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Swara (to her PA): Cancel all my meetings for this week I am leaving for India.
Her PA nods and leaves.
Swara: get ready to face India Swara!

In India
Lucky was sitting on the sofa and thinking about Swara.

Ragini: But Lucky you promised that you would accompany me to shopping! Pls! Yaar chal na.

Lucky(sad): Mujhe nahi Jana….

Ragini: Par kya hua? Kyun nahi Jana tujhe chal na! *puppy face*

Lucky: Yaar! Ek baar bola na nahi Jana Mayan I don’t wanna go what’s your problem? Pls don’t disturb me.
And Laksh leaves the place.

Sanskar (from behind): Rags yaar! Leave na I’ll accompany you come.

Ragini: but bhai he promised me.

Sanskar: He may not be well. Let him take rest and today itself he went to meet uncle so may be…. You know na after meeting uncle he becomes hyper? Chod na! Let’s leave. Aaj bohut sari shopping karni hai! Hai na?

Ragini wipes her tears and nodes and leaves with Sanskar.

In evening

Sunshine Mansion
(here both sanlakrag leaves. Sanskar and Laksh are equal partners of this house. Laksh has bought it because of his rivalry with his father)

Laksh is watching TV in the hall when someone from behind blind folds him with their hands.

Laksh turns and the person shouts: Surprise!!
Laksh: Shona!
Swara: Kaisa laga mera surprise? Hmm….. ( lifting one of her eyebrows)
Laksh: He was still in shock so he again engulfed her into a hug. ‘I am so happy to see you’
Swara: and I am so happy for my bro!
Waise where is she?
Laksh: leave about her! Tell me where did you get this address?
Swara: Woh! Gadodia Mansion was close as Mr. Gadodia has left for his project so Ramu kaka Ko pucha and he gave me the address simple!

Laksh again hugged her. Making himself believe that she was there with him. He broke down in her embrace. In these 2 years there wasn’t a day he didn’t cry. Specially he missed her when he saw Sanskar and Ragini so close. It hurted him the most. Swara was not just a sister but a mother too.

RagSan entered and were shocked watching the scene.
Laksh: I missed you so much Shona! Why did you leave me?

Ragini’s eyes beamed with tears. Sanskar was fuming thinking Laksh betrayed his sister. Laksh was still clinging onto Swara and she was still rubbing his back.

Swara: Lucky calm down yaar! Kitna royega? Baby I am here na?
Lucky nodded still hugging her.
Sanskar’s anger knew no bounds now. How dare he make his doll cry?

Sanskar (yelling): Luckkkkyyyyyy…..

Lucky: Sans…. Ahhhhhh! Man what’s this?

(Our so called strong man has hit my poor Lucky baby?)
Laksh was bleeding.

Sanskar: You how dare you cheat my sister?? ???

Swara: Oh! Hello who the hell are you? How dare you hit my Lucky? ???

Lucky hid behind her. (? ?)

Sanskar made his way to catch hold of Laksh and in that way tissshhhhhhh….

Our Lady Singham had hit poor sanky. A good punch ? ? (??)

Sanskar still holding his cheek: Ah! What’s this girl? Youu…..
This time a slap for Sanky by our Swara…..

Swara: who the hell are you to hit my bro? Lucky who’s he?

Ragini: Lucky why did you do this to me? If you love her than…..

And she breaks down…….

Swara stares at Lucky and then at Ragini. Lucky nodes his head and she smiles and hugs Rags.

Swara(smiling): Oh! So you’re the one my bro choose? Good! I like it!

Ragini’s mouth formed an O
Ragini (fumbling) : Br. …..bro…..???….. Luckyyyyy…..

Lucky: Are! Itna Mara mujhe!

Swara: Baby! Does it hurt that much??
Laksh makes a crying face.
Swara started nursing him.
All this while Sanskar was just staring Swara till today none had hit him and this girl. He has never been slapped by a girl but today he experienced both punch as well as slap. He wondered her courage. Man! What a girl!

Ragini: But unlucky fellow never spoke about you!

Swara (smiling) : toh! Unlucky fellow! You forgot your partner in crime? Hmm..

Lucky: Are! Nahi aisa hosakta hai kya? Anyways guys meet my twin Swara Gadodia.?

RagSan: Twins??

Swara: Yeah! We are twins!

Ragini: But Lucky??….

Lucky : I met you guys only 2 years before and Swara left for US before that!

Sanskar: So you didn’t even tell us about her? Itni dosti thi?

Lucky: Are! Wait emotional drama shuru maat kar dramebaaz?!

Sanskar (flirthiously) : Ah! Myself SANSKAR! And you beautiful lady?

Swara (looking at her phone that was beeping): Ah! I think my bro had already given the info. Sorry excuse me!
And she moved away.

Whereas Ragini chuckled and Laksh laughed hard.
Lucky: Bhai! Tere se nahi patne wali! In fact, Kisi se bhi nahi patne wali yeh! She is not among those girls to cling over you.

Sanskar (making faces): Haha very funny!

Precap: Meeting, gossips and loads….. ???
Love, Anisha

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