby and bro like this then it’s mandatory to behave like this sometimes.

A girl is sleeping peacefully.
She gets up and switches on her phone.
She receives a voicemail
” Shona! (she can clearly sense a choking sound from the other side. We can make out that the person is crying) it’s been 5 years come back now! Shona Pls for God sake! Pls…. You know it’s so boring without you….. SHONA! Come back for me! And you know what this time you have to come because you’re bro is getting married. Shona don’t say no Pls! Shona Pls yaar! I want you to see her. She is indeed a beauty but not more than you! Coz my SHONA’s the best. But yaar! If you don’t come this time na I will really be hurt no need to meet him but Pls come for your bro Pls! For your Lucky
With lots and lots of love Lucky”

And Swara’s eyes started making way for her pearl like tears……

Precap: Swara back to India.

Guys sorry for the short update ???

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  1. Madhu

    Bhahut Achaa Hai Ekdam Lallantop.
    hee hee
    Very Nice.

    1. Anisha

      Ke bad Sab ke Sab dramebaaz ban gye hai!
      Lallantop?? ???

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    nice one……….

  5. Awesome dear….continue

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  7. Roshini Kapoor

    Omg its sooo good. Post next ASAP. Keep up the good spirit.

    1. Anisha

      Thanks Roshni! ???
      I’ll post asap as per your request! ???

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  9. Alishatani

    Aww that last message was so sweet. And ragini’s plan was superb.sanskar and laksh trolled

    1. Anisha

      Thnx! I am glad you liked it! ?

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