A totally different story! (Intro)


Hey Fans,I am going to write an FF on the couples I am in love with.
It’s going to include Manya,Twinj,Ishveer,Ardhika,Swasan,Sari,Abhigya,Vireenika,Shivya,Nibir,Mehbeer,Surthik.
Manya-Mantu and Amaya.
Twinj-Kunj and Twinkle.
Ishveer-Ranveer and Ishaani.
Ardhika-Arjun and Radhika.
Swasan-Sanskar and Swara.
Sari-Satyendra(Sattu)and Pari.
Surthik-Karthik and Survi.
Mehbeer-Abeer and Meher.
Abhigya-Abhishek(Abhi)and Pragya.
Vireenika-Viren and Jeevika.
Nibir-Nisha and Kabir.
Ardhika-Arjun and Radhika.
Guys I know this is a short intro.It wl show all of them attending college and hating each other,but they slowly fall in love but how they fall in love read my FF.Thanks for those who took the interest to read the FF.From the bottom of my heart Thank U!

Precap-First meeting of Manya,Abhigya,Twinj,Ishveer,Nibir,Vireenika,Swasan,Mehbeer,Shivya,Surthik,Sari and Ardhika.

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  1. I loved it because of twinj,swasan ,surthik,

  2. interesting

  3. Good that you will try At least

  4. Nice yaar.

  5. Virika is back <3

  6. hey dear would surely love to read so many couples together but didn’t understood from which serial are sari (sattu and pari)

  7. Wowwww awesome, so many pairs..I hope you handle each pair nicely…plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode

  8. Mehbeer woww plz continue

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