Touch My Love….. Intro


Hiii guys!!!!I am AROHI…it’s my 1st time…so plz guys support me and plz comment…atfirst i want to introduce my characters….it’s a pure lovestory between VAIDEHI and AYUSH….
*****Vaidehi Khanna(nickname is Vahi)-An extremely good looking,cute,funny,jolly,happy girl who had grown up like a princess .she loves her mother Raveena most in d world nd her best friend is her elder brother Kunal.

Raveena khanna-Vahi’s mother,very strict and also loving.she s a professor.she gives her daughter nd son everything whatever they want.
Kunal- Vahi’s brother.3rd year student of college.2 years older than they r friend more than bro-sis.

Both Vahi nd Kunal do nothing without their mom’s permission*****

guys if i get ur support thn i shall introde u wid Ayush…so guys plz comment…plzzzzzzzzz

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